polish tamales

The homie Polish Tamales be copying my swag. That’s okay tho. I’ve had my snorlax for like 12 years, he practically went everywhere with me. Also, emrakul cause when I started I could never afford a 20 dollar slice of cardboard, so I dedicated myself to the game so I could get it when I earned it.

anonymous asked:

Is the drama between you and polish tamales over?

HA! It’ll probably never be over to be honest, but as long as he quits crying, everything is kosher as far as I’m concerned. One piece of advice, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can’t be found on the internet, like your real name, your house address, phone number, or whatever else someone wants to find without a little bit of digging. Just think twice before you talk shit when you think someone can’t see what you’re saying, Polish. Not saying I have or don’t have this information, but just don’t piss someone you don’t know off like that. I’ve said my piece, but I will have the last word if he hasn’t learned to keep his little mouth shut. If it stays that way, then everything is cool as far as I’m concerned and have no need to pursue anything further. 


Ok, here’s the deal! I will be rolling a d20! Person who can guess the number by leaving a comment below will get a chance to score some FREE shwag! What is this shwag?!

  • A Zombie Token (signed & numbered by me. Only 18 of these were hand cut and printed by me.)
  • A personalized sketch on the back of the token! It could be anything! It could be Gumby, Iron Man or a crying puppy pug! WHO KNOWS?!

Since there’s a tiny chance more than 1 person might guess the number, I will make a follow up post. This time, the people who correctly guessed will be entered in a second round! This time, with a d10!!!

In this case, there will be a runner up prize! Which would be:

  • A personalized sketch of Jace and or an Avenger!

To limit or make it fair, this contest will start tonight starting May 30, 8:00 PM PST until May 31, 8:00PM PST

Good luck to my supporters!