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Let’s be perfectly clear because I’ve been getting hit by this “white wash” agenda in my inbox that I DO NOT WANT TO BE APART OF. 

I have no issues drawing/illustrating/sketching colored people. 

  • Do not pretend you know me. 
  • Do not act like you know me.

Especially claiming that I have issues with colored minorities.

It just happens that my favorite character is Liliana Vess/Veil and I would’ve never noticed her (let alone continue playing MTG) if Steve Argyle didn’t do his rendition of the character. 

The image above is not a “cop out”, but of Bruna I did for a friend a few months ago. This was never shared on Tumblr since I have other social networks with separate friends on those as well.

This does not include illustrated works I do professionally with a separate alias/pen name that I use, which includes clients from Bollywood, Playboy, Bose, Starbucks, Samsung, etc. I have a day-job like everyone else, but I maintain a professional separation of work from “Polish Tamales”.  

Once again, I am not “white washing”, I am just simply creating things I love on my own spare time. Hard to believe, I know.  If I don’t taylor my illustrations based on your personal preference, c'est la vie.

If other people like it, great. If they don’t, then they should unfollow, because quite frankly, it’s my personal blog. I even post my own cooking recipes here… Seriously I lost 13 followers after my last post on Chicken.


Readers get opportunity to appear as guest character

LEBANON, Ohio (April 2, 2013) — Continuing its growth in the MTG community, Legit MTG is announcing its latest project, an exclusive comic series, “Tonkatsu Taco,” which will begin in late April. Readers will be given the chance to be part of the magic with a contest to guest appear as a comic character, designed and drawn by Polish Tamales, the illustrator for FNM Hero.

Tonkatsu Taco will deal with social issues in the MTG community with a light sense of humor, satire and plenty of fan service. Additional mini-comic strips will appear between each twice-monthly release of Tonkatsu Taco. To enter the contest, tweet @PolishTamales with the official hashtag: #PolishLovin. (4) winners will be chosen at random via Twitter and announced on Legit MTG’s Twitch TV stream. Winners will appear in the panels of Tonkatsu Taco throughout the Season 1 run.

Polish Tamales is excited about the opportunity to work with fans:

It’s time to give back to the community and bring everyone together without lawsuits or cease and desist orders… hopefully… This will be a great opportunity to entertain all types of players in Magic: the Gathering players and gamers in general. Whether you’re a Vorthos or someone who got dragged along on a Friday night because of their loved one, these comics are made for you.

Polish Tamales has been contributing to Legit MTG since its 2012 launch. A graphic designer and storyboard artist, Polish Tamales has worked on various projects ranging from Manga at Tokyopop to creating storyboards for Playboy’s animated shorts on the Playboy channel.

Polish Tamales
Twitter: @PolishTamales
Tumblr: Polishtamales.Tumblr.com

PO BOX 595
Lebanon, OH 45036


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anonymous asked:

Is the drama between you and polish tamales over?

HA! It’ll probably never be over to be honest, but as long as he quits crying, everything is kosher as far as I’m concerned. One piece of advice, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can’t be found on the internet, like your real name, your house address, phone number, or whatever else someone wants to find without a little bit of digging. Just think twice before you talk shit when you think someone can’t see what you’re saying, Polish. Not saying I have or don’t have this information, but just don’t piss someone you don’t know off like that. I’ve said my piece, but I will have the last word if he hasn’t learned to keep his little mouth shut. If it stays that way, then everything is cool as far as I’m concerned and have no need to pursue anything further. 

Polish Tamales | Season 2 | Episode 8

Here’s one of my first jump into doing a weekly comics way back in 2008, before I graduated from University. You can tell how dated it is with the Guitar Hero reference, but it was one of the fun ones I did! This one featured Reika (Blue haired) and her room mate, Megan (blonde). 

This was originally published at my University’s Newspaper, which, I think I rose the bar at the time LOL

The homie Polish Tamales be copying my swag. That’s okay tho. I’ve had my snorlax for like 12 years, he practically went everywhere with me. Also, emrakul cause when I started I could never afford a 20 dollar slice of cardboard, so I dedicated myself to the game so I could get it when I earned it.

MTG Skype Group

Here’s a current list of Tumblr MTG players who are up for meeting new people, talking Magic, and organizing games over Skype. If you’re interested in being added/removed from this list, PM me.

  1. VedalkenGhurl —- Skype Name: kewlkilometer424
  2. commandertheory —- Skype Name: beat.man
  3. Bakujin —- Skype Name: Kithkin119
  4. b321gonzo —- Skype Name: b321gonzo
  5. iprizefighter —- Skype Name: iprizefighter
  6. mynameisnotjacoba —- Skype Name: jacoba.watson
  7. Balazin —- Skype Name: uberbalazin
  8. Selfshrevident —- Skype Name: SelfShrevident
  9. thatoneguyzach —- Skype Name: thatoneguyzach
  10. toon-summoned-skull —- Skype Name: havahdyahd
  11. mtgfan —- Skype Name: Mtgfan.tumblr
  12. coolflashyname —- Skype Name: Dan94ever
  13. atorrentialdownpour —-  Skype Name: graylonwright
  14. apetisdave —- Skype Name: apetisdave
  15. mistercakesblog —- Skype Name:  wingkondunne
  16. zombifiedcorpse —- Skype Name: jeremy.swim
  17. jackandsydneystories —- Skype Name: Chandler.guarde
  18. im-sure-i-didnt-ruin-her —- Skype Name: sam.jordan87
  19. eternal0aranel —- Skype Name: eternal_aranel
  20. makimonstrous —- Skype Name: makimonstrous
  21. treago —- Skype Name: keychainzero
  22. Uplifted-Chaos —- Skype Name: briantherisen
  23. mentalpopcorn —- Skype Name: shadowguardian92
  24. ??? —- Skype Name: frankalbenesius
  25. stranglerootguyst —- Skype Name: brock.verm
  26. nackoninja —- Skype Name: nackoninja
  27. samleague —- Skype Name: sam.stiyer
  28. ??? —- Skype Name: hiromifletcher
  29. Polish Tamales —- Skype Name: polishtamales
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