polish stormers


So group of us, polish Stormers decided to do our own version of “Ralph’s balcony”. It’s called “Roxannes balcony” and this is Funeral by us. Enjoy!


Long story cut short: They’ve played:
-“The Draw”
-“Laura Palmer”
-“Weight of Living pt.II”
-“The Driver”
-“No Angels”
-“Of The Night”
-“These Streets”
-“Bad Blood”
I might be missing one song (sorry,my memory is bad)

No “Oblivion”,“Grip” and “Laughter Lines”,but I’m not complaining 😊

The whole show was absolutely spectacular even though I had really rubbish spot and at the beginning I was suffocating and I felt like a sardine. Then the fun started-you could see that the guys were happy to be back in Poland. They simply love us ❤️ Dan spoke Polish (can’t remember anything,but ‘cześć’). When they started playing “No Angels” we started clapping in unison with the drum beat and Woody was smiling (my baby😍). There were bunch of MUSE fans who were constantly complaining that it’s so crowded and some of them were just standing there,no dancing,no single move. To sum up, it was the best day in my life and I’m more than sure I’ll never forget it. Anyway, I’m in the biggest concert depression now! I miss them so much 😭😭 One girl who runs Bastille Poland on FB & Twitter managed to contact the organisers of the festival and organise little meet up with the guys. We went backstage and when I saw them I was surprisingly calm (what the hell?). Maybe that’s the effect they have on people. I definitely wasn’t freaking out,but I sure as hell couldn’t believe my eyes. They left for an interview and told us to wait few minutes. When they got back they thanked us for coming. They got Polish Stormers Photobook made by Polish fans, Polish flag with “Third Polish Storming of the Bastille” with fans’ signatures and batch of concert wristbands (pictured above, next to their autographs). They were really happy when they got the Photobook (especially Dan, who’s started flipping through pages). Then Dan came up to every one of us,introducing himself “Hi,I’m Dan”. When he approached me,he went straight for a hug and believe me,he smelled so nice and looked so good. When I told him that he has got a nice t-shirt,he said ‘thanks’ and I showed him mine (also pictured above). He said ‘Snap!’ and *i have no idea how to explain that* we grabbed hems of our t-shirts, stretched (like when you want to show someone what’s on your t-shirt) and touched with them (hope you lot got what I meant here). I got autographs from all of them. Oh and I thought Dan will be taller. Wish I could hug them all and talk a bit longer, but I cannot complain,because I’m so so grateful that I got a chance to meet them. I hope for another gig and another meeting :)