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How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Il9q3XPf0)


HIYA guys! so as the title says… SEPTEMBER 4TH  will be the official release date for the SWA Bedroom clutter set!

After a few months of mesh making I decided to create a set that you guys can enjoy and also as a going away gift … Ill be ending my summer of creations! (ill still be making cc … just not as often… ill be going back to uni! so MUCH less time on my hands) so I wanted to give you guys something BIG to make up for the lack of cc ill be making over the rest of the year after this is released . 

You guys have given some AMAZING suggestions and i’m still taking suggestions so you can leave them as a reply to this post  or in my ASK box 

I wont be able to make all of your suggestions ..for various reasons  the main one being I probably have no clue how to make it! if you guys didn’t already know i taught myself how to make cc in June and i’m STILL learning so I can’t make everything….. just yet ! lol  

Your suggestions are down below and I HAVE CROSSED OFF THE ITEMS I HAVE ALREADY CREATED , ill be making the rest over the time from now until the release date X


  • hair straightener
  • filofax
  • curling iron
  • lint roller
  • makeup brushes
  • dvd series / box sets
  • hair brushes / combs
  • tampons
  • hair dye boxes
  • pillows (there are SO many already out there I don’t think ill make any)
  • books
  • mugs
  • travel cups
  • deodorant
  • pencil case
  • makeup bag
  • sticky note stack
  • nail polish set
  • earbuds / headphones
  • shampoo/ conditioner
  • phone chargers
  • designer shopping bags
  • perfume bottles
  • books 
  • real magazines
  • Mattress recolours
  • polaroids
  • bed frame
    • platform bed
    • hideaway bed
  • the body shop lotion
  • urban decay makeup palettes
  • NARS makeup palette
  • open eyeshadow palette
  • Lipstick holder
  • modern side table
  • backpacks
  • fashion closet clothes
  • shoes
  • school folders
  • colourful usb sticks
  • cute clocks
  • face down cell phone (with cute cases)
  • postcards
  • ethnic hair/beauty products
  • modern wire chair
  • set of pens laying flat
  • individual nail polishes 
  • floor clutter storage boxes
  • smaller/ compact wardrobe
  • sunglasses
  • wall hooks 
  • compact bedroom trash can
  • side table candles
  • tealight candles
  • posters/ wall art (Again there are LOADS of wall art creations already … so i more than likely will NOT be making any posters / pictures or anything like that )

OK SO WOWZERS! That’s a long list ! I’ll try my hardest to make these!! I PROMISE!

if you have any more suggestions (although i think we’ve covered almost everything lol ) I’D LOVE FOR YOU TO LEAVE THEM DOWN BELOW! 

PS. ILL UPDATE THIS POST AS I MAKE MORE STUFF! LOL then you guys can see how my progress is going! xx

what would you like to see in the BEDROOM clutter set?