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How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Il9q3XPf0)

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about buying the Ikea Raskog for my nail polish storage and I was wondering if any of your followers have one? I've people use them for makeup,crafts,kitchen etc. Want to know if it's worth it.



Progress on the ui! Here’s more of what I’ve managed to make this week:

- New logo, copyright text, and intro text (start/new/load game)

- Polished up the storage/phonecall/closet display, including redrawn icons

- Redrawn weather/date/time icons

Not a whole lot, as you can see, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far! It’s a lot of rescaling and drawing from scratch, since the original textures are so darn tiny. I’ve included a side-by-side of some of the icons to show you what I mean (originals on left, my new ones on the right.)

I’m sorry if I’ve been posting too frequently about this - it’s mostly just for myself, allowing me track my progress. If I post more of these in the future, I’ll try to get a lot more done between updates, so that I can share some substantial changes rather than these little ones.