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Długo mnie znacie. I naprawdę uważacie, że kreuję się na złego chłopaka? Nie, nie kreuję się na skandalistę. Ja taki po prostu jestem. Mam niewyparzony ryj, czasami powiem coś śmiesznego w momencie, gdy trzeba zachować powagę. Jestem wyrazisty, jest we mnie dużo emocji. Nie mam problemu z okazywaniem uczuć, nie wstydzę się łez. Po ostatnim meczu w karierze, gdy kibice zgotowali mi owacje, też miałem świeczki w oczach. Moje życie to są emocje. Podchodziłem do wszystkiego na maksa. Jeśli się bawiłem, to na sto procent. Jeśli trenowałem, też starałem się dać z siebie wszystko. W końcu przychodzi jednak moment, gdy dojrzewasz i chcesz być fajnym, normalnym gościem. Tego szaleństwa w moim życiu zawsze było jednak o te dwa procenty za dużo.
—  Łukasz Kadziewicz

(** indicates smut!) 


Spur of the Moment**

Y/N and Harry meet unexpectedly after not seeing each other for a while. Needless to say, aches ensue and needs are met.

Just a Friend Helping a Friend (part 1)  (part 2)**

When Y/N is having some tough luck, Harry steps in and makes sure she’s got what she needs. What neither of them realize is, moving in with Harry for a while was going to create new needs for the both of them. 


When Harry comes home with a new toy, a motorcycle, Y/N hates it. Well, only until Harry convinces her to take a ride with him. The danger, the freedom, the way Harry is pressed against her– they’re all causing Y/N to change her mind about the bike after all.

Sweet Sundays**

It’s been too long since you’ve gotten to just be with Harry. To only exist together. Too long since the last time Harry’s touched you with intent. Too long since you tried to show him how much you love him.

Just Us**

This thing between Harry and Y/N was supposed to be easy, not too heavy. And that’s exactly what Y/N thinks it is until Harry sleeps with someone else (with Y/N’s graces) and she discovers that she really isn’t into that idea. Now she has to show Harry who’s boss.

All Yours**

Even if Harry had called it all off a while back, he didn’t want you with anyone else. They didn’t know how to treat you, how to make you feel your best. Harry guesses he’s got to show let Y/N that there will never be anyone like him.

Over (part 1)  (part 2)

Everything is coming to a startling end for Harry and Y/N. It’s really over?

Too Good (part 1)  (part 2)  (part 3)**

Harry is convinced that Y/N is perfectly perfect– an angel. He also believes that he is quite the opposite, and that this is a complete disaster waiting to happen.

One for Each** (collab with @stylessemantics

Harry looks soft, lovable but there is something about him that gave him an edge. Maybe it was the perfect messy style of the hair you were still getting used to. Or maybe it was the black polish he was sporting on his nails. Whatever it was, it was intoxicating you much more than the drabbles of alcohol you had tonight.

You’re Not Alone Tonight

Harry thinks maybe it’s the perfect time to let Y/N know how much he has truly fallen for every last bit of who she is.

Pseudo Lover** (part 2)

Harry fell in love with who he wanted Y/N to be. She loved someone that Harry wasn’t ready to be. Just a little give and take is all they need.

Cold Kiss

Harry takes Y/N iceskating on their first date and maybe she isn’t the best at it…


For the times when you just don’t know what the hell you’re doing. 

Big Fucking Mess

Everything is just turning into a big fucking mess for Harry and Y/N. Things were supposed to be complication free, right?


You Owe Me

In return for a terrible movie choice, Y/N allows Harry to drag her to a haunted house. By the end, it seems he is the one who is in need of making up for a less than stellar decision for date night. 


A weekend getaway with Niall and his girlfriend to a cabin with thin walls turns into a fun little competition that Harry and Y/N seem to effortlessly win. 

Harry Talk (Short Requests)

Love Making**

First Blowie**

An Angry Fuck**

Tired but Turned On**

Hands and Stubble**


Nervous to Initiate** 

Rants with @stylessemantics

Happy Accidents**

Harry makes a mistake by sending a risqué message to his best friend. Sure it was accidental, but not all accidents have bad outcomes. 


Ava is losing everything, everything. Harry needs a little help. Together, they’re a bit dangerous– and it gets the job done damn good. Maybe they’re helping each other, maybe they’re hurting each other. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3

  • Piotr Dębowski w TV: Pojawił się Marcin Możdżonek na boisku, zmienił Karola Kłosa.
  • Igła: A nie mówiłem?
  • Dębowski: Piłka w górzeee, Petrić jakoś to podbił...
  • *obrona Możdżonka na 12 metrze*
  • Igła: UHUHUUU... MODŻOOOON! Tak jest. Magneto wjechał, od razu czapaa! Papapapaaa, tak jest. Drzewce ruszyły na wojnę!
ID #82589

Name: Kaylee
Age: 20
Country: USA

I am 20, Native American/Polish, and I just moved to Texas, I am in college at the moment and am a pre-med major. I have had pen pals before and have always had fun sending letters back and forth. I love watching tv (almost all shows dramas, action, reality tv,etc. But the x-files, broad city, and parks and rec are my absolute favorites) I also love to read (mainly fiction and YA novels, but honestly I’ll read anything) and I also love to run and play sports. I am a vegetarian (most of the time), I love all animals (dogs are my favorite, I have 4), and I have a weird love for stationary and notebooks/bullet journals/studying.

Preferences: someone close to my age (18-25), nice talkative people and per usual no racists, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc.

Volleyball playlist - Michał Winiarski

1. kiss - I was made for lovin’ you (x)
2. gotye ft kimbra - somebody that i used to know (x)
3. m83 - midnight city (x)
4. dżem - do kołyski (x)
5. romantycy lekkich obyczajów - bez ciebie odchodzę (x)
6.  red hot chilli peppers - road trippin’ (x)
7. jamie xx - i’ll take care of you (x)
8. indios bravos - a kiedy dnia pewnego (x)
9. luxtorpeda - autystyczny (x)

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