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  • Piotr Dębowski w TV: Pojawił się Marcin Możdżonek na boisku, zmienił Karola Kłosa.
  • Igła: A nie mówiłem?
  • Dębowski: Piłka w górzeee, Petrić jakoś to podbił...
  • *obrona Możdżonka na 12 metrze*
  • Igła: UHUHUUU... MODŻOOOON! Tak jest. Magneto wjechał, od razu czapaa! Papapapaaa, tak jest. Drzewce ruszyły na wojnę!

(** indicates smut!) 


Spur of the Moment**

Y/N and Harry meet unexpectedly after not seeing each other for a while. Needless to say, aches ensue and needs are met.

Just a Friend Helping a Friend (part 1)  (part 2)**

When Y/N is having some tough luck, Harry steps in and makes sure she’s got what she needs. What neither of them realize is, moving in with Harry for a while was going to create new needs for the both of them. 


When Harry comes home with a new toy, a motorcycle, Y/N hates it. Well, only until Harry convinces her to take a ride with him. The danger, the freedom, the way Harry is pressed against her– they’re all causing Y/N to change her mind about the bike after all.

Sweet Sundays**

It’s been too long since you’ve gotten to just be with Harry. To only exist together. Too long since the last time Harry’s touched you with intent. Too long since you tried to show him how much you love him.

Just Us**

This thing between Harry and Y/N was supposed to be easy, not too heavy. And that’s exactly what Y/N thinks it is until Harry sleeps with someone else (with Y/N’s graces) and she discovers that she really isn’t into that idea. Now she has to show Harry who’s boss.

All Yours**

Even if Harry had called it all off a while back, he didn’t want you with anyone else. They didn’t know how to treat you, how to make you feel your best. Harry guesses he’s got to show let Y/N that there will never be anyone like him.

Over (part 1)  (part 2)

Everything is coming to a startling end for Harry and Y/N. It’s really over?

Too Good (part 1)  (part 2)  (part 3)**

Harry is convinced that Y/N is perfectly perfect– an angel. He also believes that he is quite the opposite, and that this is a complete disaster waiting to happen.

One for Each** (collab with @stylessemantics

Harry looks soft, lovable but there is something about him that gave him an edge. Maybe it was the perfect messy style of the hair you were still getting used to. Or maybe it was the black polish he was sporting on his nails. Whatever it was, it was intoxicating you much more than the drabbles of alcohol you had tonight.

You’re Not Alone Tonight

Harry thinks maybe it’s the perfect time to let Y/N know how much he has truly fallen for every last bit of who she is.

Pseudo Lover** (part 2)

Harry fell in love with who he wanted Y/N to be. She loved someone that Harry wasn’t ready to be. Just a little give and take is all they need.

Cold Kiss

Harry takes Y/N iceskating on their first date and maybe she isn’t the best at it…


For the times when you just don’t know what the hell you’re doing. 

Big Fucking Mess  (part 2)**

Everything is just turning into a big fucking mess for Harry and Y/N. Things were supposed to be complication free, right?


You Owe Me

In return for a terrible movie choice, Y/N allows Harry to drag her to a haunted house. By the end, it seems he is the one who is in need of making up for a less than stellar decision for date night. 


A weekend getaway with Niall and his girlfriend to a cabin with thin walls turns into a fun little competition that Harry and Y/N seem to effortlessly win. 

Harry Talk (Short Requests)

Love Making**

First Blowie**

An Angry Fuck**

Tired but Turned On**

Hands and Stubble**


Nervous to Initiate** 

Rants with @stylessemantics

Happy Accidents**

Harry makes a mistake by sending a risqué message to his best friend. Sure it was accidental, but not all accidents have bad outcomes. 


Ava is losing everything, everything. Harry needs a little help. Together, they’re a bit dangerous– and it gets the job done damn good. Maybe they’re helping each other, maybe they’re hurting each other. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3

ID #26937

Name: Marcela
Age: 21
Country: Poland

Hi gals, I’m crazy female from Europe. I’m very open-minded and friendly person but for some reason (I’m weird but shhh…) I don’t have friends so, it would be nice to have someone to talk with.
I’m in love with astronomy and biology, read a lot lot lot lot of books and recently trying to write some stuff by myself in non-native language so it’s quite a fun.
My music taste is very wide, from metal and rock to classic and electro. I cook, bake and inhale tons of food but since I love exercising and swimming I manage to keep fit and sporty.
CACTUSES. People say I’m funny but well, maybe I’m just an alien?
I love learning about new cultures and languages, I know English well enough to have decent conversation about anything you’d like to talk. Also know a little German and Russian, currently learning Portugês and when I start uni in few months I’ll try with Spanish.
I play video games pretty much (OVERWATCHHH <3), don’t watch multiple tv series only OITNB, Rick and Morty and Supergirl. And every other episode of anything my girlfriend wants me to watch with her so maybe I’ve seen your favourite series too ;p
I’m not religious but like to talk about religions in tolerant way. And spare me politics please.
I’m a dog person but I don’t mind cats too and basicaly any other pet, animals are lovely and deserve to be taken care of.
I’m traveller and explorer, curious about the world, craving for knowledge in every field. Tell me what you know, share your thoughts and beliefs with me, let’s debate about the universe.

Preferences: 18+ but if you’re younger and consider yourself as mature come and text me. I’d prefer e-mails or WhatsApp cause I’m glued to my phone 24/7 but traditional letters may be interesting (:

Ahhh… I’m back to anime nail art! It’s been a minute! Welcome, this is Kacchan from bnha, the angstiest teen ever. I made a promise that I would make season finale nail art before but a cold got in the way. I know I’m super late but hey!! fire nail art!! I know his powers are explosions- I swear I know but when I tried to replicate an image from the show it looked like ugh- I think this looks better so…

Used in mani:

Fire nails

Pale yellow- China Glaze- Kill ‘em with kindness

Yellow- Pure Ice: Show Stopper

Orange- Pure Ice: Gourd-geous

Red- P2 volume gloss: guest star

Bakugou: Acrylic paint… psttt the red behind him is also the read above this!!

Perfect(ly screwed up) || D.H.

A/N: Okay.. I don’t even know what this is but dan and his old emo hair are a part of it. There will be a part two next Friday!

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Dan(ny boy)


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‘Boring’ I thought to myself and had a hard time supressing a yawn.

‘Mundane’ I added in my head. Even trying to find as many synonyms for the word boring as possible was more exciting than this.

‘Lifeless’ That was it, the perfect word to describe this evening.

My rich, wanna be perfect parents were throwing their annual summer party. Although mum and dad could be a little bit up tight sometimes they were by far not the worst thing about today.

No, my parents obviously invited all of their friends and those people were honestly the most stuck up snobs one could ever imagine. My mum’s friends were all wearing elegant dresses and expensive jewellery and they couldn’t stop gossiping and judging other people all evening. My dad’s friends spent their time comparing cars and talking about golf.

In the middle of that there was me. I was sitting at a table along with some other guest, wearing a black suit with a black tie. Although my mother tried to convince me not to straighten my hair I did it anyway.

It was obvious that I didn’t belong here.

“Mary, your son has a very interesting hairstyle.” I heard one of the infamous friends say and I had to roll my eyes.  

Interesting actually meant: ‘Your son’s hairstyle is hideous, Mary. Can’t you control this boy? He looks like one of those dirty teenagers that meets up at the graveyard.’

By now I regretted that I didn’t fake being sick.

My phone started to vibrate in the pocket of my trousers. I quickly took it out of it and looked at the message underneath the table. It was a life line, it was my rescue.

“Hi Dan, are you home?” it was my best friend Y/N. I smiled as I read the text and quickly replied.

“I am, summer party remember?”

She then replied with a couple of text messages in a row.

“Oh shit”

“I forgot about that”

“I’m so stupid”

I crinkled my nose as I stared down at my phone. What was she talking about? I started to get worried and immediately answered.

“Stupid? You are the cleverest person I know! What are you talking about?”

It took a while until my phone lit up again. In the meantime, I just stared at the black screen for a bit because it was more interesting than any conversation I could be having with the people here.

I then examined the scenery in front of my eyes. Our annual summer party was always held outside, in our garden. It was a warm summer evening, the grass was perfectly mowed and the guests were drinking wine and champagne. Our huge pool was just there so we could look at it. Nobody had the intention to swim in it.  My mum was obsessed with fairy lights so she had wrapped some around every tree we owned.

It looked absolutely fancy, posh but beautiful. If only the company weren’t that awful.

I was still impatiently waiting for Y/N to reply as somebody suddenly said my name and snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Hi, Daniel.” Katrina, the daughter of my mother’s best friend greeted me flirtatiously.

She sat down next to me and smiled. Wow that smile looked fake

“Are you enjoying yourself? I always love your summer parties.” Katrina said totally exaggerating, and tried to start a conversation with me.  

We were the same age and we’ve known each other for quite some time now, but I could never really stand her.

“Our mothers were just talking about how you should definitely take me to prom next month.” She explained to me. I choked on my cold beverage as I heard her words.

“Really?” I blurted out, completely startled. I started to sweat out of discomfort, Katrina was getting so close to me that our thighs were touching and I really didn’t like that.

“I think that they are right, I should totally only go with somebody my league. And so should you.”

Was she talking about looks or money and status now?  

“I’m sorry, but I already have a date.” I quickly lied in order to save my life.

“Who are you taking?” She demanded to know. It was obvious that she was absolutely bitter.

‘Fuck’ I internally screamed, but to my surprise a name left my mouth without having to think about it.

“Y/N” I told Katrina. “I’m taking Y/N”

Oh how I wish that were true. Y/N and I were just really close friends, but she was so perfect that it was impossible not to fall for her. She was not only stunning, she was also funny, clever, rebellious and everything else one could wish for. Therefore, it wasn’t really surprising that she was dating a guy that looked like he was taken out of an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial.

I was just the lovesick friend who didn’t have a chance. 

Katrina gasped and faked disgust as I mentioned her.

“Why would you-“ She started but I interrupted her as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket again.

“Sorry, but that’s her.” I told her, stood up from the table and left her there alone.

I went somewhere quiet to read her text message.

“I forgot about the party and I’m kinda on the way to your house. I’m just gonna drive home again.”  

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Why was she on the way here?

“No, no, I hate it here anyway. I could need your support.” I quickly typed. She was acting weird today. Maybe there was something up with her?

I didn’t get a reply for at least 15 minutes but then I saw her red beat-up truck in our driveway. It was a weird sight, seeing her pick-up with all of its rusts and bumps next to the polished sports cars and old timers that belonged to our guests.

I headed to the drive way to meet her there. She was just getting out of her car and smashed the door behind her shut as I was getting closer. She hadn’t noticed me yet. I didn’t see her face at first but as she finally looked my way, her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained.

“What happened?” I wanted to know and eagerly rushed to her side to hug her.

She immediately wrapped her arms tightly around my torso and started sobbing against my chest.

I rested my chin on top of her head and took in her scent. I loved how her hair always smelled of vanilla.  

I softly ran my fingers through her soft hair in order to calm her down, but she didn’t stop crying. Her shoulders were shaking and she clung onto my body as if she was scared to let me go.

“I’m ruining your expensive suit” she apologized and tried to wipe away the wet tear stains she had left on my jacket.

“C’mon that really doesn’t matter right now, Y/N. It doesn’t fit me well anyway.”

“I think you look nice in it, mister fancypants.” She giggled although she was still crying.

I couldn’t help but smile down at her softly. Our eyes met and it hurt me to see that hers were filled with sadness. They were so puffy and red, it seemed like she had been crying for more than an hour.

‘It hurt seeing her hurt.’ That was a line from a movie we watched together a while ago. I now knew exactly what the protagonist meant.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, Y/N.” I pleaded. She was sobbing against my chest again and only hugged me tighter.

Długo mnie znacie. I naprawdę uważacie, że kreuję się na złego chłopaka? Nie, nie kreuję się na skandalistę. Ja taki po prostu jestem. Mam niewyparzony ryj, czasami powiem coś śmiesznego w momencie, gdy trzeba zachować powagę. Jestem wyrazisty, jest we mnie dużo emocji. Nie mam problemu z okazywaniem uczuć, nie wstydzę się łez. Po ostatnim meczu w karierze, gdy kibice zgotowali mi owacje, też miałem świeczki w oczach. Moje życie to są emocje. Podchodziłem do wszystkiego na maksa. Jeśli się bawiłem, to na sto procent. Jeśli trenowałem, też starałem się dać z siebie wszystko. W końcu przychodzi jednak moment, gdy dojrzewasz i chcesz być fajnym, normalnym gościem. Tego szaleństwa w moim życiu zawsze było jednak o te dwa procenty za dużo.
—  Łukasz Kadziewicz
65000 Polish fans applauded to Serbian anthem.

This is so amazing!

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Serbia loves Poland, Poland loves Serbia ♥ Slavic brothers!

The Bet

|| Sam x Reader ||

“What is that awful smell?” Dean growled as he walked into the motel room that the three of you had been sharing. His nose scrunched as he lifted his sleeve to cover his face. Then, his eyes widened, fixating on his brother who sat propped in a chair. You were sitting in on front of the younger Winchester, cross legged and grinning. “Is that-”

“Shut up or get out,” Sam snapped as he stared up at his older brother. His arms were firmly crossed over his chest as he pouted.

“Dude, did you lose a bet or something?” Dean chuckled as he approached, earning a stern scowl from Sam.

“He bet that I couldn’t find a job before he did. And, well, something sounds witchy out in Vermont. We’ll head out in the morning.” You smiled as you peered up at Dean.

Dean nodded, still giggling. “And how long did it take you to find it?”

You beamed as you leaned forward, studying your boyfriends bare feet before you. A bright shade of purple tipped each of his toes, complete with a glitter finish. You screwed the bottle of the nail polish shut carefully, sporting the same color and glitter, now dry on your hands. “Twenty-five minutes.”

Dean bit his lip. “Oh, Sammy, you’re losing your touch.” Sam just pouted as he stood from the chair.

You slammed the large hunter back down, then shook your finger in his face. “You need to sit here until they dry. I’ll get the blow dryer from the bathroom. That should speed it up a little.” You winked at Sam, who flashed you a small, forced smile back.

“Oh, wow. Nice work, Y/N.” Dean praised as he stared down at his brother. “We’ll have to find Sam here a new pair of sandals, so he can show off your beautiful art,” he teased. He patted his brother on the shoulder.

You emerged from the bathroom, towing the mini hair dryer in your right hand. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

“I hate you both,” Sam snarled as he sat motionless in his chair.

You plugged in the hair dryer and knelt before him, grinning from ear to ear. “Love you too, babe.”


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Risk Taker ~6

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Part 5

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Note : Smut ahead 

You watch as he made circles around the glass of water that was on your coffee table with his index fingers. His raven hair hung on the side of his face, you couldn’t tell what his eyes were saying or the shape of his mouth was.

 His other hand hang from his knee, black nail polish sported his nails. He was in a grey long sleeve shirt and black skinnies. You didn’t hide the fact that you were checking him out. 

“ Are you done checking me out?” He rose his head to meet your gaze, you were standing against the bookcase with your back to it. His eyes lowered to your lip, the one you were biting on so hard. 

Jimmy stood up, taking small steps towards you, his body pinned you to the bookcase. You gasped feeling his arousal against your thigh. Eyes looking up at him innocently, he rose his hand to your lip with his thumb he move your bottom lip.

“ Release your lip before I bite it” He huskily said, eyes turning a darker shade. “ What if I want you to bite it?” 

“ Don’t play games with me…” you grab onto his shirt, hands going around his neck standing on your toes as you lick his lips. “ You love games” 

He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned in, pressing his lips to yours. You never realized how much you wanted him all those years that you’ve been friends with him. He slide his tongue between your lips causing you to let out a moan. Your hands find to Jimmy’s back, gripping the grey long sleeve shirt. He moves his lips to your neck while his hands go behind your thighs.

“ Jump” he mumbles, placing a kiss on your neck. You did as he asked wrapping your legs around his waist. He pushes you against the suitcase,biting down on your neck.

“ Jimmy” you gasp out. “ Yeah?” he asks, sucking on the area near your ear. “ Keep going” you stutter out.Jimmy chuckles quietly. “ I knew you would like it” He pulls you away from the bookcase carrying you to your bedroom. 

He’s been there before, he knows where it is. He lays you down on your bed that has Nightmare Before Christmas covers. It’s soft just how remembers. You look up at him as he pulls his long sleeve shirt off his body, dropping it on the floor. You couldn’t help but stare at him. 

“ You’re staring, Y/N” Jimmy teases with a chuckle. “ And?” you ask, giggling. Sitting up, you took off your top and threw it on the floor joining his shirt.You tug your shorts down and Jimmy helps you tug them down your legs, dropping it on the other side of the bed. He grabs onto your hips, gliding his hands over your stomach, hooking his fingers underneath your panties and slides them down. He pulls them down, slowly. 

“ Jimmy..” you whine. He chuckles, “ You don’t like to be teased?” you shake your head no.Jimmy leans down, his mouth hovers over your pussy, placing a kiss there before his tongue takes a lap at you folds. 

You hold back a moan, reaching down running your fingers through his raven hair. His tongue makes circles against your clit, making you tug on his hair. You laid down onto the bed, moaning as he continues to lick your folds. 

You couldn’t help but buck your hips, he doesn’t like it. He places his hands down to your hips, holding you down. 

“ Please, Jimmy. Put your cock in my tight pussy” you whine. “ As you wish. He says before standing up removing his skinnies, and sliding down his boxers along. 

Jimmy hovers over you, spreading your legs apart. He lined himself up, not gibing you time to adjust to even a little of him. He pushes his whole cock into you. “ Fuck!” you cry out.

“ You asked for it” He groans, putting his forehead against yours. He thrust rough and fast, going into a rhythm.Swear words escapes his mouth, your fingers dig into his shoulders.

“ Faster Havoc” you plead him and he did what you asked, thrusting faster and deeper inside of you. “ Fuck..fuck…” Jimmy leaned down capturing your lips with his. You pulled away, his name slips out of your mouth but with a shaky tone.

 “ I’m going to-”He smirks, pressing his dumb on your clit, driving to your orgasm.

 “ Jimmy! Fuck!” you yelled, cumming. He watches as you cum, watching your face and thinks to himself it was the most beautiful sight he seen. He gave a few more thrust before cumming inside of you. He slips out of you, laying down next to you. You didn’t expect something like this to happen. 

He rose from the bed, looking for his boxers. “ What are you doing?” you ask, slightly panting covering yourself as you sit up. “ Looking for my clothes, what does it look like…” 

“ Your not going to stay?” He shakes his head, slipping on his boxers before looking for his pants. “ Why not?” He finds them, slips them on. His back is to you as he says the next words, “ Look Y/N, we fucked. That was it. I was in the mood, and you were kinda there.” He responds. 

“ What the fuck Havoc! I’m just a fuck buddy to you now?” He chuckles slipping his long sleeve shirt on and turns to you. “ Yes” with that he walks out of your bedroom leaving you in a feeling you don’t know how to describe.
“ He’s a fucking asshole, Jimmy Havoc is a fucking asshole” you mumble. “ I fucking hate you so much!” you shouted to no one in particular knowing Jimmy was outside by now.

To your surprise, your day turned out from being horrible to being okay as Trent called you later on the night asking if you would join him for a walk and maybe to get some ice cream. 

Something you needed to make your night worth it. You didn’t tell what happened between you and Jimmy. It was just a spare moment of lust and nothing more. Then why were you feeling so down about it?

“ Y/N? Are yeh there?” Trent asks, waving a hand in front of your face. You were brought of your thoughts laying your eyes on him, nodding your head.
“ I’m sorry, I was just thinking about something” He tilts his head, his eyebrow raised. “ Do yeh want t’ talk about it?”  

You shake your head, “ I rather not. I want it to be forgotten. Take my mind off it, please Trent?” His eyes roam your face. He wants to push and ask what’s wrong but holds himself back fearing that if he did, you’d get mad at him and won’t talk to him anymore. He likes having you around. 

“ What do yeh want t’ do?” you smirk, taking some ice cream on your index finger and leaning over the table wiping it on his nose. “ Boop” you giggle, Trent does cross eyes making you laugh. A sound he loves to hear. 

“ Yeh are so funny..” he says, taking a napkin wiping his nose with it. “Yeh laugh is adorable” he adds. A blush forms on your cheeks as you look away, the wind blows your head shielding your face from him. He reaches over brushing it behind your ear. 

“ I want t’ see yeh” He mumbles, looking down at his ice cream. “ Trent..” you start to say, not really knowing what to say either. You want to , it was nice having moments like this. He looks at you with his blue eyes, it’s quite. He waits for you to continue, his heart racing.  

“ What is this…” you ask with caution. His eyebrows come together, he’s confused on what you mean. You sigh, “ I’m sorry, I asked. I was just wondering…” He shakes his head. 

“ Don’t be sorry luv, this is just friends gettin’ t’gether for now…”
“ Now?” he clears his throat, waving it off with his hand. His cheeks are red, he feels embarrassed and takes a spoonful of his ice cream. You decide to place your hand on his, running your thumb over his knuckles. He eyes your hand on top of his before looking back at you. 

“ It’s okay, you’re a cutie” His cheeks turn darker red as he looks away, hearing your laugh again. Oh how much he loves hearing it, he wants to hear it every day and he wants to be the reason for it. 

You see Jimmy at work, backstage at Progress. Not even a look at him or a word. You feel his eyes on you, you want to look but your eyes stay to the floor. You hear someone say something to you but you choose to ignore it. Instead your gaze falls onto familiar on a thread necklace around Jimmy’s neck. On the bottom, where his chest is, it’s a feather. The necklace you gave to him, before everything happened. A week before it, to him. As a gift for being there for you, being the reason to make you laugh and smile. It meant more, but he is wearing it. Why all of sudden he chooses to? 

He’s talking to Dahlia and TK about something when you happen to not take your eyes off him. His eyes meet yours, he gives you a smirk before tearing his gaze away. That’s it, there were questions to be asked and you needed answer. Letting yourself into the conversation, apologizing for coming in between the three, taking Jimmy by his wrist dragging him into one of the rooms and locking the door.

“ You want more?” He asks, chuckling as he stands a few feet away from you. “ No, thanks. First of all Jimmy. What the fuck. You left after that one night. Do I mean anything to you? I am just a toy to be used” 

“ You should be” your mouth drops in shock, not believing what he just said. “ Are you fucking kidding me? To think we were friends, after everything we have been through” 

“ As I recall we aren’t friends! If you dragged me here to nag and nag, well I don’t wanna hear it. Your mouth can be filled with something else” 

“ When did you become such an asshole!?” you pushed at his chest as he stumbled back.

 “ What the fuck is wrong with you! You tell me you love me, then you fuck me and then you say I mean nothing to you? Are you bipolar or some shit?” He stares at you, you continue to push him. 

Jimmy falls onto the couch in the room, looking up at you not knowing what to say.

“ If you did love me as you say you do, you wouldn’t do this” you pointed around. “ I am not someone you can fuck over Jimmy Havoc, I will rain vengeance on you. I know your secrets, I can cause you misery. And this..” you take hold of the necklace around his neck, “ Doesn’t mean shit to you. This was part of our friendship, we aren’t friends? Then you don’t fucking deserve to wear it” you rip it from his neck and throw it somewhere in the room. 

“ I’m sorry..” He says. “ Sorry? Sorry can kiss my ass, be a man. Once you got some balls, come find me and we can talk like adults. But right now, you aren’t the Jimmy I knew and hoped to one day be with. Yes I said it, I had feelings for you and you fucked it up. Now you’ll know how it feels that I’m no longer part of,  say thanks to yourself for that” you turn around and walked out the door. 

Putting your back to it, it was the toughest thing you had to. But a thought comes to your mind. When you and Jimmy had sex, he didn’t use protection. Closing your eyes and stomping your feet.

 Did he do it on purpose? You couldn’t get pregnant, not right now. You had a career and he had one too. 

Taking a deep breath and letting that thought slip out of your mind as you left that for a moment. It would have to be dealt with later. Right now, you had a match to get ready for.

Note : Pete will be in the next one because ….. *smirks*