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We used to be a family

Guys seriously, what’s wrong with you? “Judges gave Markus bronze medal”?! It’s not true! He jumped really good and he deserves a medal!!! He went through a lot. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that🙁
And also why is it OK when Kamil or any other polish ski jumper is on podium and Tande and Prevc, but when someone like Kraft or Germans are there, because they deserve to be, why you say, it’s because of judges or luck? They deserve it! It is very unsportsmanlike to say that! We need to watch on it objective and not subjective. We don’t know their life stories completely, so we should not judge who deserves and who doesn’t. Everyone does!
We should be a family, we should breathe like one person, but our family is obviously falling apart😞some fans are so into their jumpers, that they forget about what ski jumpers want to teach us. We need to love each other, no matter where we from, for who we cheer up or what we like. They want to connect us and not disconnect. We need to beat the differences and live like one. I know it is hard sometimes, but if we are real fans we will do it💪


the young Polish talented ski jumpers you might never recognize if you’re not a big Polish fan. (: season 2013/2014 is considered as the best season in Polish ski jumping history. of course, we had the great multiple champion Adam Małysz and… nobody else as good as we have now.

Krzysztof Miętus, Titus (born on 8th of March 1991) - 145 m jump in Klingenthal, 2013. he almost took the hill record (146,5 m, Michael Uhrmann). he was 11th here and this is his personal best place. his younger brother, Grzegorz, is a ski jumper, too. he’s my height! (165 cm) (x)

Krzysztof Biegun (born on 21st of May 1994) - winner in Klingenthal 2013 after first round. the second one was canceled due to strong wind so… he was the winner anyway. after that victory, he got the bib of a World Cup leader. a mulitmedalist in many Junior World Championships and Winter Universiades. the winner in Hakuba in 2013 during the SGP. (x) 

Piotr Żyła, Pieter, Wiewiór (born on 16th of January 1987) - the one you may know. an ex aequo winner with Gregor Schlierenzauer in Oslo 2013. crazy but talented. always on World Cup, now he’s on the 18th place. a funny person in private life… and not only there. (x)

Jan Ziobro, Jasiek (born on 24th of June 1991) - the first World Cup victory in Engelberg in 2013, the next day he was third. after the team competition in Sochi (Poland ended up on the fourth place), where he was the best Polish ski jumper, Kamil Stoch called him his own hero. thanks to him Poland was fourth, not seventh as it was predicted. the victory is now written on his helmet. (x) I have to admit, I like him very much. he’s also funny as a person, although he rarely shows his emotions during the competitions, even if his jumps are long and good. (x)