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The Signs as Polish Swear Words
  • Aries: Nie pierdol, bambusie jebany (Literally: Don't fuck, you fucking bamboo. Meaning: Don't talk bullshit.)
  • Taurus: W pizdę jeża! (Literally: For hedgehog's pussy! Meaning: For fuck's sake!)
  • Gemini: Piździ jak skurwysyn (literally: It CUNTs as son of a whore. Meaning: It's cold as shit.)
  • Cancer: Pierdolnę mu z kolanka w ryj (literally: I'll fuck him with knee into snout. Meaning: I'll kick him in the face)
  • Leo: Jesteś miękkim chujem robiony (literally: You're made of soft dick. Meaning: You're wishy-washy.)
  • Virgo: Wypierdalaj, ty skurwielu jebany, bo jak ci przypierdolę to kurwa wyjebiesz w drzewo, że ci chuj odpadnie! (literally: Fuck off, you fucking fucker because when I'll fuck you then you'll fucking fuck into a tree and your dick will fall off. Meaning: Fuck off.)
  • Libra: Chyba żeś się z chujem na głowy pozamieniał (literally: You've swapped heads with your own dick. Meaning: You're crazy.)
  • Scorpio: Wyglądasz jakby ci ojciec zaorał ryj kutasem, ty spróchniały szczochu (literally: You look like your father has ploughed your snout with a dick, you rotted piss. Meaning: You're ugly.)
  • Sagittarius: Tarzaj banana, zapiździały zmazie nocny nietoperza (Roll a banana, you CUNTed wet dream of a bat. Meaning: Fuck off.)
  • Capricorn: Zrobię ci z dupy szafkę na buty, ty wielbłądzi naplecie utarzany w piasku (I'll make a foot locker out of your ass, you camel's foreskin rolled in sand. Meaning: I'll kill you.)
  • Aquarius: Ja pierdole, czego kurwa do chuja wafla, ty jebany skurwielu? (Literally: Fuck, for dick's waffle, what the fuck do you want, you fucking fucker? Meaning: What the fuck do you want?)
  • Pisces: Nima chuja we wsi! (literally: There's no dick in the village! Meaning: It's impossible.)

18 years.. yet he’s still waiting

Aaa finally got to finish this piece despite having exams for the week :^)

I got the idea by this part of the comic where Papyrus said “It has been 18 years already.” (spoilers i guess if you haven’t read it) and thinking that himself still mourns for them :}

Heavenfell © @heavenfell-au @heavenfell-mun ( ^ ᴗ ^ ) [also i tried their way on how to shade & I’m really enjoying it!]

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okay but what's the Extended Timeline of darry....i need the Full Scoop im on the edge of my seat

so it all starts april fourth, 2011 with a tweet from dan saying, “so one direction are now advertising pokémon black and white? well at least that’s one thing i’ll always be superior to liam payne at.” from what i can find is the first mention of one direction dan has made on twitter

dan makes a few more mentions of harry styles/one direction in general over the next year and a half.

harry moves out of his flat with bandmate louis tomlinson early 2012 and to a flat in east london. dan moves to london mid-2012

the pivotal moment. october 7th, 2012. one direction is interviewed by dan howell and flatmate, phil lester. three videos of this occurrence are available (one) (two) (three). there are multiple instances in which harry sends smoldering looks towards the unknowing youtuber. this also was commemorated in dan and phil’s book, The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (in stores now)

thus, darry is birthed.

around this time there are multiple rumors of harry dating taylor swift but none are confirmed

if one has the imagination for it, dan and harry may have had a three month fling with the slightly older british vlogger. the idea is alluring. both sexually ambiguous men having a secret love affair right for the world to see. around this time dan is keeping up a fairly regular schedule of uploading videos each week on his main channel, danisnotonfire. 

in between november 30th and december 21st there was no uploading. this could be attributed to the fact that harry had been seen out multiple times with taylor swift and the end of darry was nigh. darry would be confirmed dead when harry and taylor were pictured kissing on new years eve. 

and to non-believers, this could be the end of the high-rise, champagne-tinged love affair between dan howell and harry styles (for which i have many head canons about but we are just covering the factual evidence). but no.

on march 7th, 2013, dan uploads a vyou answer talking about how weird it was to meet one direction. dan speaks of how he mad eye contact with harry. he claims his favorite member was niall because he smiled the most. he would, considering harry must have broken his heart after that meeting.

in december 2013, amazingphil (phil lester, dan howell’s flatmate and rumored significant other) uploaded a video called ‘my google search history’ revealing he once looked up where harry styles lived. lester claims to have only been on fan-based ventures but one may assume he was scoping out the man that had dan howell’s heart in the latter part of 2012. 

on february 19th, 2014, dan howell and harry styles both attend the brit awards. and both were wearing the same shirt. this sparks multiple articles on the two and the hilarity of the situation was apparent to the internet. 

during bbc radio 1′s big weekend, dan is pictured backstage during one direction’s set, being called weird fruit guy. here is one picture for your reference

dan also is in a video where he says harry loves him (cannot find a video but here is a gifset)

about a month later, dan goes to a concert with a bunch of youtuber friends (sans phil, interesting) to see one direction. 

other “darry proofs” could be that dan prefers to be the big spoon and harry the little spoon. dan and harry have both expressed interest in fashion. both are pretentious as fuck. it has been noted none of harry’s songs which he has written have confirmed he has ever been in love. one could think ‘fools gold’ and ‘just a little bit of your heart’ could be about one dan howell. recently dan and harry have both been photographed with black nail polish on, a sure sign darry is coming to pass soon.

this all culminates to last night, october 6th. harry was out celebrating the release of his recent magazine editorial in another man at albert’s club. phil lester was out with his family. this would make dan howell approximately thirty minutes away from harry if he did not go out with lester and his family. this was an optimal timeframe for dan or harry to visit each other. is darry reuniting? only time will tell


♈ Baran - Aries
♉ Byk - Taurus
♊ Bliźnięta - Gemini
♋ Rak - Cancer
♌ Lew - Leo
♍ Panna - Virgo
♎ Waga - Libra
♏ Skorpion - Scorpio
♐ Strzelec - Sagittarius
♑ Koziorożec - Capricorn
♒ Wodnik - Aquarius
♓ Ryby - Pisces

Znak (zodiaku) (m. noun) - (zodiac) sign
Astrologia (f. noun) - astrology
Horoskop (m. noun) - horoscope
Konstelacja (f. noun) - constellation
Przyszłość (f. noun) - future
Przeznaczenie (neuter noun) - fate; destination

inspired by this post by @bonjoursluts, check it out!

EDIT! There was a mistake , “znak” is a masculine noun, big thanks to @ewa-a-nie-chce-spac for noticing and sorry for misinformation!
Nails for the signs:

Fancy acrylics: Leo, Pisces

Painted a new colour every week: Gemini, Sagittarius

Painted red: Aries, Scorpio

French manicured: Taurus, Libra

Painted light pink or clear: Cancer, Capricorn

Haha what nail care: Virgo, Aquarius

Five Times Scott Found Stiles or Derek Sleeping, and the One Time He Didn’t

Part I | Part II | Part III

Part II: aka Lazy Weekend

Seven twenty-eight on a grey Sunday morning, far too early for any decent person to be awake, Scott was sprawled over the kitchen counter watching the coffeemaker gurgle and drip the first pot of what would no doubt be the first of many. Unless someone was already out of the house, he was the first one up as far as he could tell by the odd stillness and Isaac’s deafening snores, which probably wouldn't’ be so loud if it wasn’t for his heightened senses. No movement also meant that Derek wasn’t up yet either, and they were supposed to leave by eight.

As the only person in the frat that owned a car that Scott wanted to deal with, Derek had promised to drive him out to the thrift store to buy black slacks for the uniform of his new job, and they had to go in the morning before Scott’s first shift at the coffee shop just off campus. He didn’t really need a job since fraternity dues paid for his room, food, and other amenities like cable and internet, but he had found over the first month of school that he wanted a bit more pocket change to spend on the cool activities around campus.

Scott shared his room with a beta werewolf and fellow freshman named Jackson Whittemore. Douchemore, as Stiles had dubbed him seconds after meeting him, was a last minute transfer who had demanded a room to himself and thought his daddy’s money meant he was special. The douchebag had completely lost it when he found out he had to share. All freshmen did. And he nearly lost control until Derek flashed his eyes and growled. That had shut up the twat pretty quick.

The shrill beep of the coffeemaker jolted Scott back to consciousness He glanced around, then quickly wiped the puddle of drool off the counter where he’d been dozing.

Boyd wandered into the kitchen yawning and scratching his bare stomach just as Scott grabbed the coffee pot to fill his travel thermos. Clothing seemed to be optional attire around the house. Having not grown up in a pack, Scott wasn’t quite used to it, but had learned to embrace it pretty quickly.

The only person who seemed to add layers was the resident human who wasn’t a member of the fraternity given his human status. Scott still wasn’t sure how or why Stiles hung around the house. The frat was meant to be a safe haven for supes to be themselves, and Scott found he constantly had to keep his supernatural status under wraps with a stray human running around all the time.

“Derek not up?” Scott asked, and Boyd raised an eyebrow, which clearly asked him if he was stupid. Derek Hale was not a morning person. Scott groaned. “I’m gonna get killed, aren’t I?”

Boyd shrugged and stole the coffee pot from Scott. A man of few words. Scott could appreciate Boyd’s stoicism as much as the next person, but sometimes it annoyed him when he needed a straight answer.

Scott snapped the lid onto his coffee tumbler after he added cream and sugar. “Tell my mother I love her,” Scott sighed and saluted Boyd. The traitor snorted.

The stairs creaked ominously as Scott jogged upstairs. The house was three floors. Most bedrooms were on the second floor, with one room that Boyd occupied on the ground floor. There was only one bedroom with an ensuite bathroom on the third floor that traditionally went to the current president.

Scott paused on the main landing outside Derek’s door before he sucked it up and rapped on the bedroom door just below the polished brass sign that read ‘Derek Hale, President.’

There was a groan and a soft thud followed by shuffled footsteps. The doorknob rattled and the door cracked open. Instead of a grumpy alpha werewolf peering out at him, Scott found himself face to face with a sleepy, somewhat dishevelled human.

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Me: we kno next to nothin abt mikael and even besides what a third party, who seemed to be projecting a bit, told us. mikael acted very shitty but its been over a year and now he wears nail polish and uses sign language, hey… maybe he’s realized his mistake and he’s grown.

Them: nO bich! idc if ur gay but ur defending a homophobe so uR incredibly homophoBIC!! even tried to cure himself its factttt, yousef said so!! bc yousef knows exactly what happened even tho he had no idea even was bi and bipolar!!! idc if mikael was a 17 yr old ignorant boy he’s not capable of change!!!!!!

Me: i.. what- no- i … but- mayb-

Them: *uses racial slurs, shits on religion as a whole, makes fun of mikael tellin him to choke and how they’d like to step on him, didn’t react the same to magnus in s3 when he called isak a f*g*

Me: *squinty eyes at all the double standards and racism* …… oH. oh man, i forgot..… he’s … *whispers* he’s a… muslim.

Polish vocab: zodiac signs

znak zodiaku - zodiac sign
baran - aries
byk - taurus
nmo* bliźnięta - gemini
rak - cancer
lew - leo
♍ ż panna - virgo 
♎ ż waga - libra
skropion - scorpio 
strzelec - sagittarius 
koziorożec - capricorn
wodnik - aquarius 
nmo* ryby - pisces

Drunj!Der Yells About Outlander

Thoughts on Ep. 306


Like I feel like I’ve been waiting for this episode since the end of season one. I didn’t get sucked into the show because of the adventures du jour. I got sucked in because of the relationship between Jamie and Claire. Their intimacy. The intimacy they had even before the wedding. Yes, shenanigans need to happen around them or it’d just be a bunch of fluff, but watching how they go through the shenanigans *together* was kind of the whole point for me.

And the beginning of this season was obviously supposed to make the reunion feel earned, but with the lack of story on Claire’s side, it really kind of felt like a chore to slog through it at times.

But! This episode really was a great reminder of why I’ve stuck with the show with one glaring exception which I’m still salty about but not at all surprised by, and I *really* hope that they’re not going to treat it as a one and done.

Like in season one no matter what else was going on in the episodes, time was spent on building Jamie and Claire’s relationship before they got together and then time was spent figuring out what kind of couple they were going to be. *pretends the search doesn’t exist* Season two started with them dealing with Jamie’s rape, which it should have, but then when they came back together it was for like *a minute* before they basically then just started fighting over “saving” Frank. And then they lost Faith but the show skipped over them coming back together after that. Like suddenly they were just all ok and happy again, but literally for only one scene before going off to war. The investment in their relationship was put on the back burner and I think the show suffered because of it.

So now they’re *finally* back together and I *really* hope that this episode is just the jumping off point for showing them rebuilding their life together. Yes, I’m very much aware that they can’t spend every episode in a room together in various stages of undress. I’m not asking for that. I’m just hoping that the show goes back to the way they did things in season one. Where yes, stuff is happening and shenanigans ensue, but their relationship is still regularly given the attention it needs.

Anywho, that got longer than I meant it to… Sorry… Rambling nonsense and pterodactyl screeches are under the cut.

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Anyways now that my moment of stupidity is out of the way, I am SO ON BOARD for multilingual Battle Buddies. Deal with some new mob trying to muscle in on FAHC territory? Geoff's just standing there trying not to show how damn confused he is while the other is speaking what sounds like gibberish, and then Lil J (only there for muscle) suddenly smoothly steps into the conversation and manages to convince the new gang that the fakes own all los santos and always get a take of whatever others pull.

YES MULTILINGUALISM IS MY SHIT EDGAR IT IS MY  S H I T. Jeremy just stepping up to speak to the new Russian mob in town, Ryan smoothly charming the owners of the new Mexican restaurant nearby (scoring both a place to come after a heist when they’re bloody and beat up, needing people to not ask questions and free tamales on their birthdays.) 

ALSO. ALSO. The Battle Buddies conversing in a mix of languages - Ryan asks something in German, Jeremy replies in Polish; Ryan signing a question from across the room and Jeremy responding in Morse code because he’s a tricky bastard like that and why couldn’t you just nod when I asked you if you wanted another drink. I’m so fucking here for multilingual Battle Buddies I am  s o  fucking here. 

The notoriously difficult phonology of the Polish language has always caused much trouble and confusion for neighbouring nations. But what are the absolute hardest words?

Germans look at Polish and see incomprehensible series of consonants. While to the east, Polish sounds so strange to Russians that they even have a verb for Poles speaking their language: pshekat. To top it off, Czechs think Poles sound like Czech children with a speech defect.

The most troublesome feature of Polish orthography is what linguists call complex consonant clusters ‒  series of consonants without any vowels. They occur in many languages, including English; for example, in the word ‘shrug’ the letters shr form a consonant cluster. But while English usually draws the line at three consonants, Polish sometimes joins as many as five consonants, a phenomenon called the Polish syllable structure, which is allegedly surpassed only by Georgian in terms of complexity.

Here are some outstandingly difficult examples of this damning syllable structure for you to have a crack at. Good luck!

1. Żółć

This word is comprised purely of Polish letters ‒ Latin letters that were modified with Polish diacritic signs. In terms of pronunciation, English-speakers still stand a chance, but they would need to know the sound every letter stands for… (Incidentally, this all-Polish word means ‘bile’. Could the choleric Polish temperament result from their impossible language?)

2. Szczęście

If you think happiness is hard to find, try pronouncing it in Polish! The Polish word for ‘happiness’ consists of a sequence of two Polish digraphs (sz, cz), a nasal e sound, the Polish diacritic ś, another digraph (ci), and a final e (which is probably the only sound you’ll be able to pronounce on your first go).

3. Pszczyna

With a name like this, this town in Southern Poland certainly stands out on the map. But despite looking rather daunting, Pszczyna features only three consonants one after the other (the digraphs sz and cz stand for one sound each). But we’re just getting started in terms of difficulty…

4. Następstw

The final letter sequence in the Polish word for ‘consequence’ features a headache-inducing cluster of four consonants, but don’t worry. You’re not likely to encounter ‘następstw’ too often since it is the genitive plural (and thus not infrequently used) form of the word ‘następstwo’. What’s genitive plural, you ask? In Polish, words like adjectives and nouns have six or seven versions depending on their grammatical function in a sentence. But never mind that now.

5. Źdźbło

We’re sorry. We know ‘źdźbło’ looks really awful. But no worries, it’s actually only four sounds, not five: Ź, DŹ, B, Ł. Surely, that’s slightly helpful news? Either way, this terribly difficult word means ‘a tiny leaf of grass’.  

6. Bezwzględny

Here we have five consonants AND five sounds to be pronounced. Fittingly, it means ‘ruthless’.

7. Szymankowszczyzna

Now that you’re an expert, the name of this small village shouldn’t pose too much difficulty (the longest consonant cluster is a mere three consonants long). You will be reassured to learn that it is one the longest place names in Poland and most places you’ll visit are actually easier to pronounce.

8. Szczebrzeszyn

Another town, Szczebrzeszyn is famous for being the beginning of the most famous Polish tongue-twister. Ready?

W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie

It means ‘In Szczebrzeszyn, a beetle buzzes in the reed’. No? Try again!

9. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz :)

This name appears in the cult Polish movie How I Unleashed World War II when a Polish prisoner pretends to be thus named in order to thwart the Nazi officer who has to keep track of prisoners’ identities. His reaction is probably illustrative of most foreigners’ frustration with the devilish Polish phonology.

BONUS: Try putting them all together! Apologies in advance..

The ruthless Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz went from Szczebrzeszyn to Szymankowszczyzna and then Pszczyna. And though he was sometimes overwhelmed with bile, oblivious of the consequences, he eventually found happiness in a tiny leaf of grass.


Bezwzględny Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz wyruszył ze Szczebrzeszyna przez Szymankowszczyznę do Pszczyny. I choć nieraz zalewała go żółć, niepomny następstw znalazł ostatecznie szczęście w źdźble trawy.


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What languages do *you* speak?

Almost none! I’m learning a bunch (German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Romanian, Welsh, Polish, American Sign Language), but I wouldn’t claim to speak any of them. Except maybe German, but even that I understand more than I can communicate. And sign language. I do fairly well with that.