polish should be new tumblr trend

Can’t always walk straight on the road towards the goal
The soul brings gifts then the idea of the goal changes
Diamonds underneath soil shinning cause of like minerals
Therefore a regular soldier should always have faith after battle he may become general
The old you never dies it just strives for better
A polished man to put his head high again
Knowledge of self cause after trends society might tell him bye again
Real life iron man
Real life diamond man
If they aren’t looking it’s probably cause of how bright your shining then

Jumped of the ship cause the ocean wanted to talk to me
Piggy backed on a whale
A better way to sail
I’m not afraid of hell
Been through so many dark alleys and valleys in fact I think I know it well
God’s Peace
In panic I feel a certain calm
Like everything’s gonna be fine just have to give it time
Or everything’s gonna be fine soon as I say it’s fine
And well everything’s fine cause the decisions mine
God’s Love
The best drug you could think of
The greatest conversational topic that you could bring up
The whale found me crazy but saw the hope in my eyes
Told me it was my faith in love that made it give me a ride
With a couple of words from the tide
I learned and took it in stride
I almost drowned in the ocean
But I most definitely died