polish shelf

I’ve been painting my nails with this color a lot lately, and I just realized it’s tumblr blue. So the poison has finally reached my brain.

He Doesn't Get the Girl

He doesn’t get the girl, because she isn’t something you can get.

One “gets” possessions, and she isn’t that.  

She isn’t a prize.

She isn’t something you can win.

She isn’t a trophy you can put on a shelf and polish.

She isn’t a reward for doing something right.  

She isn’t an object you can own.

She isn’t yours.

She’s her own.

She’s a person. Flesh and blood. Teeth and bone. Fear and love and happiness and hate. She’s fire and hail. She’s a blizzard, a hurricane. Something you can’t catch, something you can’t tame.  

He doesn’t get the girl.

She gets herself.

She’s her own.

And nothing – not a ring on her finger or a chain around her neck – makes her yours.


I’m finally getting the last heavy-duty moving-and-decorating things done this weekend! Yesterday the shelves in the bedroom were hung up, including my nail polish shelf (topped off with my lovely commission by @maria-tries of Clint and Natasha painting their nails).

The gallery wall looks really fancy and adult, but nearly half of it is some kind of fandom reference. (And yeah, some of the frames don’t have art in them yet and the blue one is gonna be swapped out, it’s still a work in progress.)

There’s a tiny loki in a frame, from the time my friends pranked me and I came home to find  the place COVERED in Loki. On the walls, in the shower, in the fridge, hidden between my clothes, in my sock drawer… I found some Lokis like four months later between my summer clothes.

A pizza dog frame with all the Clint and Kate symbols. My commissions from @dr-kara (Phil and Clint being schmoopy on a date) and @notallbees (Bucky and Nat knitting).

And of course the ‘that sounds totally gator toes’ artwork I made in honour of @essieincinci‘s Chubby College Bucky x Cap AU.