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Name: Brie
Nickname: B, chimpmink/chippy (from a dear friend rip <3)
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Gemini
Sexual Orientation: Pan/Demi/Gray-ace
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 
Favorite Color: Green, blue, purple
Favorite Animal: Cats
Time Right Now: ~ 6:11pm
Average Hrs Of Sleep: Around 5/6hrs
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Favorite Fictional Characters: Atm Victor Aldertree, Simon Lewis, Maia Roberts.i
Favorite Band\Singer: Don’t have a fave atm
Dream Trip: NYC, London England.
Dream Job: Screen writer 
Current Number Of Followers: 5.5k+

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Over 200 Polish fans can’t be wrong! By organizing an event that brought to you a special birthday card is made from our faces! We wanted to show you, how much we love you and this is our way to say happy birthday and thank you for bringing awesome Stay metal.



The 3rd Nationwide Meeting of Polish Shadowhunters took place on August 28th. There were 150 fans of Cassandra Clare’s books. Here is a special video for our favourite author!