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SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 22 - Favourite Tapu guardian: Tapu Fini

Oookay, who still remembers this thing because I almost didn’t. I haven’t been working on the Pokeddex challenge for months because I had other things to do but also because this Pokemon. Tapu Fini, not an easy one at all. I don’t aim for the same level of realism and polish with this challenge as I do with my other Pokemon illustrations but I still wanted to think of Tapu Fini as an actual creature. Humanoids are difficult and (partially) artificial Pokemon ad well but when a Pokemon has both factors…well, can’t do but sit down and start thinking.

The Tapu are a very unique and cool bunch and I really like them, as designs and for the lore. I’m not sure if trying to make realistic versions of them is a good idea because I learned how easily the unique feel the Tapu have can be lost. But I took the challenge anyway because that’s what I do. I ended up going for a frilled shark combined with horseshoe crab and the obligatory swordfish. I’m quite pleased with the result actually, I managed to do the frilly, graceful look with the shark and a shell that feels like a part of the creature which were my aims.

small-dragon  asked:

Your art style is honestly such a big inspiration to me it's so beautiful and well put together and it always has this ethereal presence to it What would you say are your biggest inspirations?

Hello there! 

I’ll try and keep this as non meandering as possible….

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I admire a lot of old fine art. I think I actually look at more traditional art than digital these days. I’ll try and keep away from specific artists here but I am regularly looking at a lot of what would be considered masters painters pretty regularly. It’s definitely informed my recent work. I’m not interested in a synthetic kind of hyper, high polish realism thing  any more really. I want a realism, but not that doll vibe a lot of my work once had. 

I actually love fashion photography as well, there’s a lot of great staging, lighting and costuming in the editorial stuff. That industry can get quite inventive with themes, fantastically so. I’m also really into symbolism/occult and hidden things so I indulge that when I paint too.

Content wise, I suppose I have always been into the darker, romantic side of anything. I listen to a lot of heavier metal. In fact, I’d say I love that stuff almost as much as visual art, it probably plays quite a significant role in the tone of my work actually. When I think about it, I feel it’s definitely  worth mentioning here.

Sorry I didn’t get too specific, but hopefully you get the idea of what generally  goes into my inspiration pot. I should have just linked you to my Pinterest thinking about it. A more eloquent overview I’d say lol.

Thanks for the ask <3

I was trying to think of a way to show my appreciation for the crazy amazing amount of messages, comments, kudos, and support you guys give me, so I figured doodling Claudia with a big bowl of her famous macaroni and cheese (with sausage) was a good way to go… SO HERE, HAVE A CLAUDIA! There isn’t a day I don’t think about how lucky I am to have so much feedback on Home and now Raising Home, so THANK YOU for being there for me!! :)