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SUNMOON POKEDDEX CHALLENGE DAY 22 - Favourite Tapu guardian: Tapu Fini

Oookay, who still remembers this thing because I almost didn’t. I haven’t been working on the Pokeddex challenge for months because I had other things to do but also because this Pokemon. Tapu Fini, not an easy one at all. I don’t aim for the same level of realism and polish with this challenge as I do with my other Pokemon illustrations but I still wanted to think of Tapu Fini as an actual creature. Humanoids are difficult and (partially) artificial Pokemon ad well but when a Pokemon has both factors…well, can’t do but sit down and start thinking.

The Tapu are a very unique and cool bunch and I really like them, as designs and for the lore. I’m not sure if trying to make realistic versions of them is a good idea because I learned how easily the unique feel the Tapu have can be lost. But I took the challenge anyway because that’s what I do. I ended up going for a frilled shark combined with horseshoe crab and the obligatory swordfish. I’m quite pleased with the result actually, I managed to do the frilly, graceful look with the shark and a shell that feels like a part of the creature which were my aims.

I was trying to think of a way to show my appreciation for the crazy amazing amount of messages, comments, kudos, and support you guys give me, so I figured doodling Claudia with a big bowl of her famous macaroni and cheese (with sausage) was a good way to go… SO HERE, HAVE A CLAUDIA! There isn’t a day I don’t think about how lucky I am to have so much feedback on Home and now Raising Home, so THANK YOU for being there for me!! :)