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I thought maybe this will cheer you up: In Polish edition of GBBO, during bread week, one of the contestant had this to say on her bread dough: "My method is, the consistency of the dough should be like a boob."

thank u for thinking of me. doughy boobs are great

I bought some BOGO polish like a week ago, and they arrived here Thursday with two of them shattered and polish everywhere, which is super upsetting, yes? I called the company and sent pictures of what had happened, and not only did they replace the two broken bottles, they also replaced the THREE that were covered in polish (which I had already cleaned, btw), AND they rushed them to me. I got 5 bottles of polish in a day and a half, for free, because two bottles broke.

This feels like cheating tbh. Like I almost feel bad.

James Potter: seventeen, hair got struck by lightning at age four and hasn’t sat down since, knuckles that jut out, holds his wand between his teeth to impress girls- to impress the girl, doesn’t own one pair of matching socks, the kind of attractive that fills the ribs, fills the shoulder blades, fills the heart, Sirius painted his nails once and he kept the polish on all week, sees the girl before registering anyone else in the room, young organs pumping young blood, wired to himself, to his boys, to the girl, can tell what you’re about to say before you say it, he’s just sort of like that, has a habit of leaning arms on peoples shoulders, starts the trust fall before anyone realises they’re  meant to be catching him

Sirius Black: seventeen, eats whipped cream by the fork full, rolls up the sleeves of his robes, begins most conversations with: you absolute fuck, column of his throat running down the neck like water, leaves his text books all over school, made of gut feeling, of instinct, of starting before you know how to finish, a part of him still stuck in that house, with the door slamming, with his mother yelling, with the world ending,  he is the bomb going off in the swimming pool, he has probably made a bomb go off in the swimming pool, smoking just outside the door- look- you can see the smoke, you can see the shaking hands.

Remus Lupin: seventeen,  jumpy, long eyelashes, the sullen quiet of fog in winter, scars up the arms, round the neck, across the chest, eyes that stare as if they are waiting for permission, plays the same records until he’s mouthing the words in his sleep, gives out flowers for gifts, sarcasm that could stop the heart, soft, like the skin above your collar bone, like stained glass windows with light through them, like seeing a star in a textbook, knowing that  something that good is out there even if it is far away, often has wind billowing through his baggy t-shirts, pulls out his bottom lip when thinking, at night wakes up sweating, dreaming of blood in his mouth, the kind you get when you rip an arm off, when you lick the bone clean.


Peter Pettigrew: seventeen, socks right to the knee, eating an ice cream, has a sore neck from always looking up, raw fingernails- bitten to the cuticles, full of fear, oozing fear, could fill cathedrals with this fear, burns books for no reason, unmade bed, the flush of a cheek that is bloated, a mound of blood, sits on the floor because there is no room at the table, counts on his fingers, pulled a muscle when walking up the fourth staircase, shuts his eyes, opens them, realises he is still in his own skin, pale, a stick of white, unassuming, like flowers, or the moment the ground gives way, all at once, as if it was going to all along


PINK AGATE -#2 in the “Get Stoned” series part #4 - P.O.T.W. - CULT COSMETICS - LAGUNA

  • Cult Cosmetics - laguna
  • Essie - mod square + tart deco
  • Revlon - expresso
  • O.P.I. - casino royale + y'all come back now ya hear?
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • Wet n Wild - 2% milk
  • Sinful Colors - skylark

This is the first look using Cult Cosmetics - laguna. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.


boutaynaphotos is now lechiffrehuit (meaning the number eight in french), i will now TAG each one of my picture with the number in the bottom right corner.

Anja Rubik after Elie Saab FW15 in Paris.

Credits : lechiffrehuit


WILD MOSS - P.O.T.W. - Sally Hansen - Bubblegum Pink

* inspired by this awesome print by Ernst Haeckel  ”Plate 72: Muscinae” (1904), from the German Art movement Kuntsformmen Der Nature**

  • Sally Hansen - bubblegum pink + breezy blue + mint sorbet + white on + black out
  • Essie - go overboard + sew psyched
  • Love & Beauty - Red 
  • O.P.I. - jade is the new black + funky dunky
  • N.O.P.I. - hit the lights
  • L’Oreal - tangerine crush
  • Sinful Colors - mint apple

This is the last look featuring Sally Hansen - bubblegum pink. Visit the CHALLENGES -> P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.


Day 7: AU (is crack even sufficiently considered an AU)

Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural.

so i doodled plenty of my ideas for gigolas week the past few days and never got any time to polish them past the sketchy pencil stage. so of course the scenario I get to finish first is a crack au where gimli turns into a cat, because why not.

let’s chalk it up to magic gone awry (or gandalf following up on that turning people into something unnatural– he was feeling especially cranky that day and gimli was being difficult in particular. this put in mind a certain other stubborn dwarf nobility whom gandalf travelled with in another quest decades ago. he allowed himself a moment of bittersweet nostalgia before promptly getting over it by becoming so annoyed. because dwarves.)

or any other scenario, really. my thought process basically boiled down to wanting to draw gimli as a cat. he would be one of those scruffy, so ugly-it’s-cute types with a perpetual grumpy face. legolas would fawn over him like the big girl that he is.