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“Isn’t it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities.”
- Rose Quartz “Lion 3: Straight to Video”

It’s time for my favourite photo just in time for next Steven Bomb!

Photo: Mesarthim Photo & Retouch​
Rose Quartz: me
Help: Ravika’s STUFF & THINGS​, Endzii Rawr Cosplay​, Mateusz Fu​, Anna Fu​

Polish Moms
  • *when you eat enough food to feed 3 elephants*
  • Mom: Why do you eat so much! You eat too much, there won't be enough for everybody else! Stop eating so much! Kurwa, you eat like an obese man who hasn't eaten in 3 days. Jezus Maria...
  • *when you don't eat much/at all*
  • Mom: Are you sick? Are you trying to be anorexic? What's wrong? Why won't you eat? Eat some more! You'll feel better! Why aren't you eating my food? You're so rude, you have to eat. If you don't, you'll die!!

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You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay? Tbh I can see both Stiles and Derek being stress bakers haha

So, usually, I’d have Stiles be the stress baker, but I decided to mix it up this time. And who doesn’t love shy baker Derek? Also on ao3!

When Stiles moved into his little Brooklyn apartment after getting accepted into Columbia University, his new neighbor was nice enough to bring over a batch of cupcakes to welcome him to the building.

Moving across the country from a sleepy little town in northern California to the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps had been unexpectedly stressful. Stiles had never been away from his dad for so long and the vast distance was certainly putting a strain on him.

The jet lag had him feeling constantly exhausted and nauseous, even unable to sleep, lasting longer than he had anticipated. And the last thing he needed was yet another thing contributing to his insomnia, already needing two sleeping pills and his favorite pillow to be able to fall asleep.

All of that was in addition to the stress of having to dive headfirst into attending an Ivy League school where he would have to maintain a spotless GPA in order to keep his scholarship. It wasn’t achieving the good grades that bothered him, it was the suffocating pressure that accompanied achieving those grades, the mere thought of possibly disappointing his dad enough to make him think about just run away.

He was in the throes of yet another round of self-doubt when a gentle knock sounded on his door, interrupting what was sure to become a panic attack. Scrubbing a hand over his face as he shook himself out of his haze, Stiles had stood from his seat on the couch and jogged to the door, calling out, “Give me a sec!”

Praying it wasn’t the crazy old landlord demanding more money or his elderly neighbor who screamed bloody murder if he so much as sneezed a little too loud. It wasn’t. Instead of a grumpy man with his hand out or an angry little old lady, the most gorgeous person Stiles had ever seen had been standing in his doorway.

He was holding a tray of cupcakes in his hands and while any other time Stiles would have been captivated by the sight of detectable desserts, he was much more mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful man standing in his doorway. Because people who looked like the man in front of him didn’t just knock on his door out of the blue. It immediately had him thinking that New York City might not be so bad after all.

Whoever the hell he was, he had the smile of an angel, with bright white bunny teeth and the most kissable lips Stiles had ever seen, and all the dark features of a handsome devil. His hair was pitch black along with his thick stubble, a beautiful contrast to the swarthy tone of his skin and the light green in his hazel eyes.

And as much as Stiles wanted to take a bite of him instead of his cupcakes, he hadn’t eaten all and his stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly. He could feel his face warm at the embarrassing sound, Handsome Stranger chuckling deeply and joking, “Guess I picked the perfect time to bring these over.”

Laughing nervously, Stiles had agreed and introduced himself to the man who turned out to be his next door neighbor, inviting him in to sit for a little. Over cups of coffee and the most delicious French vanilla cupcakes Stiles had ever tasted, his neighbor introduced himself as Derek Hale, explaining that he baked whenever he was stressed and figured that since he had already made some cupcakes he should bring them over to welcome Stiles to the apartment building.

It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for Stiles and after the first time, it sort of became a thing. Whenever Derek ended up baking too much when he was stressed, he would bring some over for Stiles, either knocking on his door or leaving him a plate in the hallway.

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In an Animated Kyuranger Rebooted Adaptation...

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger. I love you. You know that. I’ve dedicated half my fangirl life right now for you.I think you’re original, you broke many sentai tropes, your characters are fabulous, and honestly, your soundtrack is freaking A+. 

 Let’s talk under this cut, warning, some Kyu negativity, and criticism because unlike half the haters out there I do consider the fans who might like the show and want to hear none of the criticisms.

Basically what I’d do if I were given a hand on rebooting Kyuranger or be given a chance to create a hypothetical animated adaptation based on some criticism I had in mind

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You speak a different language - RIVERDALE SERIES

A/N: I’m reposting this on my new blog because I just realized that I was too anxious to come back for this and that’s just stupid.

This is not assigned for a one person. I might do more of this in a different language. 

English is not my first langage as you propably know by now. I’m still learning.

• First of all, he’s in shock because English is not your first language.
• Making fun of him and speaking in polish because he can’t understand shit.
• He's easily getting frustrated. 
• He secretly loves it when you talk in a different language because he sees how your tongue works when you use difficult words.
• Teaching him simple words like ‘Kocham Cię’ which means ’I love you
• He’s so proud of himself when he remembers how to say it.
• He says that one word to everyone around, showing what you teach him.
• Making ’Kocham Cię’ your thing. Saying it always before his match or before you go to different classes or when he finally leave your home in the morning or when you’re cuddling with him in his bed after a long day. 
• You’re talking with your mom in polish so he can’t understand a thing. Telling her how he’s the one for you. 
• Whispering things in his ear while he’s sleeping telling him how cute he is or how bad you want to marry him in the future.
• He’s getting mad at you because he doesn’t understand anything then he’s asking you to translate.
• You’re too embarrassed to tell him everything you’d say.
• “Chcę mieć z Tobą dzieci” you blurt out while watching TV with your parents and he’ll be like “what? What did you just say?” He looks at you scrunching his eyebrows. “She just tells you that she wants to have your babies,” your mom tells him because how long can you keep that boy in the dark.
• Play fighting with him and when you accidentally hurt yourself you are instantly cursing in polish language.
• Making him be like “babe. Teach me that word, it sounds amazing. 
• Every morning he wakes you up with a message written in half polish/English because that literally can make your day be 1000% better and he will do anything to make his baby happy.
• You make him taste original polish food.
• That time when you had to leave the country for two months because you had some family issues in Poland.
• He’s at your house everyday because your parents are teaching him Polish while you’re not around. 
• Him being a pro after 2 months
• Your parents and him keeping it in a secret 
• “This is so embarrassing I’m gonna die”
• “Mom!! Why did you do it ???!”
• “He wasn’t supposed to know that I want to marry him!!!”
• Lying in bed together and planning your future and that you want to raise your kids in two languages.
• “It’s so sexy when you speak in my language.”
• Your grandparents telling him “Powinieneś ożenić się z naszą wnuczką” (you should marry our granddaughter) and he just straight answer them “Wiem, na pewno to zrobię” (I know I’m gonna do it soon)
• Going on a vacation together and you’re visiting Poland.
• He’s asking you to marry him when you least expecting it 
• Asking your parents for a permission first which they gladly give him.
• This leaves you both for wedding preparations. 


Have a couple of old-ish sketches while I’m on a temporary hiatus. AU in which Carmilla Karnstein is a Shoot love child; here you can see Carm’s tiny gay nerd of a girlfriend get along with Root. 

A Performance For The Cowards, Chapter Six (final)

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Summary: Roman is braver than ever. He’s showed up all of the ghosts of his past, he’s in college, he’s making solid friendships, and everything seems perfect.

But when a bully from Roman’s past comes back, his mom shares some heartbreaking news, and Roman’s grades begin slipping down the toilet, Roman feels like maybe he isn’t brave at all; maybe he’s just a fraud.

Word Count: 2,343

Fic Type: pt. 6 of A Performance For The Cowards, part of the Human!Sides verse

Warnings: Violence, Bullying, Underage Drinking

Pairings: No Romantic Relationships

Notes: We’ve reached the end, y’all. 

Tag List: (to be removed or added, message me! I also have several tag lists, so if I mixed you up and tagged you in this by accident- I’m really sorry. :/)  @wilsonprs @abstractedthinking @future-watcher @milk-withtwosugars @vladimeme @the-sanders-sides  @choco-latte-timtams @overly-analogical @parkersanders @mydogsaresofuckingstupid @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet @cattonsanders @wentzdayz @fandomsandanythingelse @soft-blue-badger @angsty-anxxiety @here-to-vent @thelogicalloganipus @blogfamousbouquetzombie @sandersidesfamily @pantasticpanini @cinquefoilelove @loganfreaksout  @lollingtothemax 

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Robert Pattinson at Good Morning America with Michael Strahan

Aug 11 2017

  • On how he mastered his Queens accent including his visit to a tattoo parlour to polish his accent *his mom could do accents well too!
  • Hiding in trunks to avoid being followed with his assistant.
  • His search of Hot Dog short was written in 10 minutes in the back of an Uber

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Hi, it's late and I'm sad but I was wondering if you could write me a happy, fluffy sterek with pack mom stiles? It's totally okay if you don't have time but it would make my day. Thank you! Love you writings by the way

I’m sorry you’re feeling sad, Mel. Here is some fluffy Sterek/pack mom Stiles for you. I am kinda sleepy, so I hope it’s alright (not sure it’s up to my usual standards, sorry!) I was going to have it be a secret relationship reveal at the end, but I switched directions last minute. I hope you like it, hon! If you need to talk, I’ll make some time for you *hugs*

[Disclaimer: I know some people have issues with the pack mom Stiles thing, but honestly, he has a lot of practice taking care of people, and all the rest of them desperately need to be taken care of, so I  think it fits.]


Stiles poured four cups of coffee and put the kettle on for tea as the toaster dinged. He deftly swiped the four finished slices out of the slots and dropped four more in their place; werewolves ate a lot, and breakfast is important.

Sipping from his own mug, he slathered butter and jam on each of the slices of toast, and shook the sausage sizzling on the stove, enjoying the soft popping sounds that broke the otherwise silent morning.

Looking out the window and drinking his coffee, he takes a moment to appreciate the gentle way that morning breaks through the woods surrounding the pack house. Golden light filtering through the leaves, shining through the kitchen window and casting glowing, warm light across the countertops, making the hardwood floors gleam. He takes a moment to take in the extremely rare silence in the house. Now that everyone is home from college for the summer, quiet times were rare indeed.

His reverie is broken by the loud clamoring of three sets of feet bounding down the stairs, followed by another, more sedate set of steps. He quickly plates breakfast and adds hot water to a waiting mug. A moment later, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd are shuffling into the kitchen in their typical zombie-like morning state of half awakeness.

“Ohmygod, coffee! Stiles, you’re my favorite human,” Erica half squeals half mumbles as she gratefully grabs the mug Stiles offers her.

He grins and hands her a plate, “There’s toast and sausage, too.” his grin widens when she kisses his cheek and mutters :I love you”  into his hair. “Love you, too, Er.”

Boyd follows her, smiling sleepily but fondly at Erica. He takes the plate and tea that Stiles hands him with a polite, “Thanks, man,” and a friendly ruffle of his hair.

“No problem,” Stiles replies, holding back a smile at the brotherly gesture.

Isaac, the grumpiest of the bunch in the mornings says nothing when he gets his breakfast, but he half smiles and places a mockingly loud kiss on Stiles’ cheek. Stiles rolls his eyes, but laughs anyway, playfully slapping Isaac’s butt as he walks away. “You guys are useless in the mornings, you know that? What would you do without me?”

“I hope we never have to figure that out,” Derek says, chuckling lightly from the doorway, and Stiles turns toward the low rumble of his sleep rough voice. He feels a warm rush at the sight of Derek still sleep rumpled and soft, his dark hair sticking up at funny angles, soft lines etched on his face from his pillow, and an even softer smile just for Stiles.

Stiles holds out a plate and steamy hot mug in Derek’s direction, “Breakfast, big guy?” Derek walks toward him and takes them both, placing a gentle kiss at the corner of Stiles’ mouth.

“Thanks, babe,” he says against Stiles’ lips.

The moment is broken once again by a catcall and a grumbled “Gross,” from the kitchen table. Stiles and Derek share a laugh. “Ingrates,” Stiles growls in the direction of the pack, but then his lips are captured in a kiss again, and he can’t be bothered to be annoyed by his ridiculous friends.

if love be rough

A phone number scrawled on a bathroom wall. A painful breakup. A sorority and fraternity, both alike in dignity…

“Well, that’s the last of it,” Silvestro Capulet said, patting his daughter’s floral duvet with a restrained sort of melancholy.

Rosaline wiped her forehead. He hadn’t done a bit of heavy lifting—his back, he’d murmured, fingers ghosting over the afflicted area—but he had helped, after a fashion.

“Do you suppose they’ll be back soon?” he asked, looking around as if the question might make his daughter materialize.

Years of groundings kept her from rolling her eyes. Juliet had disappeared almost immediately, gallivanting around campus in some sort of roommate bonding ritual. Her mother had lasted a while longer, buoyed by the task of bossing them around, before she, too, disappeared to “see what they’ve done with the place.”

“I wouldn’t count on it.”

“Ah.” Her uncle looked around the tiny room, rubbing his hands on his trousers. “Well, this is goodbye then.” He patted her awkwardly on the shoulder. “We’ll see you for Christmas, Rosaline. Tell Livia. She’s invited, too.”

She forced a smile. “I’ll tell Juliet you said goodbye.”

He looked surprised. “Good. Thank you. And she’s welcome home anytime. She knows that.” Nodding to himself, he strode out of the room.

“And goodbye to you too,” Rosaline muttered.

She lay across the bed, fingers ruffling the lace accents that were so perfectly Juliet. The popcorn ceiling glittered faintly, like the nail polish her mom had splurged on for Livia’s first day of middle school. How many girls had made their mark upon this tiny room in Capulet House? Had her aunt? Her mother?


Her heart leapt in her chest. Pushing off the bed, she paused to take in warm eyes, full lips, the crisp collar that emphasized his jaw before she threw herself into her boyfriend’s arms.

“When did you get home?”

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Bilingual!Stiles Teen Wolf AU

Just imagine it: 

  • Stiles loving the Polish name his mother gave him, but because it’s too hard for everyone to try and pronounce, he lets everyone call him Stiles.
  • 5 year old Scott and Stiles meeting for the first time at the sandbox. Instead of responding normally to Scott’s “Hello!”, he smiles back and yells “Cześć!
  • Claudia calling Stiles her “słoneczko” because he would always brighten her day.
  • Stiles only speaking in Polish to everyone but Scott for months after his mom dies.
  • Because Claudia spoke tons of Polish while she was alive, Stiles keeps up on his Polish so that he can always remember her.
  • Scott staring at Stiles more strangely than usual when his sarcastic statement involves several Polish jokes that he doesn’t understand 
  • The first time Stiles says “I love you” in a relationship, it slips out in Polish and his cheeks burn slightly as he remembers that only he knows what he’s saying
  • Every time Stiles is frustrated or starts ranting, Scott or the pack have to remind him to speak English because he’ll start ranting in Polish
  • Stiles screaming Polish obscenities whenever he gets scared or angry or aroused (wink, wink)
  • Stiles calling Liam a “little chuchro” because “little runt” is getting too repetitive 
  • Being surprised when Lydia starts speaking Polish back because, hey, if Archaic Latin is easy to learn, then so is Polish.
  • Calling his girlfriend/boyfriend “kochanie” or “my aniolku
  • Stiles’ children speaking Polish to their grandpa Stilinski and him conversing in return with what little phrases from his marriage he can remember
So, it's been almost a year since I was diagnosed with EDS

On 1st February 2016 , I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

I cried, relief… someone was actually listening to me and actually believed me. I cried all the way home and all night, I was happy. I wasn’t making things up

I’ve had the stretchy skin and fatigue and stuff all my life but we are polish, so my polish side of the family don’t believe in going to the docs and stuff ( luckily my mom does, she is from Liverpool) and my polish grandma ( my dads mom) outright said my autism should be cured

The government and doctors don’t want to help either, been pressing for years on some stuff but they don’t seem to care but when I finally got this nice doctor… this happened
I don’t see that doctor much anymore, but he’s been trying to help push for certain stuff and it’s falling on deaf ears - nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to help

My EDS has got worse; my bones now dislocate and stuff and I have trouble sleeping
I had to push to get help because the doctors didn’t want to help me;
They at first also didn’t want to diagnose me with Autism at age 12 cause “ I talk too much”

My family are still learning about stuff, my mom still believes I do this shit for attention.
EDS and autism doesn’t have a cure.
EDS is a pain but I have to learn to live with it, but shoutout to my EDS for choosing 8th Jan, my 20th birthday this year as my first ever dislocation!

Im happy to learn I’m not alone and tbh, I’ve learnt more from people in tumblr’s Ehlers Danlos syndrome tag then I have in years from my doctors.
Please people, don’t give up. I know it’s hard, but we’ll get there

Will & Grace Should Perform for NBC, but Not All Revivals Are Created Equal
Buyers welcome that sitcom’s and American Idol’s return, but they are worried about Roseanne.

“Look, we’ve had fantasies about The West Wing and ER and some of the great NBC shows,” he said. “But they’re hard to do, especially if you can’t get the original creators and some of the cast. The X-Files is a rarity because [David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson] wanted to come back and do it again. It’s hard to recapture that. I developed that show, so I know how tricky that was to do.”

As does X-Files creator Chris Carter.

“I think reboots are a dangerous thing,” Carter told Adweek last year. “I call it programming by feather duster. You dust off an old title and see if it flies; there must be some audience out there for it. I hate that idea, and I didn’t want this to be that. You can’t just come back and give it a lick and a polish, as my mom used to say. You’ve got to give people fresh, original material.”