polish hammer

On 21st March 1991, 6 year old Shenosha Richards was kidnapped by a neighbouring couple and was subjected to horrific torture and sexual assault before being murdered.

While Shenosha was playing outside, 19 year old Latasha Pulliam and boyfriend Dwight Jordan approached the little girl with snacks and promised her a fun day out. Placing her trust in the two adults, she went compliantly with Pulliam and Jordan back to their apartment nearby. Once there, that trust was destroyed and instead Shenosha endured hours of torment before her death. She was led into the bedroom by Jordan as Pulliam remained in the kitchen to take cocaine. When she then joined her boyfriend in the bedroom, the young girl was already crying with her pants removed. It was at this point that the pair utilised both a bottle of shoe polish and a hammer handle to sexually assault an infant. As well as violating her vaginally, they also sodomised her. After this vile ordeal, Pulliam severely beat and used a cord to strangle Shenosha in an attempt to quieten her. It is heartbreaking that, at just 6 years old, Shenosha was so terrified that she began to plead with her attackers and promised she would not tell anybody if they let her go. However, she was ignored and placed inside a closet whilst the couple responded to somebody knocking at the apartment door. When they returned back, Shenosha was unresponsive yet still alive. It was here that the same hammer was used to bludgeon her skull three or four times, which subsequently resulted in her death. She was then discarded like trash after they covered her in garbage to hide the body.

A medical examination carried out after Shenosha was found identified 42 injuries all over her body. Horrifically, she had suffered two puncture wounds to her chest which had damaged her lungs and a main artery, injuries to her vagina and anus, and lacerations so severe on her head that her skull had been penetrated completely. Described in court by a criminal psychologist as  “a female John Gacy” for receiving sexual satisfaction from the suffering of weaker individuals, Latasha Pulliam was sentenced by a separate jury and convicted of kidnapping, sexual assault and first degree murder. She was sentenced to the death penalty, although this has since been commuted to life imprisonment without parole. As Dwight Jordan had played a part in the kidnap and sexual assault of the little girl but not her murder, he was not eligible for the death penalty. He instead received a prison sentence.

Junkyard Witch

Making some dark woods your magical domain is all well and good, but you’re never gonna find anything cool except maybe some nice berries in there. Certainly not most of an engine or an old camera that almost works.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ][ | ][ | ] Junk Inventions – With access to random bits of junk you can create almost any kind of device very rapidly. The device will work perfectly well, far better than a cobbled-together machine should, but will break after a number of uses equal to the level of Junk Inventions.

[ ][ ][ ] Eat Garbage – You can eat spoiled food like it was regular food. At second level you can eat discarded inedible items too. At third level, three times per day, you can regain d6 health by eating garbage.

[ ] Eye of the Dumpster Diver - When presented with a pile of junk, by focusing you can immediately pick out which item will be the most useful, most valuable, or which is the closest to being in working order.

[ ][ | ][ | | ] Scrap Mettle – You can either wrap yourself in armour made of junk or cause shields of junk to orbit you. While Scrap Mettle is active, half the damage of attacks against you (rounded up). Scrap Mettle can take a number of hits equal to its level before being destroyed. You can only use Scrap Mettle  once per source of junk.

[ ][ | ][ | | ] Brick Tech – You can cause electrical or mechanical devices to break up to a range of 50 feet. Roll 1d6 per level of Brick Tech, and an additional d6 if you are touching the device, and sum the results. On a roll of 5, the device shorts and takes one round of maintenance to fix. On 6 or higher, the device takes d6 rounds of maintenance to fix. On 10 or higher, the device will take a whole day to fix. On a roll of 13 or higher, the device may never work again unless it is magical, in which case it will need at least d6 days of repairs. You can break the results of Junk Inventions at will.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ | ] Another Man’s Treasure – By carefully polishing, hammering, and/or duct taping, you can restore broken, soiled, or otherwise ruined objects to their former glory. One per day per item you may attend to a ruined object and roll 1d6 per level of Another Man’s Treasure. Once a cumulative result of 10 has been rolled, all cosmetic damage is removed and the object looks as good as new. Once a cumulative result of 25 has been reached, any mechanical faults are fixed and the object is restored to working order.

[ | ][ ][ ] Dump Portal – You gain access to an extradimensional junkyard that you can create a portal to. At first level the junkyard is 30 feet by 30 feet and the portal has a 5 foot radius. This expands to 50 feet by 50 feet and 10 foot radius at second level and 100 feet by 100 feet and a 15 foot radius at third level. The portal can only be placed beneath inanimate objects – creatures can travel through it but must jump or be pushed into the portal. Portals out of the junkyard appear at a set location chosen when this spell is first learned or at the last place a portal was created.

First Kiss

Sirius was tipsy, Remus thought as he led him away from the Potter’s elegant sitting room and the witches and wizards crowded there. There had been wine at dinner, and while Remus had had a small glass he would put money on Sirius having had at least two or three more since they ate.

“I’m pretty sure James would appreciate it if you didn’t get completely and utterly hammered at his parents party,” he said, listening to Sirius’ footsteps behind him as he led them down a long, polished corridor.

“I’m not hammered,” Sirius assured him.

When Remus slowed to glance over his shoulder Sirius manhandled him into
turning fully to face him, his hands clutching at his robe front before releasing it and letting one hand come to rest over his shoulder and sliding the other to rest above his heart. “Besides, I thought some liquid confidence was in order tonight.” As he spoke he let the hand on his chest drift briefly upwards and Remus felt the pad of his thumb brush lightly along his jaw before he slid his hand back down to his chest.

“You…” Remus swallowed thickly, acutely aware of Sirius’ all too casual, all too close proximity to him. “You already have an excess of confidence Sirius, I can’t imagine what you’d need more for.”

“Not sure I’d be able to do it otherwise.”

With Sirius’ arm still draped over his shoulder and his heart trying to beat right out of his chest, Remus hesitated to respond, breathing shallowly through parted lips. “Do what? I hardly think that -”

Something about the tiny straightening movement Sirius made, the twitch of the hand which had somehow almost ended up cupping the back of his hand, combined with the look in his eyes, made Remus’ breath catch. 

Sirius swept in and pressed their lips together before Remus could compose himself and get another word out. He brought a hand up to his neck even as he leaned back, looking stunned with himself, his eyes flicking to Remus’ lips before meeting and holding his gaze. Lashes fluttered shut as Sirius leaned slowly in and pressed a hesitant, feather light kiss to his lips again, pulling back just long enough to make eye contact before swooping in to kiss down his neck.

Shocked, Remus felt his eyes close as the whole world narrowed down to the
feeling of supple lips ghosting over his skin, making him shiver as Sirius mouthed at the curve of his neck with soft, wet noises.

It wasn’t until Sirius pulled away a few seconds later, his gaze intense beneath half lowered lashes as he brought his hands back to hang by his side, that Remus realised he hadn’t actually being responding. He moved clumsily forward to capture Sirius’ lips in a much rougher way than Sirius’ soft and gentle presses. Sirius himself seemed to take a few seconds to adjust, tensing up yet still kissing back, before his hands returned to rest just below Remus’ jawline.

Based on this beautiful scene from Dorien Gray, which if you haven’t seen this clip I strongly recommend you go and watch now.

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Do you know who actually painted the heraldry on shields and/or armor? (I'm not certain armor was painted for any reason other than to prevent rust, but I could be wrong.)

This turned into a far longer reply than you were probably expecting - or, knowing me, maybe not… :-) but I hope it helps answer the question!

“Who did the painting” is something I’d never thought about. @dduane is acquainted with Alastair Bruce, Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary at the College of Arms, who should know the proper answer. I’ll get her to ask and meanwhile, I’ll guesstimate.

As far as I know there wasn’t an official “Guild of Heraldic Painters”, though I could be wrong, there were guilds for so many things, and they may have had a less-obvious period name. It’s likely that anyone doing this sort of work would either consult with a professional herald or have access to a list of who was already using what symbols, patterns, colours etc., since getting your knuckles rapped in the Middle Ages could involve a big hammer.

A country knight probably gave the job to anyone good with a paintbrush – his priest, maybe, or the man who painted the local tavern sign – but great magnates like the Earl of Warwick, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of March and so on may have had an arts-and-crafts section. (Badges were embroidered and cast in metal as well as painted.) This section would maintain the accurate appearance of their principal “brand and logo” (Bear And Ragged Staff, White Boar, Sun In Splendour etc.) as worn on the livery of their retinue.

Warwick himself had an impressively elaborate coat of arms, reflecting a family history of marriages, alliances and titles, but as portrayed in the Rous Roll with his wife Anne Beauchamp, he’s using the much less complicated arms of the Earldom of Salisbury.

Heather Child (“Heraldic Design” © 1963), says that coat of arms were first used by the great nobility, but by the thirteenth century were commonly used by lesser nobility, knights and gentlemen. Less than a century later it had been established in law that no man could use another’s arms, while Royal command prohibited the wearing of arms without proper authority. Even then, it wasn’t until 1484 that Richard III established the College of Heralds.

In “The Complete Book of Heraldry” (© Anness Publishing Ltd 2002), Stephen Slater quotes the Anglo-Norman poet Robert Wace, who claimed that “at Hastings, the Normans had made cognizances is so that one Norman could recognise another.” I’m not so sure.

There’s no rhyme or reason to the shield crests in the Tapestry, which makes me think they were no more than patterns and images the wearer liked, rather than identification heraldry. Duke William famously had to raise or remove his helmet to counter a rumour he’d been killed (on the left, shown complete with the label “Hic est Dux Willem” - Here is Duke William.)

Once heraldry was established as a military and social skill, illustrations in manuscripts (here the German “Codex Manesse”, early 1300s) could look like this…

…and interested readers would have been expected to recognise each coat of arms, blazon them properly (i.e. describe them in correct technical language, so that anyone who had never seen a particular coat of arms would know exactly what it looked like) name every combatant in the picture and quite possibly give their tournament scores as well… 

Here’s an interesting detail from another illustration:

I’m guessing, but I think the paint used for the crests on shield and helmet contained real silver, which would have looked impressive when new but has tarnished down to grey. The smaller crests on surcoat and horse-caparison were just white paint, and have stayed that way.

Mail was essentially self-cleaning in use, since the rings scrubbed together as the wearer moved, but plate armour would indeed have been painted as rust protection as well as decoration. It was also painted with oil then heated, a process like seasoning a cast iron pan and creating the same sort of protective layer. Painting and “seasoning” was often done rough from the hammer, not polished smooth, since the “keyed” surface helped the oil or paint stick in place.

I’ve written already that the “knights in shining armour” concept was Victorian rather than mediaeval. Many armours displayed in museums are missing their engraved details because of overenthusiastic polishing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Period illustrations do show “white harness” as it was called (polishing gave idle squires something to keep them out of mischief)…

…but just as often plate armour is shown in shades of dark blue and even black, with painted highlights to show it was meant to be a polished surface.

This painting, from a box of wargaming figures, gives a modern version of what  the dark armour might have looked like. An army made up entirely of Darth Vaders.

Lion and Bunny

Reinhardt was in the living room polishing his hammer. It was the start of his mantitory weekend off. He was already bored of it all. Reinhardt was a doer so doing nothing was the worse thing for him. “Feh! Mandatory break. I have never heard such a thing. Why would anyone say no to a hard worker?” He was still talking to himself for a while.

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so okay listen to me sabriel au where sam works in a grocery store like maybe he's in college or something and it helps to pay the bills I don't know why he does it but he definitely works in a grocery store. and gabriel is a regular customer. sam has a lot of regular customers and he recognizes all of them but most of them buy normal things like bread and eggs and frozen chicken curries. NOT GABRIEL. gabriel is the one customer who just buys the strangest assortment of items, like he will (1/?)

show up at sam’s checkout counter with aluminum foil and nail polish remover and a hammer and 5 boxes of blueberries and sam is always just like ?????? in his head but outwardly he stays professional and just wishes gabriel a good day, like he’s supposed to. but he’s just so endlessly curious. and then one day he sees gabriel at somebody else’s checkout buying completely normal things, but then like 15 minutes later he’s at SAM’S checkout and he has pink sequins and cake frosting (2/?)

and an inflatable beach ball and a 10-pack of knee length brown socks and sam is like, alright dude, what’s going on here, why do you always come to my checkout with random items, I saw you a few minutes ago and gabriel is kind of blushing and shuffling around and he says, I was wondering how long it would take you to notice me because I wanted to talk to you but I’m really bad at starting conversations. and then sam is blushing too and he says he noticed gabriel right away because (3/?)

how could he not notice somebody that cute? and THEN the two of them make plans to go out that night, the date goes amazing because of course it does, and sam ends up going back to gabriel’s place and the two of them are just really getting into the moment and gabriel says he’ll go and get the lube so he gets up (naked at this point) and opens the closet door and ALL THIS STUFF, every single weird purchase gabriel has ever bought from sam, comes tumbling out onto the floor. (4/5)

and gabriel is mortified and sam is laughing so hard he can’t breathe. (but don’t worry gabriel finds the lube and they have a perfect night anyway) THE END, welcome to procrastination headcanons while I try to fill my camp nano wordcount but don’t want to work on any of my wips (5/5)

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It is the PERFECT amount of fluffy and fucking hilarious, YES PLS!!

I got an idea a few weeks ago and did some experiments with copper and silver to verify that it would work in preparation for this custom order featuring our “Pentafilon” flower design with some additional elements. These are 14mm black Guatemalan jadeite plugs that have been inlaid with solid 18k gold wire, finished off with a concave gold center per customer request. For scale, the disc in the center is 4.8mm across and the lines are about 1.5mm in thickness.

The time consuming and delicate process of gold filling hand-engraved lines in metals was used in a new way to secure metal into stone with no adhesives. Solid 18k gold wire was physically hammered into hand-carved lines before being trimmed and polished. The gold expands to fill the lines and the pressure against the walls and flush-finish ensure that it will remain there indefinitely.

This required literally pounding the gold into the jade lines with ball peen hammers, punches, small pieces of thin steel and a stone setting hammer hand-piece on a flex shaft rotary tool. Hitting finished and polished stone jewelry with hammers is generally frowned upon, so don’t try this at home 

This technique is available but doing this kind of thing in stone is very time consuming - this 14mm (9/16") pair of plugs took 9-10 hours to complete. We welcome your inquiries (support@onetribe.nu) but please do know that this is not an inexpensive project.


Kirby2!, Part 3
(Parts 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, plus Kirby3!)

After seeing how awesome my namesake’s giant hammer is, I went on the hunt for a giant hammer to call my own. I found a squishy hammer with a shiny gold band that is excellent for climbing, and a polished wooden hammer that is perfect for peek-a-boo. I can’t decide which one to choose–I like them both!


How its made.- I should say how I made it.
First I make a scaled drawing and make sure the customer likes and signs off on design.
Second I layout a side profile of hood. If I cut it like this it will end up short so I measure the outside edge. I add the extra to to the curved part of the hood which was around two inches. I never add to the straight parts of the hood as they are constant.
Third I cut out the the side profile. This will be used for the two sides and front.
Fourth I layout pattern on the zinc sheet and give a ½" extra on the sides to allow a proper soldering seam. I notch every couple of inches to allow an easier bend.
Fifth I roll it on the slip roll.
Sixth I bend the ½" flanges over and dolly it out with a 16oz. planishing hammer. The front does not have the ½" flange.
Seventh I carefully clamp the front and sides together and spot solder everything together. Then I use a soldering iron (150watt black beauty) to finish out all the seams.
Eighth sand out seams.
Ninth finish it out with 320 grit da Sanders then go over with fine scotch brite per customers specs.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it but it gives you a general idea.
Only allowed ten pictures so I left out the trim. It was cut to size, polished then hammered. After that I taped it all up and bent it up on my hand brake.

Total construction time was 50 hours.

I keep trying to post video of the soldering process but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for looking.