polish folk costume


“ A series of photographs by Piotr Sikora, created in collaboration with Piotr Bondarczyk, depicting Polish folk costumes in the context of contemporary multi-ethnicity. The project deals with the recent changes taking place in Polish society, which became almost entirely homogeneous after the Second World War when communism took the country in control and which is today experiencing a groundbreaking openness towards other cultures. . “

Rana, USA, Kurpie costume  and Maya, Algeria, Nowy Sącz costume

Nutsuko, Japan,  Lublin costume and Thesus, Puerto Rico,  Kraków costume

Folake, Nigeria,  Opoczno costume and Umi, South korea, East  Kraków costume

Leandro, Italy, Nowy Sącz costume and Maya, India, in Kaszuby costume

Jevone, Jamaica,  Highland costume and Miu, Japan,  Łowicz costume

Carmen, Dominican Republic, Lublin costume

Chris, Saint Lucia, Opoczno costume

Christian, Thailand,  Rzeszów costume

Farhana, Bangladesh,  Rzeszów costume

Verneille, Trinidad, Silesia costume

Rich, USA,  Łowicz costume

Peju, Nigeria,  Kraków costume

Jonathan, Mexico, Kaszuby costume


You’ve got me, my anon, you’ve totally got me. 

So first of all - check kimi’s amazing version of Jean and Marco in polish folk costumes ,- I didn’t want to copy the idea with folk clothing, so I decided to show some of polish, well, ‘ways of living’? Or stereotypes? Yeah, sth like.  

1. People of the mountains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UYprCcjBz4 THIS. Tradition mixed with modern stuff.
2. Harcerstwo - polish version of Scouting.
3. Polish hooligans. :3 Translation (I’m not able to translate it properly because of a lack of swearwords in english): 
J: “Legia (a football club) sucks”
M: “That’s not true!”