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Virgo Venus

This is the only Earth sign Venus that I know many of. 😛

My sister has Virgo Venus and she’s a slob and actually looks good in anything she wears LMFAOOOOOO.

My best guy friend has Virgo Venus! He’s a Leo Sun/Virgo Venus and he’s VERY fashionable and polished. That’s something I noticed about Virgo Venuses is that they’re polished people. Their hair is nicely tamed, they are proper, have good manners and dress really well.

Whenever I think Virgo Venus, I think of people who constantly lint roll their outfit in class. Ironically, I knew a few Virgo Venuses who would whip out their lint roller and casually lint roll their shirt/jacket in class…

My best guy friend with Leo Sun/Virgo Venus ALWAYS pulls out his phone, checks to make sure his hair is looking great and tames his edges if they look out of place and finger coils his curls in class just to make sure they’re nice and bouncy and… curly.

It’s funny because he’s a Leo Sun/Leo Moon/Virgo Venus and I’m a Virgo Sun/Leo Moon/Leo Venus and whenever we pass by a mirror or even a window that SLIGHTLY shows your reflection, we both stop and check ourselves out, fix our hair, we exchange lotions, gel, Mousse, hairspray, etc… Bro, we even check to make sure we don’t have any boogers, something in our teeth or whatever and we look good as hellllll. That’s why we’re best friends pretty much. 😭

We both have curly hair and we give each other some good curly hair routines, advice, etc… it’s great. He’s all about his hygiene and I’m all about looking good.

Virgo Venuses are the kind of people who are polished and at their very best. They’re PERFECTIONISTS AS HELLLLLL


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