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U.S., British, French, Polish, Dutch and German paratroopers training alongside one another during the large scale exercise Swift Response 16 at the Hohenfels Training Area, a part of the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, in Hohenfels, Germany, Jun. 22, 2016. Exercise Swift Response is one of the premier military crisis response training events for multi-national airborne forces in the world. The exercise is designed to enhance the readiness of the combat core of the U.S. Global Response Force – currently the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team – to conduct rapid-response, joint-forcible entry and follow-on operations alongside Allied high-readiness forces in Europe. 

Requested imagine •8 Montgomery

Can you do a Montgomery De La Cruz imagine where he meets this girl ( with a polish and British accent ) at a party and he starts to like her so when Bryce starts flirting with her he gets possessive over her and chucks her over his shoulder and storms out the party and you can take it from there

You grab a drink and glance around the room looking for someone you know, no luck though so you just have a dance and then go back to the kitchen to get another drink by now there are a load of jocks in the kitchen “hey y/n! I didn’t know you were here!!” Jessica exclaims “hello , yes I arrived a while ago” you answered in your mixture of accents “by the way these are my friends, Zach, Justin, Bryce and Montgomery!” She introduced and you smiled and said hi to them, you join their group conversation for a while until they all start to split up “what you wanna do pretty lady?” Bryce asks you “um I don’t know, maybe just stay here” you say motioning to the kitchen “aw I’m sure we can find something more fun to do than that” he said winking at you and you were sure you could hear a growl come from Montgomery behind you, “I’m good here thanks” you said to Bryce and got another drink “you should really come with me baby, you’ll enjoy yourself” Bryce pushed again “she said no dude!” Montgomery shouted over the music making your heart skip a little beat, Bryce ignored him and continued to try and get in your pants.

All of a sudden Montgomery grabbed your drink out of your hand and placed it on the counter and flung you over his shoulder and walked out the front door, all you could do was laugh. He placed you back down on the road and smiled at you “I’m sorry I had to take you out of there, I couldn’t bare the thought of anyone else having your attention” he blurted with a grin making you giggle “I’d much rather give you my attention” you replied walking down the street with him “your accent, it’s mesmerising. What is it?” He asked breathless “a mixture of polish and English, I’ve lived in both countries” you answered “I wonder if your kisses taste as good as your accent sounds” he asked crashing his lips to yours and kissing you slowly “yep it definitely does” he whispered pulling away.

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Uniforms of Edinburgh Castle Regimental and Army Museums 

½. Royal Horse Artillery dress uniform and a selection of Shakos, Helmets and Dolmans of Scottish Yeomanry regiments.

3. Polish 1st Armoured Division uniform that was stationed in Scotland during the Second World War.

4. Doublet of a pioneer from a Highland Regiment.

5. Officers tunic of the Highland Light Infantry.

6.Tunic of an 18th Century Highland Infantryman.

7/8. Dress uniform of the 42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch) worn during the handover of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic of China.

9. Officers tunic of the Royal Scots regiment.

10. Dress uniform of the Special Air Service (Captain).

everything you need to know about polish history can be summed up by this little fact:

there is a national/religious song, in which there are two versions of the last verse depending on Poland’s political situation

so we either ask God to bless our fatherland or we ask him to return it to us


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Military mondays: Last stand at Camarón 

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The last stand of camaron is one of the foreign legions greatest momments. Although not immortalised in cinema like rorkes drift and nor was it as grand as the battle of Thermopolaye. The Battle of Camaron is one of the greatest and least known last stands in history.

The year is 1863 and french forces have arrived in mexico, for 2 years they have fought in the dust and sweat of Mexico. They are but inches away from taking the capital. They lay siege to pueblo in the march of that year. They needed supplies, 3 million francs were sent in a convoy guarded by 62 french foreign legionairres and 3 officers. Commanded by captain jean danjou. Who had lost his hand almost a decade ago due to a musket explosion, and now wore a wooden prosthetic. Only 6 miles north of them was colonel fransisco milans volunteer regiments, of over 2000 infantry and 800 mexican cavalry. Milan chooses to go after the supply train. 

The french foreign legion was only 30 years old. It had yet to achieve its truly legendary status. The legion was a part of the french army comprised of french nationals willing to serve. All a mans past crimes where overlooked and he was given a clean slate. Not only french men served. But British, spanish, polish, algerian, brazilian, portugese, german, russian, turkish. 

07:00: The escort arrives at an old spanish hacienda, an abandoned stable and a ranch. Surrounded by walls, with a gate. They begin to prepare the morning coffee, as dawn approaches the cry to arms goes up, the company scrambles to its feet and mans the haciendas ten foot walls. The mexican cavalry has appeared on the hill. 

09:00: The mexican reinforcements arrive and rally. they numbered around 600 light cavalry. Danjou wanted to draw the main force away from the convoy. So he made his stand. He orders his men to form a hollow defensive square. The cavalry was met with volleys of bullets. The horses throw off their riders after being stung by bayonets, some horses simply would not charge the square of bayonets and veered off into nowhere. Sometime later milan arrives with 200 lancers 

hoping to intimidate the mexican fighters, captain Danjou marched on Milans regiments, and fought a hard battle to hold off the mexican lancers, The mexicans fought like savages and wave after wave kept coming after volleys of fire. The attackers retreated. The company is now down to 47 men. 

11:00:  Milán sends one of his captains to negoiate surrender, saying  “you will be needlessly slaughtered.” Danjou replied that he had plenty of ammunition and shall continue to fight”. Captain Danjou makes his men swear an oath to the fight to the death on his own wooden hand. The mexicans promptly charged the western gate of the hacienda. Where Danjou is cut down in the first minutes. Second lieutenant Vilain assumes command. A huge force appears over the horizon, the french believe its a relief force, but infact its Milans infantry. 

14:00: Now confident he can win, milan launches an all out attack, causualties mount on both sides but the company lacks food and water, they are also hit hard by the intense heat of the climate. The attack is repulsed, but the ammo stores are running dry. They are offered yet another chance to surrender. An brazilian sergeant in the legion replies “Merde” or figuratively “Go to hell”. However the legion is down to 32 men.

14:30  Lieutenant Vilain is shot dead. Lieutenant Maudet is the only commisioned officer remaining and he assumes the command. The men now were pushed back to the stable, some fought on the rooftops, Only 20 fighting men remain.

17:30: The ranch roof had been burnt away and all men now fight in the abandoned stable. A third surrender offer was made. The legion respectfully refused. The legion is down to 12 men. 

18:00: During the next wave. Corporals Everiste Burg, Karl Magnin and Heinrich Pinzinger, plus fusiliers Leon Gorski and Hippolyte Kunnasseg were captured. The Legion is down to 5 men. Lieutenant Maudet is badly wounded and the ammo has run out. They Feebly attempt one last bayonet charge, 1 man is killed outright, 4 are surrounded, one leaps infront of lieutenant maudet, but is ripped apart by mexicans. Lieutenant maudet accepts surrender if they leave him his arms and equipment, and gives Maudet treatment for his wounds. 

When the trio is brought to Milán, he asked, "Is this all of them? Is this all of the men who are left?” Then, he proclaimed in shock and amazement 

“These are not men! They are demons!

Lieutenant Maudet died from his wounds and Captain Danjou’s wooden hand was brought back to the foreign legions headquarters, and placed in the   Legion Museum of Memory. Where it resides today.

 The French foreign legion had rightfully achieved its place as one of the finest armies in the world and now numbers at 7000 members today. The french won the siege and the supplies reached their destination, but they pulled out of mexico 4 years later. 

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Forever remember the 65 demons of camaron

Two British Airborne troopers dug in near Oosterbeek, Holland on 18th September 1944, showing the woodland fought in on the western side of the British perimeter.

By September 1944, Allied forces had successfully broken out of their Normandy beachhead and pursued shattered German forces across northern France and Belgium. Field Marshal Montgomery proposed a bold plan to head north through the Dutch Gelderland, bypassing the German Siegfried line defenses and opening a route into the German industrial heartland of the Ruhr. Initially proposed as a British and Polish operation codenamed Comet, the plan was soon expanded to involve most of the First Allied Airborne Army in what would be the biggest airborne assault in history reinforced by a ground advance into the Netherlands, codenamed Market Garden.

Montgomery’s plan involved dropping the U.S. 101st Airborne Division to capture key bridges around Eindhoven, the 82nd Airborne Division to secure key crossings around Nijmegen, and the British 1st Airborne Division, with the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade attached, to capture three bridges across the Rhine at Arnhem. The British Second Army, led by XXX Corps would advance up the “Airborne corridor”, securing the Airborne Division’s positions and crossing the Rhine within two days. If successful the plan would open the door to Germany and hopefully force an end to the war in Europe by the end of the year.

The fierce battle went on for 9 days with both sides making advances and retreats before an eventual full retreat by allied forces.
The Allies’ failure to secure a bridge over the Lower Rhine spelled the end of Market Garden. While all other objectives had been achieved, the failure to secure the Arnhem road bridge over the Rhine meant that the operation failed in its ultimate objective. Field Marshal Montgomery claimed that the operation was 90% successful and the Allies did possess a deep salient into German occupied territory that was quickly reinforced, however the losses were catastrophic for the British airborne, something it would never recover from during the remainder of the war.

Allied Airborne Unit losses:

British 1st Airborne
8,969 - Total troops involved.
1,174 - Killed in action or died of wounds.
5,903 - Captured or missing.
1,892 - Safely withdrawn.

British Glider Pilot Regiment
1,262 - Total troops involved.
219 - Killed in action or died of wounds.
511 - Captured or missing.
532 - Safely withdrawn.

Polish Brigade
1,689 - Total troops involved.
92 - Killed in action or died of wounds.
111 - Captured or missing.
1,486 - Safely withdrawn.

German casualty figures are less complete than those of the Allies, and official figures have never been released. A signal possibly sent by II SS Panzer Corps on 27 September listed 3,300 casualties (1,300 killed and 2,000 injured) around Arnhem and Oosterbeek.

Photograph taken by Army Film and Photographic Unit
Smith D M (Sgt)
(© IWM BU 1143)

(Colourised by Paul Reynolds)