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Uniforms of Edinburgh Castle Regimental and Army Museums 

½. Royal Horse Artillery dress uniform and a selection of Shakos, Helmets and Dolmans of Scottish Yeomanry regiments.

3. Polish 1st Armoured Division uniform that was stationed in Scotland during the Second World War.

4. Doublet of a pioneer from a Highland Regiment.

5. Officers tunic of the Highland Light Infantry.

6.Tunic of an 18th Century Highland Infantryman.

7/8. Dress uniform of the 42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch) worn during the handover of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic of China.

9. Officers tunic of the Royal Scots regiment.

10. Dress uniform of the Special Air Service (Captain).


U.S., British, French, Polish, Dutch and German paratroopers training alongside one another during the large scale exercise Swift Response 16 at the Hohenfels Training Area, a part of the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, in Hohenfels, Germany, Jun. 22, 2016. Exercise Swift Response is one of the premier military crisis response training events for multi-national airborne forces in the world. The exercise is designed to enhance the readiness of the combat core of the U.S. Global Response Force – currently the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team – to conduct rapid-response, joint-forcible entry and follow-on operations alongside Allied high-readiness forces in Europe. 

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Neil's Mother is British and his father is American but with the last name wesnenski. Meaning he's polish. So Neil is half polish half British and verrrryyyy pale. So the question is how much sunscreen did this kid use while on the run for like 8 years

To be honest, I feel like Neil needs sunscreen a lot. But I don’t feel like Neil actually ever used sunscreen once in his life before the Foxes went to the beach and Allison made him put some on. I just feel like Neil is too stubborn and finds sunscreen a non-necessity that isn’t worth the space it would take up in his bag. So he just never learnt to use sunscreen and even at PSU he just lives with his sunburns. He still doesn’t voluntarily wear sunscreen, even after Allison gave him some and he managed to actually not get burnt for once.

Andrew is the reason Neil actually starts wearing sunscreen. He buys the heavy duty sunscreen and makes Neil use it because he’s sick of Neil getting all burnt and red and he can’t stand it when Neil’s burns are peeling and Neil keeps picking at them. Neil lets Andrew put sunscreen on him and Andrew is very thorough and very careful to make sure that he gets any and all flesh that Neil has exposed.


Electra likes to supervise bathtime- she is intrigued by my toes as they appear and disappear in the bubbles!

Does anyone else have a cat that likes water? Little lady loves to get in the bath after we have showered, and investigate everything, and she doesn’t even mind when she gets dropped on!

She obviously missed me today when I was at work, as I got lovely soft cuddles when I got home 💕

everything you need to know about polish history can be summed up by this little fact:

there is a national/religious song, in which there are two versions of the last verse depending on Poland’s political situation

so we either ask God to bless our fatherland or we ask him to return it to us

Requested imagine •8 Montgomery

Can you do a Montgomery De La Cruz imagine where he meets this girl ( with a polish and British accent ) at a party and he starts to like her so when Bryce starts flirting with her he gets possessive over her and chucks her over his shoulder and storms out the party and you can take it from there

You grab a drink and glance around the room looking for someone you know, no luck though so you just have a dance and then go back to the kitchen to get another drink by now there are a load of jocks in the kitchen “hey y/n! I didn’t know you were here!!” Jessica exclaims “hello , yes I arrived a while ago” you answered in your mixture of accents “by the way these are my friends, Zach, Justin, Bryce and Montgomery!” She introduced and you smiled and said hi to them, you join their group conversation for a while until they all start to split up “what you wanna do pretty lady?” Bryce asks you “um I don’t know, maybe just stay here” you say motioning to the kitchen “aw I’m sure we can find something more fun to do than that” he said winking at you and you were sure you could hear a growl come from Montgomery behind you, “I’m good here thanks” you said to Bryce and got another drink “you should really come with me baby, you’ll enjoy yourself” Bryce pushed again “she said no dude!” Montgomery shouted over the music making your heart skip a little beat, Bryce ignored him and continued to try and get in your pants.

All of a sudden Montgomery grabbed your drink out of your hand and placed it on the counter and flung you over his shoulder and walked out the front door, all you could do was laugh. He placed you back down on the road and smiled at you “I’m sorry I had to take you out of there, I couldn’t bare the thought of anyone else having your attention” he blurted with a grin making you giggle “I’d much rather give you my attention” you replied walking down the street with him “your accent, it’s mesmerising. What is it?” He asked breathless “a mixture of polish and English, I’ve lived in both countries” you answered “I wonder if your kisses taste as good as your accent sounds” he asked crashing his lips to yours and kissing you slowly “yep it definitely does” he whispered pulling away.

I hope this is okay! Any feedback would be great!

Anonymous prompt I’m pasting here so I can do a Keep Reading tag. Thank you, Anon! <3

“I have an idea for a prompt. Set in Southern California, Anakin Skywalker is a surf instructor and his newest student is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a two-star Michelin chef and a single parent to Ahsoka. Obi-Wan’s restaurant, Repartee, is down the beach from Anakin’s favorite spot to surf at. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka moved out to SoCal after the tragic death of his wife, Satine. Ahsoka is adopted and is determined to get her dad to date his hot surf instructor. Hijinks and blushing ensue.”

Anakin loved the beach at sunset: the golden wash of waves, his shadow stretching dark along the sand, the worst of the day’s heat fading into a simmering warmth. Most of the tourists and locals were heading home at this point, the faint cries of mothers calling their children in from the surf drifted along the water and couples walking past hand in hand.

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