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today in history »  The Constitution of 3 May 1791

The constitution (Polish: Konstytucja 3 maja) is considered one of the most important achievements in the history of Poland, despite being in effect for only a year, until the Russo-Polish War of 1792. The constitution was a milestone in the history of law and the rise of democracy. 

It has been called the second constitution in world history, following the 1788 ratification of the United States Constitution. The memory of the May 3 Constitution—recognized by political scientists as a very progressive document for its time—for generations helped keep alive Polish aspirations for an independent and just society, and continued to inform the efforts of its authors’ descendants. 

In Poland it is viewed as a national symbol, and the culmination of all that was good and enlightened in Polish history and culture. The 3rd May anniversary of its adoption has been observed as Poland’s most important civil holiday since Poland regained independence in 1918. Its importance for the Polish people has been compared to that of July 4 to the Americans.

I wish that Tadeusz Kosciuszko had a Tumblr fandom. I mean one consisting of people other than just me.

Reasons to join the fandom:

1. He was an abolitionist. He also supported equality for women, Jews, serfs, and, like, everyone.

2. He was friends with John Laurens.

3. He was a really awesome person.

4. He was Polish, so if you’re Polish and a history geek, have we got the guy for you.

5. He was a mama’s boy.

6. One time he apparently walked into a synagogue and was like, “Hey, let’s start a revolution for equality for y’all” and everyone in there was like “Okay.”

7. He had great hair.


Got a picture with my favorite man.

Polish In The Civil War

Włodzimierz Bonawentura Krzyżanowski- (July 8, 1824 – January 31, 1887) Polish military leader and a brigade commander.

Once in a while you find a pic of a guy from the era that looks like they genuinely enjoyed getting their swag on for a photograph. This is one of those guys.

A Polish Noble, he took part in the 1848 uprising against Prussia and left Poland after its suppression.

In early 1861 he enlisted in the United States’ Union Army, recruited a company of Polish immigrants, and became Colonel of the 58th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, listed in the official Army Register as the “Polish Legion”. In 1862 he was promoted to brigadier general.

In the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, Krzyżanowski helped repel an evening assault by the famed Louisiana Tigers on the Union defenses atop East Cemetery Hill. After the Civil War, he held several government posts, and may have been the first American administrator of Alaska Territory.

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