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Donation fic request: foodie verse, steve/tony and Chicago deep dish pizza. Or whatever you feel like writing, its all good fun.

So I missed the “Stony” the first time around, and thus it is not the focus of the fic, but the Chicago Style Pizza part is very in evidence! :D

“Okay, but…what is it?” Steve asked, studying the object on the table curiously. The waiter, with a warning look, slid a pie server underneath a slice and lifted it out. Cheese dangled everywhere.

“It’s Chicago-style pizza,” Tony said, holding up his plate to be served. 

“That’s not pizza,” Steve replied.

Chicago style,” Tony emphasized. 

“That’s not pizza,” Steve repeated. 

“You’re adorable,” Tony told him, and Clint made a gagging noise.

“I lived next door to Italians. I served in Italy. I know American pizza doesn’t look like Italian pizza but this doesn’t look like any pizza I have ever seen anywh – why is it like that,” he asked, as another slice was lifted and basically drizzled onto his plate. 

“Because it is delicious,” Natasha said, stealing a forkful of cheese from Tony’s pizza. He made to stab her with his fork, then thought better of it. 

Steve picked up a fork and carefully separated the crust from the back of the slice. The cheese, incongruously given its earlier runniness, stayed stiff. 

“If you’re chicken, I’ll eat your slice,” Bruce offered. Steve turned his glare on him. 

“I’m not chicken, I ate c-rations,” Steve said. “I ate sausages made before the FDA existed. Are we sure the FDA has cleared this?” 

Thor had already eaten his entire slice. He’d apparently twirled it around his fork and unhinged his jaw somehow. He was eyeballing Steve’s with intent.

“Look, we came all the way to Chicago to punch bad guys,” Clint said. “We might as well enjoy the local delicacies.”

“It’s okay,” Tony said. “I thought this might happen. I got you something else, Steve.” 

The waiter, who had briefly vanished, returned with a pile of palm-sized, golden half-circles, gleaming with melted butter. 

“Potato-cheese pierogies,” he announced, and deposited them at Steve’s elbow. Steve looked at the golden-brown pierogie crust, broke off a corner, and tasted it. Then, without speaking, he dumped half the platter of them onto his plate.

“Are you going to eat that?” Thor asked, pointing to his slice. Tony was battling off Natasha’s forays into his pizza. 

“No, go for it,” Steve said, mouth already full of pierogie. “Now THIS is a delicacy,” he added to Clint, as Thor transferred the slice to his plate. 


■ On 28 November 1918, Polish Chief of State Józef Piłsudski signed an electoral law allowing women to vote, which they did for the first time in parliamentary elections in January 1919.

■ The electoral law also allowed Polish women to hold public office.

■ Polish women gained the right to vote sooner than their counterparts in the US, Turkey, United Kingdom and France.



Warning: Swearing, swearing in polish.

I’m really sorry this suck. I just didn’t know what to do TT^TT

You are polish now. Deal with it.

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All the Avengers gathered in a common room. I was peaceful day, until Tony announced that he have to tell them something. The atmosphere between him and Bucky was still tense, even after almost a year of reunion of the Avengers and Winter Solider being a new member of the team (with Scott, Peter and T'challa included), Tony still was tense around him.

When Stark entered the room, every one looked at him with questions in their eyes. Tony only smiled, holding some file in his hand and glass of whiskey in the other.

“I have some news. Whether they are good or bad you decide yourself. For me, it’s just great.” He grinned, putting his glass down and opening the files, to read them. “This morning I got the message from Thaddeus Ross himself, that there will be a girl from Europe, who will be working with us from now on.” Everyone raised their eyebrows in shock.
“What? What for?”

“Well, according to her files.” Tony raised them slightly showing Steve what he meant “She is a born-mutant and therefore, should be under our observation and a little of that, they also want her to have an eye on us.” He leaned on the table, looking at them with sarcastic smile.

“What is her power?” Stark looked into the files frowning slightly.

“There is no mention of this. What is more, it’s marked as top secret.”
“So they want us to take in here a girl, who is a complete stranger to us, and have an unknown power, and they want her to watch us?” T'challa raised his eyebrow, sitting straight on his spot.

“In short? Yes. A stranger, with unknown power.” He nodded. Steve stood from his spot.

“It’s ridiculous! What if she is some kind of treat to us?” Tony shrugged, definitely annoyed by Steve.

“You know that we really don’t have anything to say about it.”
“And why is so?” Natasha stood up to.

“Because if we don’t take here in here, they will get rid of her. And she is only 21 years old!” Everything go quiet after that. Steves jaw dropped.

“They will kill her?” Tony just nodded. Everyone looked at each other not knowing what to say.

Silence continues until the main doors opened. Through them walked Maria Hill and right behind her was girl with dirty, long (h/c) hair, her head bowed, so they weren’t able to see her face. Her clothes were dirty and ragged. Where they was able to see her skin were bruises and scratches. She was definitely to skinny too.

“That’s her?” Tony looked at Maria who nodded, putting down not big bag that she was holding in her hand.

“She is… small.” After Bucky’s words, everyone, except girl looked at him with hard eyes. He just raised his hands in defense.

“I will leave her with you now. But to be honest, you should give her something to eat and let her sleep. She have had a little rough week.” Tony nodded and when Maria left he get closer to girl, who just seemed to tense, as if she was expecting him to attack her.

“Hi there. I’m Tony Stark and these are others members of the Avengers. You don’t have to be afraid of us. What about Natasha will lead you to your room so you can sleep?” She nodded slightly, gesture that small that if he wasn’t observing her, he would have miss it. He looked at Natasha, who quickly get to them and toke the bag in her hand.

“Come with me.”

When the female assassin disappear everyone looked again at each other.

“What happened to her?”

“From what I learned, she was in few maximum security prisons, before they send her here.” Tony looked into his files again and sighed.

“Do we at least know what country she is from?”

“Yeah, wait a sec… emm, Poland… she is from Poland, voivodeship Dol… Dol… I can’t read this. Does anyone know Polish in here?” Wanda stood up coming to them and looking into the files.

“It says Dolnoslaskie*…”

“It’s weird. But we don’t have a choice, do we now? We can’t let them kill her.” Everyone nodded, except Bucky who were looking in the direction the girl walked with Natasha.


After two weeks (y/n) started to open up to Wanda and Natasha, who treated her with care, because of her outbursts when someone moved in a way that she interpreted as aggression towards her. First two times no one seemed to know what is going on when power would went of, or some electronic devices went crazy. But when Wanda realized what caused this, she used her power on (y/n) to calm her down. From now on, they were almost inseparable.

After a month of being with the avengers, she started to trust them enough to not to flinch at every their move and she even started answering to them in more than monosyllabic sentences.

When after month and half Tony proposed that Narasha and Wanda would take her to the shopping center and maybe a barber, at his cost she smiled and even hugged him quickly. When they got back with lots of shopping bags, everyone were shocked at how much Tony’s money they possibly spent.

First one who walked through the door was Natasha and Wanda, and after them walked (y/n). Bucky looked at her shocked seeing her with her now (length) (h/c) hair and in definitely new (f/c) dress to her knees, with sparking (e/c) eyes and laughing at something that one of the other girls said.

“Oh my god, Natalia you are hilarious.”

“I know, I know.” Female assassin looked at her with mile on her lips.

“That remind me of one time when I was… kurwa jego pierdolona mać!*” She screamed when she accidentally kicked her little toe at the kitchen table leg. She dropped her bag siting on the floor and taking her foot in her hand. “Ja pierdolę, czemu zawsze w tego palca?*” Bucky stood up from his place and came to her, crouching beside her.

“You ok?”
“No, I’m not ok. I’m kurwa* not ok.” She had tears in her eyes. Not knowing what to do, Bucky patted her on the head, but she just cast him off.

“Help you?” (y/n) shook her head, and took a deep breath to calm herself down. When she exhaled, she stood up and toke her bags in hands, going quickly to her room. Bucky was still crouching on the floor.

“What she said?”

“She was swearing in polish.” Was all Wanda said, before following her friend to her room.

After that incident, (y/n) started to be more blunt in front of the other Avengers. One could say that she finally grow found of them and get used to her new life. Tony was actually treating her as her own sister, trying to give her everything she needed and making sure that she is happy. And she was. Specially when she found of of the Bucky’s past.

One night, she have had a nightmare, that left her seating and crying mess. She got up from fer bed and went to kitchen to drink some water, and maybe eat some ice cream to take her though out of the nightmare. When she get there she found Bucky, already sitting at the table, drinking tea.

“Can’t sleep?” He looked up at her.

“Nightmares. You?”

“Same.” She opened the freezer and toke out whole box of (f/f) ice cream and a spoon from the drawer. She sat in front of him and started eating.

“What about?” She looked at him and sighed, eating slowly.

“Prison, my family… my power.” She looked at her hands with sad eyes. “It’s not big deal, but remembering of it is just… painful. And yours?” It was his time to look at his hands, wrapped around cup.

“Memories of be being the Winter Solider. All those horrible things I have done, people I’ve killed and pain of those brain washing HYDRA did to me.” She hummed shearing it. She read about it and heard about it from media, but never from him. They never really talked that much. She afraid of everyone at the beginning and him, not completely sure if she would talk to one hundred year old, psychically broken killer. “The worst part was the trigger words.” She raised her eyebrow looking at him. “In Siberia the Russians programmed me to react in correct way to correct words said in right order.”

“It was in Russia?” He nodded. She looked at him for a while, completely forgetting about her ice cream. That was something new for her. After a while she smiled at him. “So they called you зима солдата, да?*” He looked at her with pure terror in his eyes.

“How… what…?”
“I know a little Russian. My mother send me to special school, to make sure I know more than three languages.” She smiled at him. He looked at her unsure.

“Could you please not speak to me in Russian?”

“I will think about it… солдат*” He quickly stood up and left the room. She laughed a little and stood up, taking ice cream with her.

‘That will be fun.’ She thought siting under the covers on her bed and turning on the TV, still thinking of Bucky’s beautiful brown eyes, shocked and scared when she spoke to him in Russian.


“Dzień Dobry wszyskim.*” (y/n) walk into the kitchen in the morning, grinning smiling like never again. It has been month from when she found out of Bucky’s fear of becoming Winter Solider again. And it was the best month of her life by far. She would speak to him in that language at the last expected moment. And it would drive him mad.

Soon after their conversation in the kitchen, he found himself falling for her. He was mad at himself for this. She was too young for him (a least that’s what he told himself), too full of life and there is no possible way, that 21 years old girl would fall for one hundred years old man, no matter that he didn’t look like that. And his metal hand. Who would want someone with metal hand?!

Not to say about her teasing him in Russian. He understand that, and was sure at hell Natasha and Wanda did too. What was driving him mad was that with every day of her teasing and playing with his really bad memories of Russian language, he was only falling deeper for fer and it was only getting worst.

“Morning (y/n).” Wanda smiled at her friend, giving her cup of coffee. Polish girl smiled, inhaling scent of her hot drink and closing her eyes, giving him possibility to watch her for a while.

“You are drooling.” Solider looked hard at Sam, silently telling him to shut up, what only made him smile. He huffed and looked at girl again, only to find her smiling at him. He bushed slightly.

“Jesteś śliczny jak pierwiosnek*.” He didn’t understand a word of what she said, but Wanda only laughed and whispered something to her. Both of them laughed and walked out of kitchen to sit in living room, talking with each other. Occasionally her or Wanda would look in his direction.

“Buck, let’s be honest.” Steve sat next to his best friend. “You like her. You should ask her out.”

“You are kidding me right? I’m too old for her.”

“Give me a break. If I was thinking like you me and Sharon wouldn’t be together too. Give it a chance Buck. Everyone can see that she like you to.” Barnes looked at him sceptically, but didn’t say anything.

“Capsicle is right.” Tony poured himself coffee not looking at them. “You two would help each other. You would stop having those nightmares of yours and waking me up, and she would maybe stop swearing that much.” Steve rolled his eyes with smile on his lips.


“So what?”

“Go there and ask her out.” Bucky looked at them and with heavy sight he stood up from his spot and walked over to the girls.

He stood right in front of (y/n) felling how his heart rate quickened. How did this happened to him? Back in '40 he was more confident with girls. Was it because of being Winter Solider or because of her? (y/n) looked at him with smile.

“What do you want, солдат?” He tensed even more.

“I… Do you want…” Before he was able to ask her out, Natasha went into the room and toke her by her wrist, dragging her to the training room.

“(y/n)! Come. It’s finally time for you to show us yours powers!”  He groaned, sitting in the spot previously occupied by (h/c) girl. Wanda only laughed at him.

“If you want to ever ask her out, you have to prove yourself to Natasha first, you know.” She patted him on the shoulder getting up from her spot and going to training room.

*Dolnoslaskie (Dolnośląskie) – region of Poland lower silesia

*kurwa jego pierdolona maćhis motherfucking whore (in polish it’s a little more blunt)

*Ja pierdolę, czemu zawsze w tego palca? - fuck me, why it’s always this toe? (in polish it’s more like I’m fucking than fuck me, but well… heh)

*kurwa – fuck, whore, and many other meaning of this word, but in this sentence, you may use fuck.

*зима солдата, да?(zima soldata, da?) - winter solider, yes?

*солдат (soldat) – solider

*Dzień Dobry wszyskim – Good morning everyone

*Jesteś śliczny jak pierwiosnek - You’re as pretty as primrose

Kitty Avengers! Inspired by a google pic I came across the other day. I’m going to see the movie tonight & any excuse to do themed nails right?

Used in this mani:

Wet N’ Wild - French White, Black Creme

Jordana - Crystal Glitter

Characters painted all with Apple Barrel acrylic paints

HK Girl Topcoat