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Nail Painting Hack #46

I know that a lot of spoonies struggle to paint their nails. There are dozens of symptoms that can make it difficult to get a good finished look.  A simple way give your nails a better finish is to use PVA glue.

In short, you paint the glue onto the skin around the nail. You then paint your nails as usual. When you’ve finished your last coat of nail polish, peel off the glue. Any varnish that you accidentally got around the nail will be on the glue that you’re peeling away, leaving a perfect edge :)

You can get nail peels that are designed to do the same thing although I find that PVA glue works perfectly fine and is much cheaper.

-When you apply the glue, start by painting the very edge of your skin (where the skin ends and the nail starts). Then generously paint a barrier around what you have already applied. This makes the glue easy to peel later and stronger. If the glue around your nail is too thin, it might rip and be tricky to remove.
-You can also wash the glue off with water. You’ll need to wait for the polish to dry though so that you don’t smudge it. 
-Use a brush that isn’t too fluffy. Pick a brush with a straight edge or a fine point. This makes painting the edges of the skin easier.


Bubbles in amber

The amber was polished in order to reveal these dendritic air bubbles trapped between flow layers. The magnification is forty times and the image was taken in brightfield, ie with the light shining through the specimen. This image won 17th place in the 1983 Nikon small world photomicrography competition.


Image credit: John Koivula

It’s customary during Samhain to honour your ancestors. I personally don’t know much about anyone beyond my grandparents, and those of which I know are still alive, so I decided instead to add something to my altar which is symbolic of my ancestors. My grandfather’s family is Polish and Amber is abundant in Poland, and I picked out a little nugget of amber at my local crystal shop to represent the place and people of where I come from, even if I don’t know their names and who they were.

“Lonicera Paellax”

Ignis/Aranea (FFXV) | 3.2k words | I’ll tag it M but it doesn’t really deserve it

Authors Notes: Oh god, there wasn’t enough content for this ship so I made some??? Have 3,000 words of Ignis over-intellectualizing the entire universe, and Aranea being her generally sassy self. Pre-Altissia. Canon compliant where there’s actually canon to be had. Vague musings of Iggy’s backstory. Allusions to Aranea/Ravus. 

“So what is this plant we’re hunting for, again?”

Lonicera Paellax.”

“Great. Got anything more helpful than that, Ivory Tower?” Aranea’s voice was a taunting barb a few paces behind him as they picked their way through the beach rose and scrub pine of the Vannath sea-cliffs. “I’m not writing a dissertation. I’d just like to be able to spot the damn things before I’ve crushed them all to hell. These boots aren’t exactly ballet shoes, you know.”    

Ignis smirked. Of course he new that the scientific name was useless in their current context, but he liked the sound of the words… and maybe the sound of her frustration.

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Looks like honey-colored cloudy amber, except people usually polish amber and don’t bother with frankincense. Makes sense, since they’re both just pine sap. This stuff is dry and hard, and it isn’t sticky unless you get it wet. Like most pine resin, it has a sharp, dry, bitter scent, which is stronger if you rub it between your fingers. This stuff doesn’t have the fresh green scent of Christmas trees; it smells more like the sun-baked pine forests of hotter, drier climates. The pieces we have range from coarse sand and bean-sized rough pebbles to cherry-sized lumpy blobs, and many of them have the bulbous shape of something that obviously dried in drips and blobs, like candle wax (because it did - you literally just poke a specific kind of pine tree to get this stuff out). If you store it somewhere humid, it will ooze out sticky yellow droplets that look bright and not as cloudy as the rest.

You can’t just set it on fire - it will belch out thick black awful smoke. You need a little cup-shaped incense burner, and you have to put a little puck of charcoal in there and light that, then put the frankincense on it. It bubbles and oozes and lets out white acrid smoke that still smells very much like the dry pieces. A little goes a very long way. It makes me cough, like most musky smells. It’s an overpowering scent, and it stays on things it touches forever - you can even taste it on your lips afterwards if you were near the smoke, or on your fingers if you were handling the pieces/holding the censer - wash your hands or you will be in for a surprise next time you make a sandwich. I know someone who holds a cloth over frankincense smoke and then lays it over her cookies to give them a faint taste of frankincense (it’s not edible, do not use it as an actual ingredient.) I don’t much like it, since it tastes medicinal.


October Nights, Autumn 2014

Left hand (top), L—›R (from thumb):

  • Custom multichrome by PrettyJelly on Etsy; named Riften. Overlaid with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black.
  • Dragonspell by ALIQUIDLaquer on Etsy. Overlaid with Sinful Colors Cloud 9.
  • Essie Bouncer, It’s Me!, overlaid with Sinful Colors Hottie, a dab of Chunky Holo Black, and topped with Wet n’ Wild Kaleidoscope for extra holo shine.
  • L'Oreal Lilac Coolers to Cloud 9 gradient. Overlaid with a bit of Max Factor Fantasy Fire on the purple end.
  • Bouncer, It’s Me! overlaid with Chunky Holo Black and Fantasy Fire.

Right Hand, L—›R (from pinkie):

  • L'Oreal Lilac Coolers, Zoya Miley, Sinful Colors Cloud 9.
  • Sinful Colors Hottie with a dab of Kleancolor Chunky Copper, overlaid with Wet n’ Wild Kaleidoscope.
  • Riften overlaid with Chunky Holo Black.
  • Lilac Coolers overlaid with Chunky Copper, Chunky Holo Black, and Fantasy Fire.
  • OPI Just Spotted the Lizard overlaid with Dragonspell and Chunky Copper; fades to Hottie.

I couldn’t decide what to do, so I DID IT ALL.


  • The real Chunky Holo Black is incredible, especially for a $3-$4 polish; it’s ridiculous.
  • I was worried about Riften upon seeing it flat on my palette, but it’s awesome on the nail. Berry-amber shift (like Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Amber Ruby) with a subtle golden green on the edges. Makes me miss running around with my sword and spells in the Autumn Forest. Highly recommend PrettyJelly; she’s great.
  • L'Oreal Lilac Coolers is pretty and layers well.
  • Dragonspell by ALIQUIDLaquer. Beautiful & unique.

Most Disappointing:

  • Essie’s Bouncer, It’s Me!. I wanted an electric blue jelly and since Essie is so popular I expected good quality. But the application is streaky and uneven, and it dries to a finish that looks like cheap blue candle wax. Not one to wear without a topcoat, for sure.

This is my contribution for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash writing challenge. I chose the Mirror, Mirror prompt and I’ve written it in first person narrative. It’s super late due to moving and my boyfriend proposing, but here it is! I loved writing it. The question is, should I continue this or leave it as a one-shot? @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash & @negans-network 

Summary: O/C accepts Negan’s marriage proposal but is jealous and possessive. When Amber makes a comment, it almost sends her over the edge but Negan falls with her. 

Word Count: 2,613 words

Warnings: jealousy, insecurity, fluff, teasing


I see the champagne flutes come together in unison, but the distinct clinking of glass and the laughter that follows is drowned out by the sound of my blood thumping between my ears. And before I can stop myself, I see my hand reaching out, latching onto the first thing I see – the back of a chair, as I try desperately to steady myself.

Funny how a few words could leave me feeling like all the energy had been zapped out of my body, as if I had run a marathon but was left panting miles before the finish line in defeat.

Why am I like this? Why do I always do this to myself?

My other hand grips the flute, filled to the rim – compliments of Tanya, yet I can’t bring myself to take a sip despite the voice inside me begging for courage, pleading for everything to go numb. Instead I stare into one of the many vanity mirrors lining the wall of the dressing room, looking at the reflection of someone who resembled me. The tanned skin, the ash brown hair, the bright hazel eyes, all just as I remembered, but there was a lack, a loss – something that wasn’t quite there anymore, something that not even a bit of blush or freshly painted lips could make up for.

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Nothing too special this week; just a simple jelly sandwich with L'oReal Lilac Coolers, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, and Kleancolor Chunky Copper & Chunky Holo Black. The amber nails are Dragonspell by ALiquidLaquer.

I’ve been wanting to do some crazy Halloween nails, but may not have time due to my more “serious” pursuits.

Speaking of; I’ve seen other nail artists say that people give them a hard time by saying things like “you must have too much time on your hands”. How rude. And it’s not necessarily the case. At least for me, this is the one thing I can sit down to do that just doesn’t matter at all. And that’s why it’s relaxing: it’s totally frivolous, temporary, and in the end you have a cool/pretty design to cheer you up on stressful days. Just a thought.

Just another Saturday night.

Polishing an amber piece using micromesh originally meant for shaping, smoothing, and polishing fingernails, while listening to Gordon White’s pontifications on journeying and feeling someone intently watching me across the table despite being the only corporeal being present.

To quote Gordon White, “As one does.”


AMBER FOREVER - #9 in the “Get Stoned” series Part 4 + P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - I just can’t cope-acabana

  • O.P.I. - i just can’t cope-acabana + y'all come back now ya hear? 
  • Spoiled - designated driver
  • Love & Beauty - cocoa
  • Sinful Colors - cloud 9
  • Color Club - pearl district + sparkle & Soar
  • Wet n Wild - under your spell
  • Sally Hansen - white on
  • gold rings
  • lt. brown Swarovski Crystals
  • gold nail art beads

This is the first look using O.P.I. - I just can’t cope-acabana. Stay tuned for the rest of the designs using this polish and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches

Rare Natural Blue Amber from Sumatra, Indonesia.

We strive to feature the rare, beautiful and magnificent at Venusrox. One example of this is our Blue Amber collection of polished stones. It’s said to be the most powerful of all the Ambers due to its impressive colour range and how it can powerfully heal and assist the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It’s a very effective defense stone, protecting one from the negativity and rubbish that others may try and throw at one whilst going about one’s day-to-day life.

The picture doesn’t capture the blue as well as holding them up to natural light when the blue appears beautifully. This amber is NOT treated or heated, it’s natural, ancient fossalised tree resin. Something incredibly special and wonderful for collectors, healers or simply anyone who love the energy benefits of this unique and rare form of Amber. 

*More Blue Amber from Sumatra are available at the showroom along with other pieces of Natural Amber. From £46.00

some gaspard aesthetics:

evening, with warm golden light suffusing the wood-paneled room. a pale hunting hound is curled up beside a burning hearth; her paws twitch in her sleep, now and again, as dream rabbits run. the floors are old stone worn smooth by the passage of generations of steps, but covered by thick, woven carpets in tones of gold and green and rust and umber; the curtains on the wide windows are plush velvet in emerald, held back by golden rope tassels. there is a scent in the air of spicy smoke and leather, warm wool and warm wood. brandy the color of polished amber rests in a glass of cut crystal, exhaling slowly. it clings lazily to the sides when the glass is tilted. through the open windows, the sounds of distant music and laughter spill in with the night air. but inside the room, quieter conversation, punctuated by low chuckles. firelight flashes on old gold as a ringed hand turns on a wrist, sparkles across brighter gold as a mask tilts above a smile.