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my professor asked us one day what 1410 means and we were like: it’s a year of grunwald battle but he said “yes of course but why it’s important?” and we were like idk and then he told us that 1410 means 1 kg of sugar 4 liter of water 10 dag of yeast and it’s a recipe for vodka. he was so disapointed we didn’t know it, and he said that the tradition is dying

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hey how do u feel about being polish?

i love polish food and alcohol, i love polish culture, im proud of polish history so overall im happy that im polish

(i just wish polish society was less conservative)


I made a post about this awhile ago on another blog but I deleted, it seemed to really help people though so I’m posting it again. If you’re in need of vials or containers of some sort you can use nail polish bottles! Like the one above which I find pretty convenient and cute looking~ 

 What you have to do: 

Get some nail polish that’s either almost gone or completely, get some nail polish remover or alcohol-based product, rinse out nail polish with remover, use a Q-tip to get out the small bits, and voila! This is a pretty convenient way to get a little glass bottle to store something or make charms without having to go out and buy one. It’s also good to reuse your bottles when you’re finished with the polish. 

 *You can use nail polish that’s not empty but I don’t recommend it since that will waste product.