polisci prelaw

Urgent Prayers Needed.

I cannot stress how urgent this prayer request is. I study religion and polisci prelaw in college, so I am justified in saying how urgent this is. A colleague of mine and I have uncovered a dangerous cult targeting the young college youth. What started out as a seemingly innocent Bible study that embraced diversity, quickly turned to them believing they are the only true ministry. They believe they are prophets, healers, and can see visions (demonic in nature like snakes and faces morphing to demons, and one kid said he saw Jesus). They believe they are Saints, not sinners. They are enabling the mentally ill to cease taking medicine, and that the voices in their heads are from God. They are isolating these young adults from their friends and family. They are HIGHLY influential and highly dangerous. These people operate under the quasi-cults of Bethel Redding, IHOP, and Campus Outreach. I embrace diversity, but this is not diversity. This is outright dangerous. Please pray, and tell others to pray. They are using the curriculum “FireStarters” created by Kevin Dedmon, which is a “how to be a prophet” study. If you see this, BEWARE!!!! Please pray; and please look after your friends.