The land of love, fashion and food.

You set your bags down and everyone decides to go explore a little. It’s as if today is the first and last day to see the city – you feel the need to see everything, all at once, all right now. Walking around, you can almost feel the drool start to form as your jaw has yet to return to its rightful place. You walk down the Arno river, over the bridges that belong in the photographs you’ve been looking at for months and months, wondering how different it will be once your there in person, once you’re here. The streets, tiny, cozy, and beautifully historic. The people, frizzy haired, casually fashionable, and wonderfully lax bring you in, farther from the noise and aggression of New York City that you left not long ago. You pass the cafes and bars and gelaterias of the city in a mild state of shock. You don’t even realize the amount of time that’s passed since you started the walk together. Just like they told you, you really can see the Duomo from any point in the city, and you follow its burnt orange rooftop to the center of the city. You walk ahead of the group without even noticing. You turn the corner and there it is, in all its wonderful marble magic. How did you even get here?


You all come to your senses and realize how hungry you are, stopping on the way home at the Caffe del 900. My god, this prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato pizza is everything you thought it would be.

Post-meal you realize you haven’t slept in over 30 hours and your feet barely carry you back to your hostel for the first night of sleep, but you’re so excited and overstimulated you don’t even want to. It’s only 9:30pm and your roommates and laughing and joking and your eyes close. You say something out loud and realize you’re talking in your sleep. You all laugh.

The days of orientation roll together – security tips, stay together in a pack, if you’re together in a pack you’ll be pegged for American tourists and that’s not always the best stereotype to be associated with, you’re here for school, not travel (?), and you finally get a chance to really explore. Polimoda is more beautiful than any school you have ever seen in your entire life. It’s opulent and gilded and you almost have to laugh at the difference between your campus at the Fashion Institute in New York City compared to this small palace.


Finally, the day comes for the real estate agents to arrive, give their speeches, and open the flood gates for everyone to race around the city with their newly found friends of all but 3 days of knowing each other to then sign a lease for the semester together. You lucked out with four other girls that you joke and laugh and explore and cook with. But first, the apartment hunt begins.  


POLIMODA school, Florence, IT. We are in Florence just for few days. We finally visited our school after some years of our graduation just to inform them for our new project. Then I took some photos of our school! Polimoda is placed in one of the most beautiful and famous villas in Florence. Villa Favard in the center of Florence is a renaissance building with big history.