Kurt Vonnegut is a humanist master who speaks to us whenever we have the time to listen. He has been my favorite author for sometime and I thought that a long overdue homage to the man was in order.

A month ago I read Timequake. I had not visited Mr. Vonnegut in at least a year and my father left it for me here in Korea after he left. The book was fantastic and the his optimism for humanity juxtapositions his complete lack of faith in the institutions we have created here in America. To state it best, it is one big post-modern shrug.

So it goes. 

Hearing Vonnegut speak to me from beyond the grave got me thinking about what he would have to say about the way things are in the world. What would he think of my generation? What would he think about this election? 

The following is a fictional interview with the author as I’d imagine him to answer the questions. I gathered quotes from my personal favorite novels from the Vonnegut collection. I recommend reading the entire list. But, for the time being, enjoy the interview: