Caterpie has a crush on Misty:

In any case, it turns out this Caterpie is male, and has subsequently taken more of a liking to the female Misty.

Misty will apparently probably grow up to be “just like Ash’s mom”:

Misty was the kind of person who would return any insult threefold, the type of girl Ash was terrible at dealing with. The type who would probably be just like Ash’s mom when she grew up.

Also, this line:

Unable to win with a real retort, Ash resorted to bad puns, which angered Misty.
“I can’t believe you! Making stupid puns at a time like this… You’ve got no integrity. I’m going to report you to the police.

mr-police-car  asked:

i love things that remind me of preschool, i remember watching hamtaro and gumby on the big blocky tv while sitting on the carpet with all the other kids in my class

aww! i love hearing about school memories. something that reminds me of preschool is this carson dellosa weather bear:

everyday we would have someone in class look out the window to see what kind of weather it is outside, then an assigned person would dress up the bear accordingly. (the front of the bear and the back of the outfits had velcro tabs on them!)