So between the white woman who called the cops on a black family having a BBQ in a park, the white man threatening to call ICE in nyc on Latina women for speaking Spanish, and a white woman literally yelling for the cops while screaming “gun!” on a black man for making a u turn in their neighborhood should educate us all that white people are realizing that institutional racism is real but they are using it for their own white supremacist social benefit.

They are calling for the authorities knowing that the cops will take their side and will either arrest or murder people of color for simply being seen or heard.

When I was twenty I was almost shot by a police officer because of my mental illness. I was peeling bark off a tree on public property to calm my anxiety.

Two officers pulled up very quietly in a squad car while I had my back turned. They did not announce their arrival. When I noticed them approaching me by the sound of their footsteps, I was frightened and reached for my phone to record them. They thought I was going for a weapon and one reached for his pistol. I put my hands up.

They illegally detained me and took my ID to run a background check. The one who had started to draw his gun on me asked me if I’d had any thoughts of hurting myself or others.

My background check came up clean. They released me and told me I wasn’t doing anything illegal. I went to my car and bawled my eyes out, thinking about how I’d almost died for the crime of “weird behavior.”

Don’t give these pigs a registry of the mentally ill. They’re already trying to kill us for no good reason.


If you haven’t already been informed… Stephon Alonzo Clark was fatally shot in Sacramento, California by the SPD. He was shot at 20 TIMES in his own backyard after cops “mistakenly” took his cellphone as a weapon. They first claimed they believed it was a “toolbar” and then later changed their story saying they believed it was a gun, and they feared for their lives, only to find out he had NOTHING aside from his phone. I have always felt deeply about BLM and police brutality, but this hit too close to home. This is home. We graduated in the same class. We walked the same halls, shared the same classrooms, attended the same parties/prep rallies/knew the same people… and so on. He has 2 children under 5 years old that have to grow up without him, as well as a city that adores him and is in mourning. His family is hurting. Our city is hurting. Please spread the word, help if you can, and bring his family justice! #StephonAlonzoClark #SACforever #JusticeForZoe


Today In Solidarity (6/12/18): As we remember the two year anniversary of the Pulse massacre, it is important that we reflect on narrative and who gets to write history. In the weeks following the tragedy, police were lauded as heroes for their response. In reality, they dragged their feet in responding to the shooting, sprayed bullets indiscriminately into the club, and have used the opportunity to muscle their way deeper into queer spaces, potentially threatening the safety of them. Survivors have recently filed a lawsuit around parts of this reality. 

Alternately, we must remember that the victims of this massacre were predominantly Latinx, some even with hazy immigration statuses. The reality is that to this day member of the Latinx LGBTQ community (in Orlando and across the country) experience xenophobia, racism, and classism at the hands of police/authorities. We must not allow the Pulse tragedy to be white-washed. We must demand accountability for the lives lost not just at the hands of terrorists, but due to the cavalier and reckless way police acted in response. #nojusticenopeace #noprideforpolice