Renee Davis, a 23-year-old Native woman, was shot and killed by Kings County (Washington) deputies on Friday (October 21). Renee was five months pregnant and struggling with depression. She texted a friend to say that she was “in a bad way.” That person called the police, who went to Davis’ home on Muckleshoot Tribal lands. The cops knocked but received no reply so they entered the house to find Renee holding a handgun. Rather than de-escalate the situation, the cops ended up killing Renee Davis. 

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what book were they reading?

The ghost belonged to me by Richard Peck

It’s about Alexander Armsworth, who is a normal boy until he sees a ghost of a girl in his barn, warning him of an impending disaster. This leads to him to become a local hero. But when he explains that a ghost warned him, it unburies the story on how she came to rest on their property, far from her home in New Orleans, Louisiana. He takes it upon himself to take her body home to New Orleans. (x)

Live Wild - part 5 (dabbe series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 922

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on this post. Took me a while to sort it, but here we go. It’s more like a silly sort of fluffy story, nothing too oppressing. (I don’t own that gif)

Trying to appear unaffected, James walked back towards the police van where Sergeant Brock Rumlow was waiting for him.

“Taking a break to call your girlfriend, Barfs?” Rumlow asked with a large insincere smile. “Do you realize that we’re here to work? To catch the bag guys?” He moved his face a little closer, taunting James.

James’ jaw clenched, he had to bite his tongue to stop himself from replying something nasty. Rumlow was his direct superior and a daily nightmare. He couldn’t disobey his orders.

“I was talking to a witness.” James walked past him and entered the van.

“A mystery witness? Please, tell me more.” Rumlow followed him closely.

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when I told my parents
of the racist lady
who called me a nigger
my father told me:
“this is why I’ve always told
you to work harder,
you’ve got to be better than them
to get to where they are”
and I wonder if it’s all worth it
if his masters and pHd makes it all worth it
if a better future for me and my siblings
is worth putting all this energy in a country
that won’t even claim you as one of their own
i wonder what’s worse
being told you don’t belong by someone who
migrated just a decade before your family or
by one whose ancestors played part in the destruction
and instability of your home?
when I asked the police
why he was late
he said: “I was busy dealing with
other stuff”
and I wonder if they would
still have been busy if i left
out the fact that she
called me a nigger when she laid her
hands on me
or that I was wearing a dark hijab
when I described myself
“busy giving out traffic tickets?”
i ask him
he doesn’t take it well
but I wonder if he’s angry
if racism makes him angry
or if he’s used to hearing about it by now
“you’re 90 minutes too late, it’s not an
emergency anymore” I tell him
i wonder how many injuries, dead bodies
and broken souls could have been avoided
just by treating emergencies as an emergency
i wonder if they would have still believed me
if I hadn’t forced myself to enter 7/11
in hopes to get it all on tape
i wonder when we’ll be done
having to take precautions
because we’re black or because
we’re muslim or because we’re
women or because God forbid
you’re all three and you’ll stay
wondering what fuelled their hatred
i wonder when those with privilege
will realize speaking up instead of
watching it all unfold
makes all the difference
i wonder when they’ll stop being
surprised when I tell them shit like this
still happens
i wonder when it will stop
i want it to stop
the next day my mother asked me
if I’ve ran into her again
i wonder if she realizes that its not just her
that there’s more of her
some vocal but most silent
and that that’s the scariest part -
that they must know their bad thoughts
are fuelled by misplaced anger and ignorance
yet they don’t bother decolonizing their minds
—  i wonder, S.Omar
Josh Fox: Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline is a Threat to Democracy
Award-winning filmmaker Josh Fox joins us to discuss the arrest of fellow filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who is charged with three felonies for filming an act of civil disobedience in which climate activists manually turned off the safety valves to stop the flow of tar sands oil through pipelines spanning the U.S. and Canada. "These people are not accessories to the crime, they are the media," Fox says. "This is a constitutionally protected activity." Schlosberg was the producer of Fox’s recent documentary, "How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change."


Think about how common it is for sports fans to riot, set fires, flip cop cars, etc.

But no one will assume you’re a terrorist just because you call yourself a sports fan. Even if you scream at the TV whenever the referee makes a bad call, people still won’t judge you.

But say that you support Black Lives Matter, and you’re automatically responsible for everything that has ever been done at a Black Lives Matter protest and everything that has ever been done by someone who claims to support Black Lives Matter.

Bitty is short. There’s nothing wrong with calling him short. I keep seeing posts acting like calling him short is offensive in some way and my 5′1″ ass is like ??? let him be short?? 

He’s 3″ shorter than the American average for white males. He’s particularly short for the sport he plays. He’s far shorter than anyone else on his team/in his friend group except Lardo. Considering his environment, he’s short. It doesn’t matter that he’s half a foot taller than me, saying “I’m shorter than Bitty and I can reach things” doesn’t change the fact that he is significantly smaller than would be expected in his sport or the fact that he’s significantly smaller than most of his friends

like yeah the “he can’t reach stuff” jokes get old but really people there’s no harm in calling him short, y’all need to calm down and just enjoy the glory of the Jack/Bitty height difference