Talking African Grey parrot stolen in ‘devastating’ burglary

A talking African Grey parrot has been stolen from a family home in a “devastating” burglary in Bradford.

West Yorkshire Police said they are investigating the break-in and are appealing for any information in a bid to help reunite the parrot, named Barney, with his owners.

The 10-year-old parrot was stolen during the burglary in the Cleakheaton Road area of Bradford.

The suspects are believed to have gained entry to the house through a window, police said.

The thieves stole a quantity of the parrot’s food, and also took a laptop, a Playstation, a lawnmower and a strimmer.

It is thought the thieves did not take Barney’s cage due to its large size and according to a statement, West Yorkshire Police said: “It’s believed that the suspects may have used a hessian bag or large box to transport him.”

Detective Constable Sarah Hamer of Bradford CID who is investigating the burglary said: “Any burglary is devastating for the victim, but in this case it’s even more upsetting for the family with Barney also been taken.

“Barney does speak, and it’s likely he will be making a lot of noise where ever he is being kept. We want to re-unite Barney with his owners.

“Anyone who was in the area on Thursday morning who have seen anyone acting suspiciously or who has any information should come forward. Equally anyone who may have seen a parrot like Barney for sale or who has been invited to buy a parrot like him should to get in touch.”

Anyone with any information about the burglary, or of Barney’s whereabouts should contact DC Hamer at Bradford CID via 101 quoting 13170379673.

Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Swedish books/movies/tv shows you should read/watch

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Here is a list of swedish books/movies/tv shows that you should read/watch if you want to !

(this is not a ranking)


April Witch 

(Aprilhäxan) by  Majgull Axelsson. 

Desirée wants to know who stole her life. Institutionalised since early childhood due to severe disabilities, she lies in her hospital bed making plans. She can neither walk nor talk, but she has special abilities. Desirée is an ‘April witch’, which means that she’s able to see through other creatures’ eyes and can make them take her wherever she wants to. In her quest to find out which of her three foster sisters has stolen her life, Desirée becomes an invisible presence in their lives, following them, biding her time.

Simon and the Oaks

(Simon och ekarna) by Marianne Fredriksson.

Simon Larsson grows up in a working-class family in Gothenburg in the 1940s. World War II is raging. Simon’s father is a man of principles and strong views; his mother runs the home with love and warmth. But they are not his biological parents. Simon finds out that he was adopted and that his real father is Jewish. At school, Simon meets Isak Lentov, the son of a rich Jewish bookkeeper. The Lentovs, who fled from Nazi Germany before the war, becomes closely linked to Simon’s own family as the two boys make the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

(Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann) by Jonas Jonasson.

On his 100th birthday, Allan Karlsson breaks out of an old people’s home, through the window. He is determined to fill his remaining days with adventure and embarks on a long journey through Sweden, being chased by thieves and police, making friends along the way. Mixed with his old-age adventure, his life’s story is told: he dines with president-to-be Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, travels on a river boat with Mao Zedong’s wife and treks through the Himalayas.

Gösta Berling’s Saga

by Selma Lagerlöf.

A priest defrocked for misbehaving and drinking, Gösta Berling wants to die. The Mistress of Ekeby saves him from freezing to death and takes him in. As one of 12 party-loving homeless men in the manor at Ekeby, Gösta Berling becomes a leading spirit. But the evil Sintram lures the men into making a deal with the devil, which leads to the Mistress of Ekeby leaving home. Wild adventures, power struggle and redemption follow.

Let the Right One In

(Låt den rätta komma in) by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

It’s the winter of 1981 in the grey Stockholm suburb of Blackeberg. Twelve-year-old Oskar is being bullied. But he has a friend who lives next door, Eli. The two develop a close relationship, and Eli helps Oskar fight back against his tormentors. But this story is more than just a snapshot of average suburban life. Eli is a vampire, which Oskar has yet to find out. As mysterious murders spread fear and confusion in the community, Oskar starts to understand – but doesn’t abandon Eli.

The Road

(Vägen till Klockrike) by Harry Martinson.

In 1898, cigar maker Bolle faces big changes. Hand-rolled cigars have to give way to modern, machine-made, mass-produced cigars. Industrialisation is here and Bolle doesn’t like it. He hits the road. On wood-lined gravel roads we follow his vagabond journey through a Sweden about to change. Bolle learns how to beg without provoking people, faces the fear of inhabitants and meets riding policemen as well as vagabond friends. The vagabonds share a longing for freedom and a feeling of scepticism of the brave new world.

Popular Music from Vittula

(Populärmusik från Vittula) by Mikael Niemi.

Matti and his silent friend Niila grow up in Pajala in the very north of Sweden, in an area called Vittula. This is the 1960s/70s, when roads are covered with asphalt, small farms are closed and rock music hits the radio. The older generation doesn’t like the novelties, shaped as they are by memories of poorer times and by Laestadianism, a conservative Lutheran movement that started in Swedish Lapland. Mikael and his friends dream of another life, a life that awaits beyond the horizon.

Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs

(Nu vill jag sjunga dig milda sånger) by Linda Olsson.

One dark evening in March, Veronika arrives at a remote cottage in a small Swedish village, having come all the way from New Zealand. She is a young author longing for peace and quiet to be able to finish her novel and get on with her life after mourning a great loss. Veronika’s closest neighbour is Astrid, a loner. Behind her walls, dark family secrets and a personal tragedy are hidden. As the cold winter turns to spring, the two women slowly form a bond. Their friendship will change both of their lives forever.

The People of Hemsö

(Hemsöborna) by August Strindberg.

Carlsson is on his way to the island of Hemsö in the Stockholm archipelago to work at widow Flod’s farm. With Flod’s husband dead and her son Gusten not caring about farming, the farm is in a state of disorder. When Carlsson starts taking care of everything, Flod is happy, but her son finds Carlsson very snobbish. Eventually Carlsson marries Flod – but let’s just say she’s not the only woman on the island.

The Serious Game

(Den allvarsamma leken) by Hjalmar Söderberg.

Arvid Stjärnblom and Lydia Stille accidentally meet again, ten years after their young romance ended. Now, they are both married, but can’t help falling for each other again and start an affair. Lydia is an independent woman who gets a divorce and is prepared to follow her emotions, which turns out to have far-reaching consequences. Arvid, on the other hand, stays married to his wife with whom he has two children. It soon becomes clear that love is a serious game.

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  • Joker: God has smiled upon you this day.
  • The fate of a nation in your hands.
  • And blessed be the children who fight with all our bravery,
  • ‘Til only the righteous stand…
  • You see the distant flames,
  • They bellow in the night,
  • You fight in all our names for what we know is right,
  • And when you all get shot
  • And cannot carry on, Though you die,
  • La Resistance lives on.
  • The Phantom Thieves: You may get stabbed in the head,
  • With a dagger or a sword,
  • You may be burned to death,
  • Or skinned alive, or worse,
  • But when they torture you,
  • You will not feel the need to run
  • For, though you die, La Resistance lives on.
  • Police: Blame Phantom Thieves! Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Sae: Because the country’s gone awry,
  • Tomorrow night, these freaks will fry!
  • The Public: Tomorrow night,
  • Our lives will change.
  • Tomorrow night, We’ll be entertained.
  • An execution!
  • What a sight!
  • Tomorrow night.
  • Shido: Up there there is so much room,
  • Where babies burp and flowers bloom,
  • Tomorrow night up there is doomed And so I will be going soon!
  • Okumura and Kobayakawa: Shut your fucking face, uncle fucka,
  • You’re a boner-biting bastard, uncle fucka!
  • Kobayakawa: Looks like we may be out of luck!
  • Okumura: Tomorrow night, we’re pretty fucked!
  • Other Confidants: Why did the Thieves start this war?
  • What-the-fuck are they fighting for?
  • When did this song become a marathoooon?
  • Akechi: When Joker is dead and gone, my vengeance shall move on!
  • The Phantom Thieves: They may cut your dick in half,
  • And serve it to a pig,
  • And though it hurts,
  • you’ll laugh And dance a dickless jig,
  • But that’s the way it goes And though we’re shat upon,
  • Though we die, La Resistance lives oooooonnnnn!
  • Police: Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Blame Phantom Thieves!
  • Ryuji: *marches with the flag of the Phantom Thieves and trips*
Critical Role Buddy Cop Film

you can tell the quality of my blog is steeply declining. Anyway,

Scanlan Shorthalt and Grog Strongjaw are two loose canons on the Emon police force. When twin thieves come town, its up to them to catch them.


Grog Strongjaw: the muscle of the Emon PD. Once took 6 bullets and still managed to apprehend some bank robbers. Barely passed the academy bc he isn’t very smart but makes up for it in enthusiasm. Can often get criminals to surrender through pure intimidation but is secretly a huge softy. Usually follows Scanlan’s lead

Scanlan Shorthalt: the shortest man to ever join the Emon PD. As a master of disguise, he usually does undercover work. Once single handedly took down a crime ring by convincing all of the bosses that one of the others was a police informant. Badass single dad. Always wears sunglasses. Plays music for the Emon PD picnic. the most flamboyant man on the force

Pike Trickfoot: a young doctor at a local hospital. Usually ends up being the one to treat the boys when they get injured (which happens a lot). Scanlan always flirts with her when he’s in the hospital (”Kiss me. I don’t think I’ll make it” “Scanlan it’s just you leg”)

Vex and Vax: Twin con artists/thieves. Came into town with the intent of pulling a heist on the museum. Have never been caught before. (pls just think of Vax in a catsuit). Smooth af, only steal from rich people. Vex is in it for the money, Vax is in it for the thrill

Percy de Rolo: the long suffering police chief. Used to be one of the best officers on the force until he was injured in a fight with the Briarwood crime family. Still the best shot in EPD history. Has pretty much given up on controlling Grog and Scanlan. Just wants Rest (and revenge)

Keyleth: the rookie of the force. Still very inexperienced and sometimes messes up undercover ops. She seems harmless but she can low key kill a man with her bare hands. Once they found a dog fighting ring and she beat up 12 large men by herself. She kept one of the dogs and she is named Minxy and she loves her.


Yoongi Scenario: Wanna Be.

Request: Can i resquest a scenario where yoongi and y/n are in kindergarten and for some reason yoongi makes y/n cry so he feels bad and gives her a gift.. I really want this type of cute fluff. Love your blog

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi doubted someday he would understand girls. They were loud and whinny, always seeming to cry for something. As he played with his rubik’s cube his eyes went to the front were all the so called fun was happening. Yoongi couldn’t understand that either, all the other kids were playing to police and thieves and right now were arranging the teams. Everyone was so loud laughing and pushing each other, he wasn’t interested in participating, his rubik’s cube was way better than that.

A loud whine interrupted his concentration, it was you, the noisiest girl he knew and who Yoongi honestly couldn’t understand.
You wanted to play with all the other kids but the teams were already of even numbers.
-You can’t play with us today Y/N- you stared at the boy who had told you that with your lip already quivering. -We don’t want to play with you today- the boy added making you cry openly, you gave him a kick in the knee and ran straight towards the other lonely kid in the playground. Yoongi.

He shrank his knees to his chest and lowered his head to focus on his rubik’s cube so you wouldn’t bother him, if he avoided eye contact then maybe you wouldn’t talk to him.

-Hey you- 

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Customers listened to latest record release inside soundproof listening booths, HMV 363 Oxford Street store, London 1955 (LIFE magazine)

Anime and Music / Soundtrack:

Oldies but Goodies:

Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub

Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz Hop

Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Disco

Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin, Flamenco, Fusion, Folk

Post Punk, New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Ska Punk

Home Invasion || Harry Flynn x Reader ||

Characters: Harry Flynn x Fem!Reader (My first Harry Flynn Imagine WOO)

Fandom: Uncharted

Requested: Yes by the lovely @missdictatorme bless <3 xxx [Hey! 💛 Can you do a Harry Flynn x Reader where Flynn breaks into reader’s house to steal some artifact and reader catches him, but she’s very frightened (there’s a thief in her house after all lol) and Flynn being the English gentleman he is, reassures her that he’s not gonna hurt her, but he’s a flirty asshole too, so he kinda traps her in a corner and… Yeah, heavy make out or something like that 😉 haha ❤]

Prompt: You wake up in the middle of the night after hearing strange noises from downstairs. Frightened you discover a particular Englishman rummaging through your things, threatening to call the police he assures you he isn’t going to hurt you. His endeavour to obtain an artefact you have is side tracked when he realises the occupant of the house -you- is drop dead gorgeous. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @dragonjedihobbit @feelthefeelingsinsideyou @shararogers @roses-are-bae  @solarsystemus

Word Count: 1,639


Tonight was one of those nights you wished you could just sleep, after a tiresome day. But alas, you couldn’t sleep after laying in bed for hours. Perhaps it was because no one else was home for the evening, you lived in quite a large house. Given the large property, and how big your family actually was it wasn’t too frowned upon that you lived with your parents still. 

Glancing at the clock sitting idle on your bedside table, a sigh falls from your lips, 2:43 A.M. “This is fucking ridiculous.” You groan, harshly spinning in your bed, turning away from the clock. Why couldn’t you get any sleep? You soon realise that you were glad to have been restless throughout the night upon hearing a thump from downstairs.

There weren’t any pets inside the house, there never was, the dogs always slept outside during the night. You sat up in cautious silence, waiting a moment to see if anything else thumped unusually. Sure enough, another clatter echoed through the house. “Great. Home alone, can’t sleep and there’s someone in the house.” You muttered to yourself, sliding off the bed and carefully going down to investigate. 

Before leaving the safety of upstairs, you checked your phone only for it to be flat - another groan erupted from you quietly. “Fuck.” You mutter, slowly stepping down the stairs, descending into darkness. Completely defenceless you weren’t at all sure why you ventured down, perhaps you could spook the intruder into leaving or worst case scenario you die. 

You hoped that death wasn’t going to be an option tonight.

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Some fan art I did a few weeks back of Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper series. She’s one tough gal and it’s great she’s still a part of the series. I personally enjoyed her Sly 2 voice the most but I know that the Hispanic accents fit the character better. I’m torn between Grey Delisle’s performance or the voice actress from the first game. But yeah, hope you like!

dreams unwind | 1970-1979 [Listen Here

1. ziggy stardust | david bowie // 2. rhiannon | fleetwood mac // 3. once i had a love (aka the disco song) | blondie // 4. police & thieves | the clash // 5. welcome to the machine | pink floyd // 6. all my love | led zeppelin // 7. trust me | janis joplin // 8. it’s too late | carole king // 9. starman | david bowie // 10. higher ground | stevie wonder // 11. because the night | patti smith // 12. killer queen | queen // 13. x offender | blondie // 14. hey you | pink floyd // 15. storms | fleetwood mac // 16. behind blue eyes | the who // 17. heart of gold | neil young // 

maimishou  asked:

How do you feel about the rumor that we’re getting two Sentai next year?

All I wish is that Mr. Toei accepts it and confirms it because if you lived with me since I was 8 you’d figure I LOVE detective/thief interactions (being my favorite shows were Detective Conan/Case Closed, recently watched a Lupin III movie, and Brave Police) and that gentlemen thieves are my guilt favorite cliches.

I just wish it gets confirmed and that it’s not a rumor, because I really want Super Sentai to push out even more boundaries and bring in more original ideas onto its plate then ever. I’m guessing this five year span is yet Super Sentai’s most original time, and I hope it continues on. I think Sentai does best when it’s being original rather than cashing in on old concepts like ninjas and animals and cars

some of my favorite parts of Leverage are when other thieves or police or whoever recognize the crew as the best 

like in the Two Live Crew Job when Chaos was yelling about Sophie all “you don’t con Sophie Deveraux!”

or in the Girl’s Night Out Job when Mattingley learned Parker’s name and was immediately all “Parker? the Parker?”

anonymous asked:

Hello can you suggest us books featuring a professional (hunter/time traveller/wizard/detective/anything) and his/her companion as main characters? Thank you (:

Hi there, lovely!

We aren’t sure if we’re on the right path with these books, but hopefully! *fingers crossed* 

We came up with some characters who are professionals in certain fields and they usually have either one or more companions. We hope this still suits to your criteria? Anyhow, we hope this helps and happy reading! (✿◠‿◠)

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