Los Angeles

Call for workshops, tabling, affinity groups to come outside of Mens Central Jail in downtown LA and support the nation prison strike on that day with a resource and food share for released prisoners followed by an action.

We are seeking speakers, affinity groups, organizations to join us. There is a planning meeting August 31st Wednesday at 3201 maple avenue.

The full call to action can be read at www.strikeagainstpoliceterror.wordpress.com

We are for the Abolition of police and prisons and seek to coordinate a strike against police and state terror.

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Whistleblower Cop Turned Lawyer Launches Organization to Combat Police Brutality and Protect Police Whistleblowers

Jonathan Newton was a cop in Georgia when he blew the whistle about misconduct in the department.

He ended up pursuing a law degree from the University of the District of Columbia and launching the National Association Against Police Brutality,which is an organization to combat racism and abuse in police work as well as to protect police whistleblowers.

Started in December of 2014, the purpose of NAAPB is to eliminate police brutality through citizen education, community empowerment, and civil rights advocacy.

Newton first came on as a public information officer in Clayton County, Georgia, then blew the whistle when Sheriff Victor Hill forced employees to work on his campaign while on county time – which is a violation of campaign rules.

Hill also required Newton write his biography on the taxpayer’s dime.

After Newton blew the whistle, Sheriff Hill sought to have him indicted on theft and forgery charges and he was arrested and fired in May 2011.

Once the judge dismissed the charges, Newton was offered his job back, but he refused and went to law school.

Last year, Sheriff Hill was indicted for shooting a female friend in an accident both describe as an “accidental shooting.”

This year, he was indicted for theft, racketeering, lying, influencing a witness and violation of the oath of public office.


Cop Thought He Saw a Child With Pot, So He Fired 7 Fatal Rounds Into His Back

Jonathen Santellana,17yo, years was sitting in his car in a parking space at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas with his friend, Kalee Marsteller, also 17. Navasota police officer Rey Garza decided to rush up to Santellana’s driver’s side window, brandishing a gun.

Naturally, Santellana and Marsteller thought this deranged man was trying to rob them, so Santellana put the car in reverse to escape. Garza tried to open the door as Santellana began driving away. Garza, claiming that he feared for his life, then shot Santellana in the back of the head and back, killing him.

The report from Cam Cope, president of Auto Fire & Safety Consultants of Conroe, shows that Garza’s version of events “is not consistent with any of the factual evidence.” It is being submitted by Santellana’s family directly to a grand jury for the case to be reconsidered. A grand jury decided not to indict Garza, believing that he shot Santellana out of fear for his own life.

Garza was acting as a “courtesy officer” for the apartment complex when he spotted Santellana holding something in his hands and grew suspicious. After crossing paths with Santellana, Garza went to his apartment and grabbed his gun. Garza then located Santellana in his car, and claims that he saw Santellana putting a green leafy substance into a prescription bottle.

Garza felt that this behavior was cause for him to accost Santallana. Here is where the factual evidence contradicts Garza’s sworn testimony.

Garza claims that he “asked Jonathen to get out of the Chevrolet Malibu, then opened the driver’s door and reached in with his right hand to remove the keys from the ignition, as he alleges Jonathen was attempting to start the car.”

However, the car was already running, and Garza was banging on the window with his gun and demanding that Santellana roll down the window, according to Marsteller. An eyewitness, Sheila Moreno, states that Garza did not identify himself as a police officer, nor did she say anything about Garza holding a badge.

Garza claims that “he showed his badge and police identification as he opened the door” and “he had the gun and holster in his pocket as he attempted to remove the ignition keys with his right hand, then pulled the gun from the holster, showed the badge, fired 4-5 rounds, without aiming, as the driver’s door moved rearward 10-12 feet, peeling out (Rey Garza’s deposition).”

However, Moreno states that Garza was holding the gun with both hands. Garza’s holster was actually located on the front driver’s side windshield of Jonathen’s car. Marsteller states that Garza said he was a police officer only after Santellana had backed out of the space and began driving away. She also states that Garza did not begin shooting until after the car was moving forward.

Moreno states that she saw the car driving forward when she heard gunshots. She saw Garza walk toward the car and fire an additional 3 to 5 shots. Seven empty bullet casings were found in the middle of the parking lot.

Garza testified that Santellana never threatened him nor did he feel that Santellana was a dangerous person. Yet that did not stop him from recklessly approaching the vehicle with a loaded weapon and firing when Santellana did not obey orders from this large man in gym shorts, who did not initially identify himself as an officer or show a badge. He also put the residents of the apartment complex in danger by shooting at the moving vehicle.

Garza claims that he became pinned between Santellana’s door and the car parked next to him. However, Marsteller states that Garza was never in danger from the door and it did not hit anything. Santellana pushed Marsteller’s head down to protect her from flying bullets, and that is how he got shot in the back of the head.

The Grand Jury Package, submitted to the Free Thought Project by Roxanna Harrison, Santellana’s mother, reads as follows:

“Rey Garza should be indicted for murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and/or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as probable cause exists. Garza was not in danger when he shot Jonathen Santellana in the back and back of the head killing him. Like most criminal homicide suspects Rey Garza has come up with an excuse. However, the forensic and credible eyewitness evidence refutes his version on the events. Furthermore, shooting a person for trying to escape a non-violent minor crime is not a defense to homicide or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The public and parents of Jonathen Santellana want justice to be done.”

This killer cop is still out on the streets because a grand jury, as is the case in most instances, failed to indict Garza — in spite of the overwhelming evidence against him. Blue privilege is nothing short of a license to kill.


We need the judges and prosecutor’s to be investigated because they are just as guilty when they let these tyrannical, bullying thugs off without even a slap on the wrist. Cops and district attorneys along with judges all wash each others backs. “I was afraid”, it defines their characters and carries ultimate influence with the judicial system. These are cowards with murderous intent. I do not know how a parent not go insane from the utter void of justice….and simply take out the murderer on their own. Actually it’s just one more crime committed by cops left unpunished. Not a surprise, but a long term #BadgePrivilege. They use to feel impunity and the prosecutors help them not to change their attitude. 

#KillerCops #PoliceBrutality #BadgeAbuse #Cops #StayWoke 

University of California(Davis) has been reported to pay $175000 for this image to not appear when you search it on google

On November 18th, 2011, a peaceful protest was held in UC Davis. A branch of “Occupy Wallstreet”, Occupy UC Davis was intended to protest police violence on UC campuses. The police responded by hearing their concerns, agreeing and then pepper-sprayed the protesters. That’s right, they attacked students that were protesting the fact that they attack people. source

If you’re thinking “Oh man, someone got some compensation for this, right!?” Yup. Someone did. The cop. 

The stress of being the poor victim netted him a $38,000 in worker’s comp. 

That’s more than a lot of people make in a full year. source

UC Davis “Investigated” this. And the guy who conducted the investigation was a Police Chief William J. Bratton - Chairman of the private business that provides UC Davis’s security. SOMEHOW there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the officers involved in this incident. source

It just came out that UC Davis has paid $175,000+ to a private “Image Management firm”, who is putting all of that sweet, sweet dollar into manipulating Google’s search engines, as well as other networks, to make it a lot LOT harder to find reminders that this happened. Read that what-proper: 

They’re spending almost $200,000 of school funds to escape being remembered for this awful incident.


So let’s take a stand. Let’s fight back against their attempts to censor the truth and avoid accountability for their awful, awful actions and violent corruption. I have before you a perfectly shareable image set, complete with sources and screenshots of proof. Let’s all work together and get the word out about this chicanery. #Love it!

People can be convinced they committed a non-existant crime in just 3 hours
By Bec Crew

Innocent people can be questioned by police in such a way that they end up convincing themselves that they’ve committed a crime. And this belief can be so strong, they can sometimes follow that belief up with a false confession.

Early last year, a team of lawyers and statisticians published a paper stating that 4.1 percent of criminal defendants who are sentenced to death in the US are falsely convicted. To investigate this phenomenon, a study led by psychological scientist Julia Shaw from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK investigated the possible cause, and found that, if questioned in the right way, innocent people can fabricate stories in their minds with so much detail, they can falsely convince themselves that they committed a crime.

“Our findings show that false memories of committing crime with police contact can be surprisingly easy to generate, and can have all the same kinds of complex details as real memories,” Shaw said in a press release. “All participants need to generate a richly detailed false memory is three hours in a friendly interview environment, where the interviewer introduces a few wrong details and uses poor memory-retrieval techniques.” …

What to do when police stop and frisk you

Some of them they read to you with the Miranda rights, but sometimes they don’t read the Miranda rights.

You do not have to consent to a search.

You tell the police if they ask to search you, “I do not consent to a search.”

Sometimes they won’t ask, they will just start searching you.

That’s when you say, “I do not consent to a search.”

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say will be used against you and that’s why you should not talk to the police about anything without a lawyer present.

So when the police ask you questions, you say, “I will not talk. I want my lawyer.”

You want to know if you’re being arrested?

So you better ask, “Am I free to go?”

Because the police can lie to you and say, “No, I’m not detaining you. No, you’re not being arrested,” but yet they’re not letting you go.

If they say no, then understand you are being detained and you remain  calm and continue to invoke your rights.

the reason cops in metropolitan areas use horses is for riot suppression. 1 mounted officer is estimated to have the same “riot suppression value” as 12 normal officers.

in other words it’s for intimidation and enabling structural and physical violence. coercing people into “”“compliance.”“” trampling protestors is not surprising.

I’m reminded of that may day, I believe it was 2015, where the ‘unsanctioned’ may day march in Seattle was subjected to bike cops ramming into people. like literally riding their bikes into people’s bodies. i saw a video there were 5 or so cops riding abreast and they rammed these marchers from behind.

as long as cops exist, they’ll use any resource at their disposal to brutalize, to suppress, to intimidate, to injure.

never accept any excuses for giving cops more weapons and more tools. always question, always probe, always seek “why do they need the things that are considered standard?”

cops need to be disarmed, disbanded, dismembered, whatever. but also its important to keep in mind that a cop doesn’t need any weapons to be violent. a cop is a weapon.