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Stoutwell Case #2 - Chapter 5 is now available!

The tales of Zootopia’s only raccoon police officer continues.

Hot on the trail of a missing sheep, Officer Seth Stoutwell makes some startling discoveries regarding the absent Otis O'Shear. But as things start to really heat up on the streets of Happytown, he realizes something even more shocking; he is being followed.

What does he learn about Otis? Who is tailing him? Read here to find out!

(artwork by @gerardson )

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Remember the time MattPatt accused Phoenix Wright of concealing evidence as the background footage literally showed him handing over the evidence in question to the police?

Phoenix Wright is only reluctant to hand over evidence or show evidence to the wrong people cause of what happened with him and Manfred Von Karma tasing the shit out of him and stealing all his evidence except one scrap, then tasing the shit out of poor Maya anyway


Tony Stark just barely convincing Ross to give him and Natasha a chance to fix things instead of going after his fellow Avengers with “boys and bullets.”

I need to talk about this scene, and how it illustrates why I have genuine BAFFLEMENT that people want to convince me that Tony Stark cares about no one but himself.

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“police should only be at pride for safety!” no. there’s literally no reason for cops to ever be at pride. they aren’t here to protect us, they’re the reason we have pride in the first place. there should be no police, and there should be no corporations.

hey so i know i dont usually post about romanian things but i need to say this

so last night (yes, in the middle of the fucking night, like the filthy thieves they are) the romanian government passed a law that, basically, makes corruption legal (if its under 45k euros, which is a LOT) AND they’re going to let all the (few) people who (they barely) arrested for this out of prison… 

i know this isnt as important to america as trump, but this is HUGE to us. there were (as far as i know) 90 thousand people protesting last night (the last time there were protests this big was in 1989 when communism fell, just to give you a perspective) and there are going to be even more today

this country has had problems with corruption since the dawn of time but i dont reckon it ever being made LEGAL. i just figured id bring some awareness to this…

here and here are two sources

Cop Explains How It Feels To Live Every Day In Fear Someone Might Record You Brutalizing A Civilian

Like any good sarcasm this holds a great deal of truth. This actually does sound like shit that cops would say as evidenced by the recent “blue racism” video out of NYPD.

I remind you that it was posted by Onion. At the same time, it perfectly illustrates the position of the US police. Indeed, the only thing that bothers them is the fact that a video of police brutality can go viral. The actor says that it can ruin the career of a cop, in reality it is hardly possible. I mean most cops stay on duty and even get promoted after their violent behavior was spread on the Internet.

#PoliceBrutality #Cops 

“i cant believe you like that problematic character and sometimes sympathize with aspects of them and don’t only talk about how they are shitty and problematic all of the time and dont preface every post you make about them with the fact that they are problematic and you are very sorry for liking them”, the tumblr user says, while inevitably doing the exact same thing with a completely different problematic character that they somehow feel is justified to like.  


UC Berkeley

remember when we shut down milo yiasjkfkdfjkl from speaking tonight

Writing is Hard, pt 9: Sexting

Summary: You send Dean some dirty pictures.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Warning: Smut, taking pictures during sex

Word Count: 2600ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

You hold up the phone, then almost instantly put it down.

This is stupid.

No. This isn’t stupid. This will be hot. Just do it.

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modern&dark plots based on animated movies

HERCULESmuse a is a rookie cop who’s just looking to prove themselves in the department, especially considering the rumors swirling around that the only reason they managed to pass the exam was because their parent is the former chief of police. desperate to show their worth, muse a volunteers to take on the biggest case the city’s seen in years, a drug ring that’s going to lead to drug bust right within the city. surprising many people, including his older and bitter partner, muse a has a knack for finding out what’s going on and begins to put together the pieces of the case - which doesn’t bode well for the kingpin who wants to flood the city with their drugs. enter muse b, a wise and street saavy escort who begins to cross paths with muse a multiple times on their different assignments. muse a is taken by muse b’s humor and intelligence and independence. muse a finds themselves taken with muse b, their energy starting to drift more on them than the case. unknown to them, muse b works for the very kingpin they’re trying to take down.

ANASTASIAmuse a was born into a wealthy political family, the youngest child in a long line of people who had the courage to speak out against what was wrong - and in return, earn a long list of enemies along the way. one evening after speaking out against a violent one, the entire family of muse a finds themselves as the victim of an attack on their estate. muse a and their grandfather attempt to escape the burning house, but are separated, muse a swallowed up by the crowd. hoping the child is safe, the grandfather continues on, thinking that muse a will find them eventually. however, years go by and nothing. meanwhile, muse b is a petty thief and scammer who looks to make quick cash in the easiest way possible, and happens to come across a paper that boldy claims five million dollar reward for anyone who can restore muse a to their family. with a trick up their sleeve and enough knowledge about the former family, muse b knows that money is as good as theirs, all they need to find is the person to play the part. in comes muse a, who’s spent the last ten years of their life in a dark cloud, the only memory of their life being their first name. 

FINDING NEMO – since muse a’s child was born, they’ve been a nervous wreck. the birth of their child led to the death of muse a’s spouse, and because of that, muse a has been desperate to hold onto their child and keep them as close as possible. when their child turns five and it’s time for them to go to school, muse a is forced to let go of the reigns a little bit, despite their best intentions. what they’re not expecting is for their child to be kidnapped during the first time away from home. the police can only do so much, but muse a can’t sit back and do nothing, taking matters and clues into their own hands and setting out to find their child. on the way, they end up picking up a forgetful yet charming hitchhiker, muse b. initially just planning on driving muse b to the next exit, muse a finds themselves saddled with muse b who can longer remember where they were going, but begins to provide help to muse a in their journey.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITYmuse a and muse b are both classmates in the same university, but the two of them come from entirely different worlds. muse a is a scholarship student, spending every waking moment working and dreaming of the career they can’t wait to start. muse b is a legacy kid, riding on the family’s name and doing just enough to get by, looking forward to partying more than studying. the two of them are pledging for the same club/fraternity/sorority, and as a result of meeting each other, immediately get off on the wrong foot. jabs and insults come off their lips easily - perhaps a bit too easily. due to an altercation in the middle of campus, the two of them soon find themselves on probation, kicked out of the dormitory where they lived, and with nothing left to support them. with everyone now expecting them to fail and the two of them the laughing stock of the entire campus, they end up having to put their differences aside and work together - and even live together. 

why antis do the thing: being an anti with problematic canon

why do antis stay in fandoms where the canon material itself is problematic? Relatedly, why do antis stay in fandoms where the creators support - or fail to denounce, at least - bad ships and nasty shippers?

Most antis seem to have a funny little disconnect between mass media creations and fandom creations.  Despite insisting on purity in their fandom spaces, antis will consume mass media-created works that canonically contain terrible things that they regularly fight against: incest, adult/teen relationships (‘pedophilia’ in anti parlance), noncon/dubcon, etc.

How can they do this?

In my experience: Antis hold fandom to a higher standard than the mass media on which fandom is based.

Fandom tumblr and social justice tumblr heavily overlap because fandom is where many queer, marginalized people go for acceptance and refuge. Additionally, much of English-speaking fandom comes from regions where LGBT and women’s histories are very undertaught. The direct result is that many antis have received the large majority of their social justice education in fandom spaces.*

That makes it only natural that antis would expect fandom spaces to be better at things like maintaining safe spaces, prioritizing queer/LGBT stories, prioritizing PoC stories, etc. than the very media that caused a fandom to exist in the first place.  In the eyes of an anti, fandom should be fixing the canon problems by cleansing fandom space of the canon problems and patching those problems with good fanon.  Fandom certainly shouldn’t be taking the bad parts of canon and running with them to ship or create things that are less than wholesome and positive.

Fandom should, as a collective, know better.

Of course, reality is that fandom - like the media it’s based on - is made up of fallible humans who are steeped in the same culture as the media creators, and therefore fandom is generally just as prone to the same problems, both real (cultural misogyny and racism/bias towards white male characters, etc) and imagined (dark themes and fanworks, heavy focus on romance/sex, not always shipping the Most Correct ship, etc). This infuriates antis, who then set about fixing it by yelling at the bad parts of fandom until it shapes up, and often to the exclusion of creating or encouraging fan content that would meet their standards of correctness.

In contrast, mass media creators generally get a pass for reasons that are likely as varied as the antis that cut them the slack, but in general, mass media creators - particularly white, cis, male mass media creators - just aren’t expected to know as much about activism. Antis don’t bother to try to fix them because they won’t even understand what antis are getting up in arms about in the first place.

Other prominent reasons for cutting mass media creators relative slack:

  • they don’t respond as strongly as fan creators do, if they respond at all, to anti pressure/harassment, and calling people out isn’t as interesting/doesn’t feel productive if the target doesn’t react
  • antis, like all humans, are prone to double-standards, and mass media creators are put on a pedastal that fan creators are not
  • antis feel that as long as they recognize the problems with the canon work and don’t interact with them in fandom it’s 'safe’ to be in problematic fandoms

It is, however, worth noting that if a creator shows the slightest awareness of social justice issues but in some way falls short of anti-shipping purity standards, antis will frequently go after the creator as brutally as they go after fellow fans. Additionally, antishipping tends to be more prominent in mass media fandoms where the canon content is socially aware, like Steven Universe.

*in 2013-2014, social justice education on tumblr took a very hard, very sudden turn directly into REG territory. About the same time, anti-shipping culture sprang up. Coincidence? I think not.

as a poc

things i dont care about: psychotic people relating to asian characters, people with identity issues identifying with asian characters, people having delusions that they dont use to speak over actual asians

things i do care about: psychotic people being harassed about their delusions, children being bullied relentlessly for relating to a character, systems being policed over something that’s been medically proven to be possible and involuntary, white ppl whitewashing characters so they can ID with them, white people speaking over POC, racefaking, anti-diaspora and anti-mixed sentiments

anyways stop fucking policing peoples identities, ESPECIALLY if you’re fuckin’ white.

ok to rb even if you’re white. 

Seeing people defend R Kelly is so disgusting, especially when they use the “I’m not going to shun him because black men face police brutality” when:

1. Victims of police brutality are innocent, whereas R Kelly is the predator

2. R Kelly is a known abuser who preys on young girls (he was caught outside of middle schools trying to seduce young girls and married Aaliyah when she was 15)

3. R Kelly is forcing those women into cutting off all contact with their family and threatens to to financially ruin these women if they leave

4. Multiple women who were in his inner circle or were his victims over the years confirmed the allegations and gave more details about his abuse

Excusing an abuser’s behavior because he’s black and other black men are victims of police brutality is not only demeaning to the innocent people who experienced systematic oppression, but also putting the feelings of a predator over the wellbeing of these innocent young black women who are being brainwashed and abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Pro revenge from a revenge pro.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

If you think about it cynically, one of the functions of the police is to provide a sort of society-wide revenge service. Unfortunately for this sub, it’s usually kind of boring. When cops do take exceptional revenge, it’s usually unfortunate and icky, like a dirty beating in the no-camera areas of the copshop, or giving someone the silent-patrolman treatment during transport. Fortunately, most cop revenge isn’t dramatic - it’s procedural. You misbehave, we do the paperwork, and eventually some consequences happen, or not.

Sometimes, however, you get a chance to take a bit of vengeance that is (i hope) the very definition of professional.

For a time, I was a small-town Canadian cop, working in $hicksville, $province. Several years before I came to work in the town, there was an event which entered town legend (and made national news - the funny little throwaway story they go to just before the end of the broadcast). Some kids committed an act of spectacular and iconic vandalism, and cost the town quite a bit of money. They were all caught, tried and sentenced to probation terms with restitution. I would love to provide details, but anything more would be immediately identifying.

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