police of avalon city

HEY!!! i was finally able to make something…

i’m revisiting Avalon City, that idea I had last year about king arthur and his knights in a modern setting as cops

and to start off i remade Galahad from the ground up

originally he was a dude but then my friends were like “that’s totally a girl huh” so i decided what the heck, he’s a girl now

girls are cute after all

main reblog will get her bio and stuff

So remember the other day when I was like WELL FUCK I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ARTHURIAN LEGENDS

well this is what that was all about!!

i wanted to start up something easy to write for practice on comics, so i made a new story!


Basically, it’s about the characters from Arthurian legends loosely adapted into modern times! And the knights of the round table are all cops!

This is Leon Galahad, a new addition to the force! He’s the protagonist. More to come, later!

hahahaha, man, i totally forgot about Avalon City, sorry everyone!! I meant to keep working on it, but then i got preoccupied with Cellovine and here we are.

Anyway, back to business! This is Captain Lancelot, of the ACPD

he’s a mighty warrior amongst police, and is probably one of the greatest assets to the force. He’s become a sort of symbol of the ACPD, and criminals have learned to fear him.

However, unbeknownst to most citizens, Lancelot has a few odd quirks about him.

  • He never takes off his armor, or at the very least, nobody’s ever seen him do it. As such, there’s a lot of rumors going around as to what Lancelot actually is.
  • Nobody’s ever heard him speak or make any noise under the helmet.
  • His coworkers are all pretty sure he’s an idiot.

Who is Lancelot??? We may never know…