police men are the shit

i have a theory about the minhyuk + changkyun story in dramarama PLUS a bit about hyungwons role

what if the reason why minhyuk travels back to the past is because changkyun died and he wants to bring him with him to the future (hence why he was holding hands with him while attempting to use the watch again before the men in suits ((like time police or some shit)) stopped them). like the two of them are childhood best friends but changkyun ends up dying somewhere along the line, so hyungwon gives minhyuk the chance to find an alive changkyun in the past and time travel into the future together and basically revive him. thats like, the only reason i could think of that would require time travel to reunite minhyuk + changkyun.

as for hyungwons role, i think hes like the original time traveler (the one who started it all and invented the time traveling watch) thats giving people a chance to save their loved ones that unfortunately, passed away in the past.

This person literally made shit up about me, attacked a woman based on her age (don’t pretend this shit happens to men), tone policed the fuck out of her and then I’m not supposed to reblog, because my followers are “obsessive”. And by obsessive they seem to mean “want someone to back up the claims they make about someone and will ask for sources”.

Like, if you don’t want me to reblog you maybe don’t start shit on behalf of alleged “other people” you claim you are protecting, don’t tag me, don’t @ me and don’t be a misogynistic piece of shit maybe?