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PHILIPPINES. Manila. August 10, 2016. Filipino policemen stand next to dead bodies following a police operation against illegal drugs. According to media reports, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to declare martial law if the country’s judiciary interferes with his ongoing war against illegal drugs. 

Photograph: Francis R. Malasig/EPA

“THE Philippines’ kill-list of suspected drug-pushers shot by the police or unknown gunmen gets longer by the day. By one count more than 600 people have died since Rodrigo Duterte was elected president on May 9th; another puts the total at nearly 1,000. Inaugurated on June 30th, Mr Duterte has taken to naming senior officials publicly as suspected narcos: generals, policemen and judges have been told to resign and submit to investigation. Or else? The kill list speaks for itself.

Mr Duterte is unabashed at international criticism, boasting that he does not care about human rights or due process. He was elected on a promise to eradicate crime, even by killing 100,000 gangsters and dumping their bodies in Manila Bay. More worrying still is that the bloodletting is popular with Filipinos, many of whose lives are blighted by poverty and crime.

Right now Mr Duterte seems beyond restraint. When the chief justice demanded proper arrest warrants, Mr Duterte threatened to impose martial law. And when the American ambassador expressed misgivings, Mr Duterte labelled him bakla, a pansy. 

The lesson of the drug wars in Latin America, and of previous dirty wars, is that extrajudicial violence resolves nothing and makes everything worse. Innocent people will be killed; and denunciations will also be used to settle scores and exploited by gangs to wipe out rivals. Filipinos’ desire for instant retribution will, surely, turn to horror, hatred and revenge. The rule of law will erode. Investors, who have made the Philippines one of globalisation’s winners in recent years, will flee. The only winners will be the still-lurking insurgents. Mr Duterte’s ill-conceived war on drugs will make the Philippines poorer and more violent.”

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BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro. August 11, 2016. Brazil’s national security force officers aim their weapons during a police operation in search for criminals in Vila do Joao, part of the Mare complex of slums during the Summer Olympics. A police officer is recovering from a life-saving surgery after he and two others sent to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics were shot at after getting lost near a slum. 

Photograph: Felipe Dana/AP


This week, Lukas and Sam take a look at the Milwaukee Riots, the buckling of police in Berlin to gangs of Islamists, Labour stalwart Frank Field’s frank admission that it’s easier to bomb them over there than to fix them over here and the death, not before time, of Bethnal Green Schoolgirl turned ISIS fanatic Kadiza Sultana in Iraq by drone strike.

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with a few hard knocks on her door he announced his presence, but also the hurry that had followed him here. he didn’t announce his visit to her, not like that was something he would normally do, but this times things were different. everything seemed to be upside down and this was the first place he thought of going. ❝ anita, open up! ❞ he yelled impatiently through the wood of the door as he waited for it to open up. time just wasn’t by his side.

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I agree that gang violence is horrible and should be shown more, yet the reason so many people have a problem with the police is because they're supposed to be protecting people. If you can't trust the cops, who can you trust? People from gangs are criminals. They commit crimes. Police men are supposed to be against crime yet you seem them killing people and keeping their jobs after. The excuse of the people they killed being thugs still doesn't really excuse the cops from using excessive force


“ And to add on more, did Alton Sterling really deserve to die? even if he was such a horrible person, did he really deserve to get killed as he laid there on the floor? Did Philando Castille really deserve to get shot and killed? Did his girlfriend deserve to get handcuffed after she saw her bf get shot? What about the child in the car? From what I heard Castille wasn’t a thug, Castille was a good man who gave out extra snacks to kids (I think?) (2/3) 

And also BLM doesn’t exactly ignore the killing of black children. I heard that a few rappers actually brought some gang bangers and stuff together trying to get them to become peaceful. Although there should be more support for BLM helping out the community, remember that some people are trying to say something about black on black crime in America. White people are killed unjustly by police too. So it’s not only a blackppl vs cops problem. Officers are killing people of other races too” (3/3)


Ok, so first off, the vast majority of cops are protecting people. Where do you get that they’re not? That 1000 out of 9,000,000 arrested Americans of all races are killed by cops and most of those are justified? How is a 1 in 9,000 chance of being killed by cops during an altercation an indication of a serious epidemic in the US? 

Also, there are cops who have lost their jobs due to unlawful behavior. Just because the media doesn’t blast it all over doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Look it up. Just because you think a cop should lose their job over something doesn’t mean that you know what actually happened. We have a justice system for a reason; so that innocent people don’t get lynched by overemotional vigilantes. 

The majority of people who die by cop threatened the cop. Cops are trained to take out threats asap, for their safety and for the safety of those around them. There have been instances where someone was not taken out and was able to kill innocent bystanders. This is why you never threaten a cop. 

As for Sterling, he was armed, going for the gun, fighting the cops, they tried to take him without a fight, but he fought back. Should he have died? We don’t know. Would he have managed to kill the cop had they hesitated? We also don’t know. This is why we have trained professionals who go into the field. They are trained to figure this stuff out on the fly. They have to act split second. 

Which is what happened with Castile. He made a deadly miscommunication by telling the officer “I have a gun.” Instead of saying, “I’m a conceal carry permit holder.” And then he reached for his wallet in his back pocket, where guns are commonly kept. We have seen other instances of black CC who have been pulled over by the police, and their interaction is rather different and uneventful. If you’re going to CC, you must know what to do. You have to be educated in this stuff. The cop is not a murderer. It is a horrible accident that shouldn’t have happened.

BLM, as an organization, prefers to hijack LGBT+ Pride Parades and Vigils and have a list of demands to be met while insulting white mourners than to talk about the thousands of black people killed by gang violence every year. There are plenty of nasty tweets calling for the deaths of white people, or the deaths of cops, that are retweeted thousands of times in the name of BLM. There are people defending the looting in Milwaukee, the looting of black owned businesses, and that’s being defended in the name of BLM. 

People are justifying the calling for the murdering of white babies, saying that it’s coming from a place of anger and hatred and hurt, as if calling for the murder of babies is at all justifiable ever. Violence is not justifiable. It will only cause more death and more suffering. The media, and famous people, and higher ups, are all promoting this race war, by promoting lies, and it’s sad. It’s frustrating. Research all sides, find out what’s going on, with an open mind. There is always a chance we can be wrong, and we must be careful. All of the evidence given to me has so far shown me what I’ve said in this post to be accurate. 

And here, once again, some black people speaking out against BLM. 



















What about when BLM marched into that library and physically assaulted people? What about when they made up stories about the KKK, then admitted to making them up? Or the number of reporterswho have been assaulted?  And as I said before,  I will not support a group that uses terrorist tactics to get their way like petty children throwing a tantrum. They are not looking at the real problems and instead focusing on something that while is a serious problem, is far less of an epidemic than other problems, such as violent crime in general.

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i was reading this markjin / jackbum & yugbam fanfic where markjin are a cute police couple looking for Gang leader™ jaebum and his bf jackson wang who also happens to be a prostitute who ALSO happens to be providing for a child he found on the streets called bambam and bambam meets the love of his life @ school whose name is yugyeom …….i lost this fan fic I don’t remember what it’s called or who wrote it….but i hope they’re doin good

Amy wants to fight @obstinxnce​… again… for like the fifth time… damn girl get a hobby.

Okay Ceci, today’s the day I kick your ass.” Amber scowled at Ceci, cracking her knuckles with anticipation. Granted she said that almost every time she wanted to trade blows with rival, but she was determined to have a clear winner this time around. 

Finding an empty place fight wasn’t too difficult, the old park worked out just fine. No one was around to see them beat each other senseless or call the police, none of her gang members were there to add any unnecessary pressure for Amber to win. It was the perfect place for a grudge match. “You ready ta’ do this?

Strangers in the Night

New York, New York. There was just something about ‘The Big Apple’ that called Carmen to come live here, to stay here for perhaps even the rest of her life. She had that Empire State of Mind going on and big dreams ahead of her.

New York was the city of opportunity. Yet it was also a city of doom and gloom. Crime raided the place at night and so did the everlasting rain. Police brutality and gang wars were ever increasing like vultures coming to the abattoir to wait on the butchers. Yet none of this bothered Carmen. She was used to it thanks to her connection with the mob. But she felt safe; it would be poor of the mob to not guard one of their ‘properties’.

Usually Carmen would be present at her job at a nightclub in the heart of Greenwich Village, but tonight she found herself at another club.

Sometimes the demands of being a ‘dancer’ were so grueling, she just wanted to get away from it all. There was a secret sanctuary where Carmen would go to hide away from all the stress, but tonight something drew her to go into this Haze nightclub. She wasn’t sure what. Maybe it was one of her Black jazz friends recommending her this place that other night.

Well, here she was, sitting at one of the tables and listening to some piano tunes in the house. The melody sounded familiar but she couldn’t place her finger on it. But she listened to it anyway, as it brought her back to another place, another time…

She was so caught up in her daydreaming that she didn’t even notice the music stopped playing already, and that someone sat across from her.

‘Oh hey,’ she voiced. She took a sip of the margarita she had in hand. ‘I didn’t see you there. You’re the piano guy around here, huh?’

Rob Ford: A drug consumer who supports prohibition

Rob Ford has sucked on a crack pipe, smoked “a lot” of pot and purchased illegal drugs while occupying the mayor’s office. To many, it also appears he struggles with alcohol abuse.

Yet throughout his political career, Ford has consistently supported the criminalization of drug users and opposed programs that focus on prevention and treatment.

No hugs for thugs, crack pipes for addicts or clean needles for intravenous drug users. “Absolutely ridiculous,” Ford has said. Funding for harm-reduction programs? Forget it.

Instead, Ford, both as a councillor and as mayor, has always had his feet planted firmly in the law-and-order camp, supporting stiffer sentences for lawbreakers, more money for cops — saying Toronto “can’t have enough police” — and praising gang and drug sweeps, which typically target poor, marginalized groups.

Police Accused of Killing 22 Suspected Gang Members in Ranch Assault

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) has accused police of killing 22 people in a raid on a suspected drug cartel last year.

At least 42 people were killed in a gun battle between an alleged drug gang and police in western Mexico on Friday, May 22, 2015, according to Reuters. Security forces reportedly came under attack at Tanhuato, near the border of Michoacan and Jalisco states.

In a news conference on August 18 2016 Raul Gonzalez, president of the CNDH, said police lied about their role during the incident, tortured two people they arrested, and burned two bodies. Police dispute the findings.

This video was featured on the website of Mexican news organization Mi Morelia at the time of the incident last year and features footage surrounding the ranch. Credit: YouTube/Mi Morelia