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The King of Spades 

by hazmesentir (109k)

Published : 2014-10-10

Undercover Metropolitan Police officer DC Louis Tomlinson has worked his way up the ranks of a prominent London crime family without raising suspicion, but when he finds himself pitted against a rising crime boss with a police background and a favoured employee by the name of Harry Styles, everything starts to unravel. Finding himself in the middle of an escalating war between two bosses whose bad blood runs deep into a violent past, Louis has to be even more careful where he steps in case his big secret catches up to him – and if it does, he knows he won’t survive it.

Not to mention he’s falling for someone he can’t have – whose earnestness and honesty is a bright spot in a dark world – he can’t sleep because his nightmares haunt him and he’s in way over his head, but it’s just a game, always just a game, and if Louis plays his cards right he might just make it out alive.

Explicit, Chaptered

Note : Graphic Descriptions of Violence

Not a single pro-life person that I have met is truly pro-life. They’re pro-forced pregnancy. Pro-forced birth. Anti-abortion. Anti-choice. But not pro-life. Else, they would be in Ferguson holding signs. They would counter bullying as though, quite literally, our children’s lives depend on it. They would promote support for mothers, for poor children, for food stamps, for education. They would advocate for gun control, rehab programs, helping the homeless and sick, and suicide prevention. They would fight police brutality, domestic violence, gang violence, the death penalty, hate crimes, human trafficking, the prison industrial complex, every single war, and anything else that kills people. But they don’t. You’ve heard it all before, but I’ll say it again. Nothing–not one single element–of the so-called ‘pro-life movement’ is actually about protecting the living and extending the lives of people.
—  Death Sentence

I have a theory about Jamilla and Sana’s mysterious other brother that we never see or hear about and we only know he exists because of one text that Sana gave Vilde.

There is no other brother.  Jamilla used to be engaged to Elias but they broke up.

And maybe Sana was partially to blame for the break up, but Elias doesn’t know that.


EL SALVADOR. San Salvador. 2015.

“Since we were children, we have witnessed these scenes–scenes that never end, that come every day. There are deaths, bodies thrown out, decapitations,” says Marvin González, 32, who leads a faction of Mara Salvatrucha in the town of Ilopango, a few miles east of the capital, San Salvador. “We are killing among poor people. It’s a war without sense.”

Mara Salvatrucha got its start on the streets of Los Angeles in the early 1980s. El Salvador was then riven by a brutal civil war, with leftist guerrillas fighting a U.S.-backed dictatorship. Thousands of young people fled to take refuge in California. To defend themselves there against established Mexican-American and African-American gangs, they formed Mara Salvatrucha. 

When the guerrillas laid down their weapons in 1992, the U.S. deported many Mara Salvatrucha prisoners. Back home, the gang members began to play out the Los Angeles street war in Central America.The recent surge in killings has become a problem for the U.S. Gang violence has prompted many young people in Central America to flee their homes, leading to U.S. authorities’ detaining record numbers of unaccompanied migrant children crossing Mexico’s border with the U.S. last year. 

President Salvador Sánchez Cerén has promised a renewed offensive on gangs, with new battalions made up of seasoned soldiers who will specialize in fighting the criminal organizations. That could mean more bloodshed, but Salvadorans, desperate to see an end to the gangs’ dominance, are likely to welcome the campaign. If it doesn’t work, the gangs are likely to take control of more of Central America–and more migrants will flee north in search of a safe haven.

(1) A police officer from a special unit patrols the streets on May 21, 2015.

(2) Police investigate a murder in the capital, on May 21, 2015.

(3) An older woman cries in the district of Soyapango while police conducts a night raid in search of Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS 13) members on June 11, 2015.

(4) A member of Mara Salvatrucha gang is arrested for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang during a police raid in the district of Soyapango on June 11, 2015.

Photographs: Patrick Tombola/LAIF

Kendrick Lamar and causal misogynoir

Humble by Kendrick Lamar came out and black social media collectively lost they shit. 

Personally, I thought the song was underwhelming, but that is just me.

There are a couple of bars that people have been pointing out as causal misgynoir or blatant misogynoir.

I saw these tweets here on tumblr highlighting this.

So I guess, it compelled me to speak on Kendrick and by extension, conscious rappers’ misogyny.

I never got why Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have been heralded as women empowering because they are definitely not. It doesn’t excuse them, but I think in the “woke” community in general, people mistake anti-white supremacy with also being an advocate of feminism. And honestly, black men can speak from their experiences easily, and one would think they should be able to speak about oppression in general. But no, they can’t or it is wrong to assume that it is so easy to.

Kendrick’s first commercial album, Section.80, had two tracks that one could argue were women empowering or highlighting sexism(Tammy’s Song and Keisha’s Song). The issue with the songs that they either use the fear of women changing their sexual orientation in response of being with too many fuck niggas or subtly use a horrific tale of sex work gone wrong that somewhat reinforces rape culture and sex shaming under the guise of highlighting it without actually addressing the main contributors of instances like this. 

In summary, they are always from a male perspective which leads to open ended interpretations. To which, I guess that is okay because it is art and art does allow for some incomprehensible instances.

But the problem with these tracks is that they are so open-ended, they do not really penalize a wrong interpretation. I can go into Keisha’s Song and feel the remorse of how women in society are treated and sexualized by men. At the same time, any nigga can go into Keisha’s Song and get the perspective that Keisha should not have been selling her pussy. In fact, that seems to be the theme Kendrick was going for as the transition to HiiPower by Ab-Soul kind of asks the irrelevant question: “What if Keisha was celibate?”

So again, we have an instance of conflicting themes.

Good Kid, Maad City is a semi-autobiographical tale of a young Kendrick Lamar living in the gang and police infested streets of Compton. Good Kid, Maad City is probably my favorite project of his because 1. I love concept albums and 2. it’s rare when “conscious” rappers talk about their experiences with the police and racism. Rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Common like to talk about the concept of racism and white supremacy, but they usually divorce themselves from it. Tupac(mainly because his life is so fucking interesting) and NWA were some rappers who told their stories through song from personal experiences. In fact, Tupac was one of those artists that did both.

But as much as I love gkmc, it is as a concept is sexist because of one persistent character: Sherane. 

Sherane is the girlfriend of Kendrick Lamar during this tale. Her whole entire existence is to be a persistent antagonist to Kendrick’s “purity.” Sherane is the temptress that keeps getting Kendrick in trouble. Sherane is the corrupter. Sherane is the one who gets Kendrick beat up, ignoring that she also got jumped and beat up on with Kendrick. Sherane is the one who gives Kendrick a STD. Sherane, Sherane, Sherane.

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Kendrick does try to absolve some malice that he has towards her towards his crew who do get him to rob people and shit, but ultimately, he and by extension they are the ones who receive salvation and Sherane never does. Sherane is the characterized hood rat that keeps getting Kendrick in trouble.

Obviously, there are some parallels between Sherane and the mainstream interpretation of Eve, but that there lies the problem. Eve is seen as an accomplice of mankind and woman kind’s fall from paradise, instead of the provider of reason and life. Eve saved us from ignorance. The story of Adam and Eve can be interpreted as women being the first to have reason or the ability to reason. Eve is not a bad person.

Because Kendrick tacked on this character and made this biblical parallel that is sexist, there is also some sanctimonious thing Kendrick got going on. Kendrick is never at fault for anything he does ever. What is also peculiar with Kendrick as an artist is that unlike most conscious rappers, he is extremely personal with racism and black empowerment, but as soon as he speaks on women, he divorces himself from the topic and Lupe Fiascos it.

Kendrick’s most commercially and critically successful album, To Pimp A Butterfly. I love this album. Like, it is the embodiment of black power from a cis-heterosexual point of view. This shit is fire. You feel the anger and rage in Blacker The Berry save for those very problematic last two bars. You empathize with Kendrick’s struggle with depression with u. You fucking celebrate black resilience with i and Alright. You take pride in your blackness when you listen to Complexion and Wesley’s Theory. You contemplate materialism and politics with soulful tracks like How Much A Dollar Cost, Mortal Man, and Hood Politics.

This was the quintessential black album before Beyonce took that spot with Lemonade.

Originally posted by queenbeyoncegkc

I love this album. I really do. But again, it does have some shade of misogynoir and continues this trend with Kendrick who can’t seem to mention black women without colluding them with sex or their bodies. You can say complexion was the one song that he didn’t do this, but again, it is subtly a love song so it is still a problem.

And finally we have the Heart Part 4, and Kendrick’s debut single, “Humble” with the above bars about a woman’s ass with stretch marks. The issue here is not that Kendrick is celebrating positive images of a woman’s body. The issue here is that he sexualizes it.

Originally posted by northgang

There is a fine line between sexualizing a woman’s body and celebrating it. And male rapper’s fall for this line every fucking time women are brought up. They always relate to black women while mentioning how beautiful they are. It is always about their attractiveness. The only artists that I feel that succesful averted this in a song directed at black women was Tupac and Keep Ya Head Up and even that was just him bemoaning the accusations of rape that were levied against him(That is complicated). 

In fact, male rappers seem completely incapable of hiding their misogyny unless it comes to their mother and significant other. The only rapper that I know who speaks ill of both are Eminem and Angel Haze and the former is because he has this pseudo Fight Club white male rage thing going on and Haze dealt with a neglectful mother and lover.

This also stems from the fact that womanism and black femininity revolves around beauty and sexuality which contrasts white feminism which usually denounces it or internalizes the feeling, black womanism,because society tends to de-femininize them, are often criticized(unfairly) as being hyper-femme and materialistic, utterly devoid of anti-capitalist sentiment. And black men tend to see aesthetics as the main focus of womanism because it appeals to them and allows black men to continue to sexualize black women without actually addressing black patriarchy.

And don’t think I am forgetting rappers like Jermaine Cole who uses respectability politics in songs like No Role Modelz and homophobia in G.O.M.D. It is as Elexus says, we have to challenge our artists to do better. 

I am going to tag @reverseracism and @fightingmisogynoir because I kind of want to open this up to discussion to black women, and I as a relatively small tumblr blogger, do not have that clout to bring people in this discussion and I also have a dick so it is relatively patronizing of me to speak on shit without having any objections.

PHILIPPINES. Manila. October 11, 2016. They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals. Heavy rain pours as police operatives investigate inside an alley where a victim, Romeo Joel Torres Fontanilla (37) was killed by two unidentified gunmen riding motorcycles in the early morning. 

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines began his anti-drug campaign when he took office on June 30, 2016. Since then, more than 2,000 people have been slain at the hands of the police alone. Beyond those killed in official drug operations, the Philippine National Police have counted more than 3,500 unsolved homicides since July 1. The victims, suspected users and pushers, are not afforded any semblance of due process.

General News, First Prize, Stories at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times

i’ve been away from the 1x1 community for a while, but i’m back & i’d love to get some things going ! i play males & females, i only play oc’s & i do m/f & f/f relationships but not m/m since i’m no good at it. here are some ideas i’d love to do. they’re not too deep, but we can always discuss the details of a plot. 

  • CHEATING PLOTS ! suggestions — significant other’s brother / sister. best friend’s girlfriend / boyfriend. exploring hidden sexuality together while dating other people. 
  • HIGH SCHOOL / COLLEGE PLOTS ! suggestions — fratboy / smart girl. geek / cheerleader. football captain / cheerleader power couple. 
  • EXES PLOTS ! suggestions — exes who hate each other but are forced to live together. exes with tension. exes who still love each other. 
  • CELEBRITY PLOTS ! suggestions — celebrity / fan. celebrity / groupie. celebrity meets someone who doesn’t know who they are. celebrity meets someone who doesn’t like them or their public image. celebrity / celebrity pr relationship. 
  • CRIME / GANG PLOTS ! suggestions — criminal falls in love with innocent flower. members of opposite gangs. criminal / police officer.
  • MUMUS ! suggestions — skins inspired mumu. harry potter mumu. combining any of the above to make a mumu. 
  • ANGSTY PLOTS ! i thrive on writing angst, so gimme gimme.
Gun Tips for Fanfic Writers

So I’m from the south and grew up around a bunch of military folks, which means that I’m pretty familiar with guns. I’ve read some fic lately that reminded me that not everyone is. In the interests of having better written guns, I thought I’d share some basics.

Gun Safety
The absolute most basic gun safety:
* Always assume that the gun is loaded
* Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot (trigger discipline)
* Never point a gun at anything you’re not intending to shoot (and know that anything you shoot may die)

Most other gun safety rules (always check the safety if you have one, don’t wave your gun around, carry it in a case when not holstered, lock it up around children, always make sure it’s unloaded when you clean it or let someone else look at it) boil down to one of those three. Most people who are taught to shoot are taught that a gun is a tool that is potentially lethal and that safety precautions should always be taken. People who are careless with guns are often not formally trained, and not following those basic rules will get you kicked out of a shooting range right quick. Someone may disregard those rules, but it will say a lot about them if they do. Make sure that’s what you want to say if you do it.

Gun Types
There are three basic types of guns: handguns, shotguns, and rifles. All three have subtypes. Most guns classified as assault weapons are rifles, specifically carbines, but not all rifles are assault weapons. (Personally, I hate the term, because most day to day gun crimes are committed with pistols because they are much easier to carry and conceal.) Handguns are typically used as police sidearms, home defense weapons, competition guns, concealed carry weapons, and the guns of most gangs. Rifles are mostly used by the military, police assault teams, for hunting, in conflict in war-torn countries, and as the weapons of large organized crime syndicates when they don’t have to hide. Shotguns are typically used in hunting and home defense. Most people who are not in organized crime, the military, or gun collecting are familiar with handguns. I’m not going to get into rifles here because I’m not familiar enough with them, but they are many and varied.

Guns, even of the same type, are not interchangeable. If you’ve handled enough guns, you can probably figure out a new one if it’s of a type you’re familiar with, but there will be a learning curve if you have to use it. Guns have different caliber ammunition - or gauge, in the case of shotguns - and loading a gun with the wrong ammo can cause it to jam, break entirely, or in the worst case, explode in your hand.

There are two main types of handgun - revolver and semi-auto. A revolver is the classic cowboy gun. A semi-auto is the gun most police sidearms and gangs will use. Semi-autos normally have greater capacity for ammunition and can be reloaded by changing magazines, but they are more complicated. A semi-auto must be taken apart to be cleaned. A revolver mostly stays in one piece. With modern semi-autos, malfunctions are rare if a gun is properly cared for. Revolvers have few parts, so are also reliable guns.

A shotgun can be single or double barreled. Other than the ammunition, the main differences are in the action, or how you prepare the gun to be fired. Pump action shotguns are more popular for home defense. For hunting, bolt action and lever action may also be used. The longer a shotgun (or rifle) barrel, the more accurate it is at range. Barrels of shotguns, unlike rifles or most handguns, are smooth on the inside. Handguns and rifles have rifling, engraved circles which spin the bullet and make the shot more accurate. It’s also what ballistics are based on - every gun with rifling has its own unique pattern.

Different ammo is appropriate for different purposes. The ammo used for target shooting is different than that loaded for defense or hunting. People who own semi-autos may keep one magazine loaded for practice on the shooting range and one for home defense. There are way too many different kinds for me to talk about here, but if a character is using a gun in a situation they don’t expect, they may not have the right ammunition for it.

Different sizes - calibers - of ammunition have different stopping power. If someone is trained or drugged up with certain substances or just has enough adrenaline in them, one shot from a .22 or 9mm is not going to stop them unless it is to the head or heart or takes out a major joint. Conversely! Gunshots fucking hurt. If someone is not under those circumstances, even a shot from a small caliber handgun is a deterrent, and can do a lot of damage.

In general, the larger the ammunition, the stronger the recoil.

Ammunition consists of four parts - the bullet itself, the gunpowder, the primer, and the casing holding it all together. Only the bullet is actually shot, but it’s all loaded in the gun together.

Shooting a Gun
Unless your character is in a very rural area, most shooting practice will be done on a shooting range. Ranges are mostly indoor because of noise, but outdoor ones exist, mostly in rural areas. Shooting ranges require both eye and ear protection. Over time, repeated gunshots without ear protection damage hearing. Guns are loud! A gunshot is one of the loudest sounds a human is likely to encounter.

Guns spit out casings - the part of the ammunition that contained the primer and propellant - and they can be hot, but not often hot enough to do more than sting. If you shoot often, you have gotten pinged in the face once or twice. It’s startling the first time, and why eye protection is required. The longer you continuously fire a gun, the hotter both the gun and the casings get.

Recoil is the backwards force exerted on you by the gun when it fires - the kick. Concealed carry guns with large calibers have more recoil. Large guns with large calibers also have higher recoil. If someone is handling a gun that’s a higher caliber than they’re used to, the recoil may startle them. Shotguns and rifles are braced against the shoulder or torso to help distribute recoil.

Shooting a gun accurately with one hand takes a lot of practice. Holding a gun in the firing position for long periods also takes a lot of practice and more strength than you would think.

If you have any questions, send me an ask! Hope this was helpful!

PHILIPPINES. Pasay city. October 2, 2016. They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals. Police investigators near the body of Michael Araja, 29, who neighbours said was killed by two men riding by on a motorbike, as part of President Duterte’s war on drugs.

General News, First Prize, Stories at the 2017 World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times