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FRANCE. Bobigny. February 16, 2017. A riot policeman stands guard as people gather during a demonstration to demand justice for Theo, a 22-year-old youth worker who required surgery after his arrest last week in the gritty suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois. French President Francois Hollande called for “justice” over the alleged rape and beating of the black youth with a police baton, an incident that has sparked 10 nights of rioting and more than 200 arrests.

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Police shooting near France Orly Airport causes partial evacuation

  • A man was fatally shot after trying to steal a soldier’s gun early Saturday morning at France’s Orly Airport outside Paris.
  • Before his attempt to snatch the assault rifle, he shot a traffic cop in a Paris suburb, the Washington Post reports.
  • After shooting the traffic cop, the man hijacked a woman’s car in a different Paris suburb and then went to Orly, where he was eventually shot and killed after trying to grab a female soldier’s firearm. 
  • The Paris prosecutor’s office is investigating the incident as a possible terrorist act. Read more. (3/18/17, 11:24 AM)
Investigators Say French Police Who Sodomized Black Man With A Baton Did So By Accident
Protests against police brutality and racism have swept across Paris since the incident.

It is on video, yet they are allowed to claim that his pants “slipped down on their own” and that his wounds happened accidentally. yet, IT’S ON VIDEO.


Yet, the saddest part is that the family is urging the community to act peacefully. Why is the onus always on the assaulted to pacify dissent? Why can’t they release statements from the police chief (or is it Deputy Superintendent or something in France?) telling the police to act peacefully, treat citizens with respect, and definitely don’t lie/cover up assaults that are CAPTURED ON VIDEO.


April 17 2017 - Hundreds of antifascists disrupt a meeting by the fascist National Front in Paris, France. Cops got caught in their own tear gas and some members of GUD, Groupe Union Défense, a fascist student group tried to look for a fight and had to climb a fence and retreat behind the cops. [video]

French police officer charged with rape of young man

A French police officer has been accused of anally raping a young black man with a police baton during a violent arrest in a Parisian suburb.

Three other officers were charged with assault, after a 22-year-old youth worker with no criminal record was allegedly beaten and raped with a police baton on a housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois.

The prosecutor’s office said the police had stopped a group of about a dozen people after hearing calls of drug dealing sites in the area.


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It also apparently turns it into a long-range sniper firearm ?