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Orlando gunman kills five people in workplace shooting

A gunman described by Florida police as “a disgruntled employee” shot dead five former colleagues at a business in suburban Orlando on Monday before killing himself, investigators said.

John Robert Neumann Jr, 45, entered the premises of Fiamma, a manufacturer of awnings for recreational vehicles, at about 8am, armed with a semi-automatic pistol and a large hunting knife, said Orange County sheriff Jerry Demings at an afternoon press briefing.

Demings said that Neumann, a US army veteran who was fired from the company for undisclosed reasons in April, began shooting almost immediately then moved through the building purposefully, “singling out the individuals that he shot”.

“Most of the victims were shot in the head, some multiple times,” Demings said. “He had a plan of action and he executed his plan today.”

The victims, four men and one woman, were all employees of the family-owned company in north-east Orlando and ranged in age from their early 30s to their 60s, Demings said.

Detectives interviewed eight uninjured witnesses whom the sheriff described as “survivors”, including one woman, a temporary employee, who was not known to the killer and who was spared.

“He pointed a firearm at her and told her to get out of the business,” Demings said. “The indications are that the subject reloaded the firearm at least once during the spree this morning.”

Deputies arrived within two minutes of a 911 call reporting an active shooter and found three men and the woman dead at the scene. The fourth male victim was taken to the Orlando regional medical centre with gunshot wounds but died there.

Demings said Neumann did not use the knife and appeared to have shot himself as deputies prepared to enter the building.

The sheriff named four of the five victims as Robert Snyder, 69; Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44; Kevin Clark, 54; and Jeffrey Roberts, 57. Relatives of the other victim had not yet been informed.

Orange County detectives, assisted by FBI agents, were looking into the background of Neumann, who according to Demings received an honourable discharge from the army in 1999 and lived alone.

“In terms of motive, we have information that at least one of [the victims] he had a negative relationship with,” Demings said.

At an earlier briefing the sheriff said Neumann had a criminal history “minor in nature” including possession of marijuana and DUI, and that officers were called to Fiamma in June 2014 when Neumann allegedly assaulted a colleague.

So wait, a black person can get fired after the urging of white folks for calling customers “Rude ass white people”, but white policemen can’t for killing a black person even after multiple petitions, riots, and protests?

Inside Steinway & Sons
  • steinway & sons employee: sir
  • me, stacking pianos together and making a small fort: I guess you can say its a piano forte haha :)
  • employee: the police are on their way

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What exactly is a sanctuary city I don't think I fully understand it

Here’s a decent definition:

In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a loosely defined term for a city that welcomes refugees and illegal immigrants. The designation has no precise legal meaning,[1][2] but generally applies to cities that do not use municipal funds or resources to enforce national immigration laws, and may forbid their police or municipal employees to inquire about a person’s immigration status or share such information with immigration enforcement – and by ensuring that all residents have access to city services, regardless of immigration status. Such a policy can be set out expressly in a law (de jure) or observed only in practice (de facto).

How’s everybody doing? I don’t really feel like doing this today. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow. Have a good one!

Sally Yates Tells Senators She Warned Trump About Michael Flynn
Exactly Zero Female Senators Are Working On The Healthcare Bill
Comey’s Testimony on Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate
South Korea election: Moon Jae-in claims victory
US could send more troops to Afghanistan under Pentagon proposals
Passengers clash with Spirit employees, police at Ft Lauderdale airport
A Look at Disney World’s New Pandora-World of ‘Avatar’ Land
Jimmy Kimmel slams critics of his emotional health-care plea

This shit where private employers act like they have some sort of rights to dictate and police employees’ culture, religion, gender, body, medical information, etc., etc. just fills me with this communist rage about how private employers shouldn’t exist anymore and just how much broad social control is involved in bourgeoisie control of the means of production.

“I’m controlling part of the means of production therefore enforcing my racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia are now my rights!” 

No, go away forever fascist fucks.

Body of former NFL player James Hardy found in Indiana river

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Authorities say former NFL wide receiver James Hardy has been found dead in a river in northeast Indiana.

The Allen County Coroner’s Office says the 31-year-old’s body was identified Thursday, but that the cause and manner of death are still being investigated.

The coroner says the former Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens player was reported missing a few weeks ago by relatives. His body was discovered Wednesday in the Maumee River in Fort Wayne.

The former Indiana University star was drafted in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft by the Bills. A series of injuries limited him to 16 games over two seasons in Buffalo. He also played for Baltimore before being released in 2011.

Police say an employee of Fort Wayne’s water filtration plant discovered his body.

The Associated Press

[This fic was requested by @superpinkkcat all requests are accepted. Enjoy]

I walked past the bodies of police officers and asylum employees alike knowing that I had had a hand in their demise. I walked in a half-daze to my office where I had kept all of my tapes and notes from mine and Mister J’s sessions. Mister J… this was all for him and I hoped he knew that. It was easy to find his men once he had told me where to look, and even easier to give them the blueprints of the facility and notify them where the guards were located on each floor. It was also painfully easy to mention the hidden network of tunnels that ran under the asylum that have long since been forgotten and therefore remained unguarded and ready for them to slip into. 
           Pulling out all of my files and tapes I dropped them into a waste bucket, dousing its contents with the small bottle of gasoline I had put in my lab coat pocket. Striking a match I dropped it, staring down at it as the flames roared to life with a violence. All for you, Mister J.
           "Miss (Your last name)?“ Frost asked, stepping into the room with Panda and Crying baby man.
           "Yes?” Did they not find him?
           "The Doctor will see you now.“ 
           I screamed as they grabbed me, kicking and fighting but no amount of gymnastics or combat classes could have prepared me for three ripped thugs violently dragging me to a gurney and strapping me down. 
           "Get off me, get off me damn it!” I grunted as they tightened the straps.
           Mister J walked in, he was barefoot in a pair of black sweatpants with Arkham running down one of the pant legs. A purple leather duster rested on his shoulders with the collar popped but he didn’t look at me, he didn’t even spare me a glance, he just walked to the end of the gurney with his back to me as he spoke in hushed tones to one of his men. 
           "Mister J! Hey, I’m talkin’ to you. Hey I’m-“ The air was caught in my throat when the barrel of Frosts gun touched my temple. 
           Why, why, why, why was he doing this, I did everything he asked. Everything. I have risked my career and my life all for him and now. Now. No, no, he is going to talk to me. 
           "I let you out. I listened to you, I-I-I freed you and for what? For what, huh?! LOOK AT ME!" 
           "Want me to shoot her, boss?”
           Mister J turned slowly tisking his minion and waving his index finger back and forth. Frost moved the gun from my temple and I released the breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. He and Frost disappeared for a moment and I continued to thrash, violently trying to loosen the restraints somehow but I knew it was all in vain. 
           "Now what do we have here?“ Mister J asked in an almost excited way, positioning the light by my face. 
           "Please, please Mister J. I-”
           "Shhh,“ His hands gripped either side of my head, stroking my temples. 
           "Why are you-”
           "You ever have your brains fried, Doctor (Your last name).“ He always said my last name with that curious little lilt at the end, and I gulped knowing to what he was referring but it wasn’t my fault!
           "Mister J, I didn’t sign off on the treatment. I tried to fight it, but they had-”
           "Please, please I-…. I’d do anything for you. You have to know that." 
           "Oh, I do Y/N." 
           Someone handed him the paddles all lathered up with conductive jelly and I licked my lips, my voice cracking. "So what, you’re gonna kill me Mister J?”
           He looked down at me like his intentions weren’t clear. “Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya,” He moved the paddles; they danced dangerously close to my temples. “I’m just gonna hurt ya, really, really, bad." 
           If this is what he needed to do then he better get on with it. I wasn’t afraid, I could never be afraid of him even in this position. 
           "Go ahead, I can take it,” I whispered, looking at him in a way I hoped he understood, looking at him as if to say go ahead do it. Wrong me like you think I wronged you, let me show you my loyalty. 
           Snapping a leather strap he placed it between my teeth and my breathing came out a little faster. He pressed the pads to my temples and I seized, I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t hold onto a thought, but oddly enough when he pulled the pads away I began to laugh. It bubbled up from the back of my throat, muffled by the strap I was biting on. I laughed as tears streamed from the corners of my eyes and in my disoriented state I vaguely heard a satisfied sound. 
           "Come on baby, come out, come out to play.“ 
           He pressed the pads to my temples again. I couldn’t really describe the sensation… the only thing that could come close was that it was like I was losing control. I wanted to move but I couldn’t move, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t scream, a frightening numbness and pain seared my skull and I couldn’t think about anything. All I could do, the only thing my brain seemed to want to let me do was laugh, and my laughter only increased with each shock. I don’t know how many shocks I was able to withstand before I blacked out but the last thing I heard or I thought I heard was, "Come out Y/N, come out, doll." 


           I woke up at home in my own bed, there was a woman… I think… walking around my room. A nurse I think, and I wondered vaguely how she got there but the thought danced out of my head. 
           "I’m…. you have been…… Mister J sent…… can you hear…. Y/N….." 
           It sounded like I kept being dunked under water, I would have  moments of clarity followed by a moments of jumbled words I wanted to understand but couldn’t. I blacked out again. 


           When I woke up again thinks were… clearer. My senses seemed, heightened in a way. Everything was so very loud, and that woman from before stuck a straw in my mouth and I sipped the water gratefully.
           "How long have I been out?” I croaked. 
           "Two weeks,“ 
           Jesus Christ. 
           "Who brought me here?” I whispered. 
           She rose silently, exiting the room and I called after her but she didn’t return. God damn it. Looking out the window I noticed how dark it had gotten. The television was on, his name drawing my attention and I sat up weekly. He had shot up a restaurant; the bastard had shot up a restaurant. I thought he was changing I thought… it was stupid and it was naive but oh, how I thought. Ripping the I.V from my arm I took a moment to reconsider how stupid that move had been but it had felt smart at the time. 
           Getting out of bed I got dressed weakly, pushing the door open. The nurse was in the kitchen, she tried to stop me and I don’t know why I did it but I struck her. She didn’t deserve it and yet I did it. I was angry, and I was on a mission, and she was in my way so I struck her and left my apartment, hopping on my motorcycle. You won’t be hard to find Mister J; I just have to follow the chaos and the swag. 


           I had chased him for ten minutes, gaining the upper hand when I skidded to a halt in front of him on a deserted road and dropped my bike. Walking over to his car I pounded on it, yelling all manners of profanity, pounding on his car with a violence because how dare he abandon me.
           He got out of the car, looking irritated but slightly curious. 
           "You bastard.“ I whimpered.
           "Always sweet talkin’ me, Doc." 
           "Don’t you start with me. I’m sick of your jokes." 
           "Well then I’ve got some news to break to you-”
           I pulled the gun from his holster and he laughed, only to stop when he realised I was pointing the gun at him. My hands were shaking, whether from fear or the aftershocks of what had happened I’m not sure, but it killed me pointing the gun at him.
           "You wanna shoot me, Doc?“ He asked, moving closer. 
           Movement from behind him caught my eye and I shot his henchman before aiming the gun back at his head. I didn’t speak for a moment; I was too hurt to do so.
           "You tossed me aside. You said all of those things during our sessions-”
           "To get out, doll. Tell me, did you really believe you were changing me?“ 
           "No, you didn’t believe that. You’re smarter than that Doc. You’re also smart enough to know why you came after me… why you just shot a man in cold blood.“ He purred. 
I faltered and I licked my lips. "I did it because you tricked-”
           "Oh, I didn’t trick ya. You knew what you were buying the moment you decided to take on my case, Doctor (Your Last Name). You studied me, you fell for me, and now that you’re awake… you can be just like me. You want to be with me… don'tcha’ Doc?“ He asked, and I shook my head feebly. 
           "Alright, fine, shoot me then. Shoot me; come on, do it, do it.” He pressed his forehead to the gun gesturing with his hands for me to do it. 
           I whimpered. “Mister J-”
           The gun was gone from my hands in an instant and I slumped forward and he caught me, stroking my hair. 
           "You got courage, Doll. I’ll give you that, and you’re smart but you’re missing a little… something.“ 
           "I’m sorry,” I whimpered, taking his face between my hands and I kissed him, needing to do it, needing to make sure what I felt was real and he purred. 
           "Hmm, yes, you could do nicely. Get in the car Y/N, you’re going to go for a swim.“  

Ferguson police: We can’t release the autopsy report because that might bias future juries.

Ferguson police: *releases footage of Brown stealing from a store and having a physical confrontation with an employee*

Ferguson police: This event has absolutely nothing to do with why Brown was killed. It’s not important at all. It obviously isn’t meant as bias either.

Everyone else:

The time Felicity Smoak was shot

Felicity was in hospital… critical condition… too much blood loss… Oliver’s mind processed the information in fragments, refusing to believe what the doctor was telling him. She wasn’t supposed to be working tonight, he’d made sure she was nowhere near it when everything went down. How… How did she get hurt? He felt Diggle’s hand on his shoulder pulling him back, he had to focus. He had to find out why the woman he loved had been shot again.

He took the bottle of water Roy held out for him, his hands covered in her blood. It was wrong all wrong. He’d gone to her apartment to check on her, he couldn’t remember why only that he had to see her. He’d known something was wrong as soon as he pulled up. It was as if his mind had disconnected from his body as he ran to her door that looked as if it had been kicked open. And there she was bleeding out on her living room floor. The rest was a blur, one second he was kneeling besides her trying to stop the bleeding, the next he was sitting in the hospital waiting room with a doctor telling him she wasn’t out of the wood yet. He could kill a man with his bare hands, he could shoot arrows and catch bad guys, he could take on Slade Wilson and survive a dual with Ra’s al Ghul but he couldn’t save her.

Wetting the tissues he methodically wiped her blood off of his hands, he needed to focus. “What do we know?” Diggle spoke first, nodding his head as if he understood his need to do something, anything. “Lyla’s down at the cave, she looked over the footage of Felicity’s apartment… you’re not going to like this…”

“Tell me” Oliver watched his best friend exchange a quick look with Roy, and in that moment he knew. He knew why he wouldn’t like the answer. He knew why they were worried he would do something rash. “Palmer” He could feel the arrow showing through the cracks of the mask that was Oliver Queen. “They wanted something of Palmer’s… some kind of suit. Felicity you know what she’s like, she wouldn’t tell them what they wanted. There was a struggle and Felicity…” Felicity ended up with a bullet in her.

Both Diggle and Roy had tried to talk him out of it, but he wasn’t in the mood to listen. When they realised he could not be convinced otherwise they decided to come along, he wasn’t sure if it was to stop him or help him. When the lift doors open they revealed a flurry of activity, he walked through the crowds of employees and police to the conference room where he knew he’d find him.

 There he was talking with Lance. As he approached Palmer looked up, “Look Queen I…” he didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence. Oliver had his hand wrapped around his throat, slamming him onto the conference table. Nobody interfered too shocked to do so, and those who would have looked from Diggle to Roy who stood in their way. Leaning in close so no one else could hear he let his voice deepen, allowing the promise of pain and death leak through. “If anything happens to Felicity because of you. I. Will. Kill. You. Do you understand?” Oliver didn’t wait for an answer he saw it in the man’s eyes. He walked out of the now deathly silent room with Diggle and Roy on either side of him. Nobody tried to stop them.

Lance waited until Queen and his friends were in the lifts before telling everyone to get back to work. “You alright Mr. Palmer?” The man nodded in response, massaging his neck as he straightened himself. Lance knew he should have stopped Queen or at the very least reprimanded to man but he would have been lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about doing the same thing since he found out why Miss Smoak had been hurt. But as a cop he felt like it was his duty to warn the man, “I think Queen is the least of your worries Mr Palmer.” Because when the Arrow found out what had happened - that was if he didn’t already know - Mr Palmer was going to learn the real meaning of being afraid.

Ray watched from just outside the hospital room, Oliver Queen sat beside Felicity’s bed, his eyes closed but her hand in his. After Queen had threatened him, he’d left the commotion to go to his office for some peace. There he’d found the Arrow waiting for him, with his accomplice. He was ashamed to say it had only taken two well placed arrows for the truth to be revealed, that the men who had hurt felicity had been after the suit. He’d received a call from one of the men, if he didn’t give them what they wanted they’d have the man standing by in the hospital finish the job. That was when the plan had formed.

He’d met them where they had told him, bringing the suit with him, expect he didn’t go alone. Within moments the fight was over, with the men unconscious with at least one arrow in them and tied up. Palmer waited until the police showed up before he made his way to the hospital to find Felicity safe and not alone.

He turned away from the sight to find Queen’s bodyguard if he’d heard right watching him. His arms folded in front of him, “Can you tell her I’m sorry.” He didn’t wait for the man’s answer, he needed to leave, to escape not only the guilt but to his surprise heartbreak.

Felicity felt as if her entire body was in pain, why was she in pain? Where was she? It took a while for her eyes to open, looking around she found she was in a hospital bed and not at all alone. Slowly the memory of being attacked and shot came back to her. Looking around again she could not help but smile, tears threatening to spill. Oliver sat on one of the chairs beside her bed, with her hand in his. Lyla, Diggle and baby Sara cramped in another on her other side. Roy sat by the window on the floor, with her head leaning back against the wall, sometimes she forgot how young he was. Thea sat at the foot of her bed watching Roy, a sad smile on her face. Captain Lance and Laurel stood by the door talking in hushed tones. To her surprise even her mother was there sitting in a chair that looked as if it had been dragged from the waiting rooms.

She must have made a noise because suddenly there he was standing over her with his hand on her cheek, a look of relief on his face. Slowly the others moved to the bed, squeezing her hand and making her promise not to worry them like that again. As if she’d asked to be shot. Luckily she was on too many drugs and feeling to loved to be snappy, instead she nodded her head like a good girl and promised to try and stay out of situations that would result in her getting shot.

One by one they all left, leaving only Oliver and her. He looked at her differently, as if he’d just realised something important. She wanted to ask him about it but she could feel consciousness eluding her. She watched him move his chair closer, take her hand back in hers, closing his own eyes. Content, he looked content, which was her last thought before she gave in and closed her own eyes, sinking back into the comforting darkness of sleep.


Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin

An Olympia police officer shot two men suspected of shoplifting beer in the chest during a confrontation early Thursday.

The men were unarmed, except for skateboards.

About 1 a.m. officers went to a Safeway store at 3215 Harrison Ave. W., said Paul Lower of the Olympia Police Department.

Store employees reported that there had been an assault at the grocery. They said two  men had tried to steal beer, and when employees confronted them, the men threw beer at the workers and ran away.

An officer found two men with skateboards matching the suspects’ descriptions not far away on Cooper Point Road near 14th Avenue Northwest. There was a confrontation and the officer opened fire, hitting one of the men in the chest, said Olympic Police Chief Ronnie Roberts.

The two suspects then ran into some woodsa. When they emerged, the officer opened fire again, hitting the other man in the chestl, Roberts said.

Witnesses at the scene reported hearing six shots fired.

The men, later identified as Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin of Olympia, were rushed to the hospital, where they are listed in critical but stable condition. The two are stepbrothers, aged 24 and 21. Neither of them was armed with a gun.

The officer who fired the shots was not injured, Roberts said.

The officer later told investigators that when he initially approached the suspects, there was a confrontation behind his patrol car and one of the men assaulted him with his skateboard. The officer said he felt threatened, so he opened fire.

Later, when the two men emerged from the woods, there was another confrontation so he fired again.

Roberts said an investigation will determine whether or not the shootings were justified. He said a skateboard could be considered a deadly weapon, depending on the circumstances.

“He (the officer) believed he had to use deadly force,” Roberts said.

The officer who opened fire is white. The men he shot at African American.

But Roberts said he did not believe that race was a factor in the shooting. He said the officer was not wearing a body cam and that his patrol car was not equipped with a dash cam.

The men’s mother spoke with KOMO Newsradio on Thursday morning and said police came to her home after the shooting and told her what had happened.

She said she can’t understand why the officer shot her sons based on a suspicion that they may have been the ones who tried to steal the beer.

“Even if it was them, did they have to open fire and shoot them? I mean, I heard one was shot in the chest. Was that necessary? I don’t think so,” she said.

Olympia Mayor Stephen Buxbaum called the shootings a “tragic event.”

“Our commmunity is strong, caring and compassionate,” he said. “This is a challenging time that I know we will live through together.”

The officer who fired has been a member of the Olympia police force for three years. He has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, following standard policy.

Winners of The Great Tumblr Book Search (The Third One)

The results of the third Great Tumblr Book Search are in, and we have our winners! Competition was fierce, with more entries than ever before, but here are the entries in each category that grabbed the editors’ attention:


Winner: Since 2013, The Best Costume for the Day (@costumefortheday) has been documenting with watercolor sketches the thoughtful components of the author’s outfits. Inspired by the sustainable fashion movement, The Uniform Project, and Grey Gardens, this “anti-fashion” blog features “actual worn clothing with stains and holes,” charmingly presented. 

Runner-up: Finn Lee (lostboyartwork) has illustrated one of Yoko Ono’s tweets every day for a year. A noted visual artist, Ono is also a master of the medium of Twitter—alternately inspiring and challenging—and these detailed, emotionally evocative drawings do her words justice.

Food + Drink

Winner:  TF: Journaling and Journeying (tplusf) is a beautifully photographed collection of recipes that are so well documented that they could even tell the story of their making with images alone. The author happens to be a psychiatry resident who is interested in exploring the concept of “baking therapy.”

Runner-up: Sssalt and Pepepper: The Art of Speaking and Cooking Boldly (terminatetorkitchen) is an entry from a 19-year-old self-proclaimed “food blogger, homemade chef, wannabe author, satirical writer, lover of food and a person who stutters.” The blog has a Southern Gothic style and a big concept—blend together the story of the strides he has made in the kitchen with the experience navigating his challenges with speech.


Winner: You’d think that the name of this blog by Luke Burns and James Folta would be most of the joke, but The Encyclopedia of Hypothetical Police Procedurals (hypotheticalpoliceprocedurals) more than fulfills its promise. Take CopCop, the story of Alex Steadman, an “ordinary beat cop, until a horrifying clerical accident led to him being entered into the police department’s employee database twice.” Sample tagline? “Part Cop. Part Cop. All Cop.” And this vast database even includes scripts!

Runner-up: Joey X’s Daily Dose (joeyx) proposes a rock-and-roll take on a page-a-day calendar and “lighthearted approach at the standard almanac with compelling quotes, ill-advised tattoos, suggested soundtrack, screenings, photos dug out of the darker corners of the Internet.”

We had such fun seeing your creative Tumblr blogs! Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who submitted their art, jokes, photos, and other amazing ideas.


Sweden, Thursday, October 22, 2015.

Sweden had its second school mass killing ever. The first one happened sometime back in the 1960s.

This morning a few minutes after 10 AM a call came into the police command central about a person dressed in black entering the school Kronan in the city of Trollhättan attacking students and employees with a sword.

Students say that they first thought that it was a prank and some asked to take photos with the attacker until he suddenly started swinging his sword. One student managed to take a photo of the perpetrator which was quickly distributed on the social media service Snapchat.

The picture is included above and is the black-clad person with red on the sides. The cencored text across the image originally said “jävla horunge” which translates into “son of a bitch”.

When arriving - 5 minutes after the initial call - the police met with a wounded teacher outside that gave them a brief description of the armed male. The teacher encountered the perpetrator outside when he was about to enter the school and got attacked with a sword.

Upon entering the school the officers found an adult (a students assistant) with serious wounds just inside the enterance. Proceeding further into the school the police encountered another adult employee deceased. Moving on into the school premises the officers found two pupils badly wounded, one 11 year old and one 15 year old. The 11 year old has since succumbed to his wounds at the hospital.

The police cornered the attacker on the second floor inside the school where he walked around with “several bladed weapons” trying to get into locked or barricated cassrooms. He then charged at the officer. They fired two times hitting the armed killer with one bullet in the abdomen, rupturing his liver.

The suspect turned out to be a 21 year old male that lived a few kilometers from the school and was a Trollhättan native with no prior registered contact with law enforcement.

The perpetrator died later during the day while recieving intensive care at a nearby hospital.

As control was gained over the scene police choose to keep the barricated students and teachers in the classrooms and gradually evacuating as it became safe. The extended wait caused some parents / relatives to students in the school to panic, trying to force their way past the polices barricades.

There are a few people except the responding officers and ambulance crews worth mentioning in this story.

First off the principal of the school that took to the halls of the school DURING the attack, ordering students and teachers to barricade themselves in classrooms by blocking the doors with chairs and tables.

Second, the teachers of the school, who in the barricated classrooms gathered students under the tables and started reading books for them to keep them calm. Also those teachers that didn’t have any classes at the moment that saw to the security of students (and themselves) by hiding pupils in cleaning cabinets and bathrooms.

A lot of people not at all trained for this kind of thing were brave way beyond their pay grade today, and probably saved A LOT of lives.

My thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific attack.

During the initial first response there was talk about 10 people wounded and one of the first arriving ambulances collided with a wall. The driver of the ambulance was hospitalized with minor injuries whilst the rest of the crew didn’t require any medical assistance.

Please note that english is not my primary language. Excuse all eventual grammatical errors. Please tell me if anything is horribly wrong or impossible to understand.

This post may be subject to updates as they become available. All pictures taken from different newspapers and belong to their respective owners.

chill-plant  asked:

hey there, I'm gathering all of the facts I can about the Ferguson case so I can debunk all of the ignorant arguments I'm sure I'll have when I go back to school from thanksgiving break. I recently read that Mike Brown didn't rob the convenient store and I tried researching it but I couldn't find anything. The only thing I learned is that a customer called the police, not an employee or the cashier. Do you have any further evidence/proof that I can use? Thanks in advance!

Also check out this page if you haven’t already:

What Happened on August 9?