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Stop Saying Star Wars is Buddhist or Taoist

I watched @attackfish‘s conversation on good/evil dualism in the Star Wars franchise and was amused that her interlocutor was denying such dualism existed in the series. As Fish and I discussed afterward, it is sometimes hard for people who live in a dominant thought system like the Christian duality to recognize that a) they actually subscribe to a very specific and non-universal worldview, and b) this view colors how they view everything else, because that’s what a worldview does.

Fish has a good breakdown in the linked thread on why the Jewish concept of yetzer hara does not map to the Dark Side of the Force as portrayed in the franchise. She also referenced poorly understood Buddhist and Taoist concepts, and as she pointed out, ideas from Buddhism and Taoism used in Star Wars are heavily distorted by a strict moral dualism that is alien to these traditions.

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THIS IS GONNA BE THE SILLIEST THING TO SCREAM ABOUT but I literally audibly gasped when Holt said “this is a police convention, not the Newport Folk Festival”

because if you guys know anything outside my b99 life it’s that I go to Newport Folk Festival every summer.

I’m seriously geeking out here I feel like by some extension Brooklyn Nine Nine has acknowledged me personally

This is our Linstead picture! We initially weren’t sure they would accept posing with the signs (the staff specially said they weren’t doing any other poses that hugging) but we showed the signs to them when we got in the booth and they were like “yeah okay let’s do this”. I’m still waiting on the HQ pictures from this weekend, hopefully will see the signs better then!

…In many communities SWAT teams and similar units were mostly used to bully protest groups, counterculture enclaves, and minority activists.
Some police officials feared that the SWAT trend, particularly in smaller cities and towns, would succumb to what the philosopher Abraham Kaplan called “the Law of the Instrument”: when you’re carrying a hammer, everything looks like a nail. “There are some cops who want to solve all society’s problems with an M-16,” one police chief told the paper. “Some of these men have lost perspective of their role in society and are playing mental games with firearms…And if you set yourself up to use heavy firepower, then the danger exists that you will use it at the first opportunity, and over-reaction…becomes a real danger.”
Big-city SWAT teams were getting training in paramilitary tactics and weapons, but that training was balanced by an emphasis on negotiation and deescalation and the use of violence only as the last possible option. In the smaller agencies around the country, not only did the SWAT team not get that sort of training, but the teams were staffed by part-timers, usually cops whose full-time jobs were more conventional police work. The risk was that the entire police department could succumb to a culture of militarism. In some quarters, it was already happening. Within a decade, the SWAT proliferation would accelerate. The emphasis on deescalation would all but disappear. Soon, just about every decent-sized city police department was armed with a hammer. And the drug war would ensure there were always plenty of nails around for pounding.
—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko
TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Drunkard (And police convention) Weekend

The summer is here. Alcohol infused festivals are all the craze this weekend. Alternately there is something going on with a police academy or convention as well. And I’m sold out to nothing but drunks and cops. This is so fricken fun.

I have those drunks that like to sing every sentence they speak. Everything is a joke and uproariously funny. They are all sunburned and listing to the side as they make their way to the elevator.

Then I have the officers that are staying here watching the inebriated “have fun”. The boys in blue glance at me and we share knowing glances. “You know what room I’m in.” One seems to say to me. “Call me if there’s a problem.” Even though this isn’t his jurisdiction.

Half my parking lot is filled with cop cars of various sorts. So then I also get the drunks asking me questions about why there’s so many cops around. They want to know what floors to avoid.

Finally I have had 2 rooms tell me that such and such wasn’t working when in fact it really was; they were just to far gone to figure out how to operate the things.

By: BillieJackson


Donald Trump’s convention speech, fact-checked

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Starting to design the alternative ‘spear’ top for my Eldar costume. It is a mix between the ghostseer and farseer designs that already exist. I’m not using Uldrad’s staff design since that is a unique relic.

In case anyone has forgotten my previous posts on this costume, the singing spear I made was built so that the spear top would unscrew from the base. This was to allow alternative designs to be used if I needed to adjust the prop for convention polices.

Here is a good pic showcasing the separation section of the spear during construction

Eldar costume at Dragoncon 2015 before the parade started.

Would love other opinions on the design!

Welcome To Service Dog Hell

So, obvious preface is obvious– I have a service dog. He’s for my PTSD and mobility issues. Also, I should probably add that people should not pet working dogs– don’t even ask to. It’s bad, don’t do it, end of story. Don’t distract them either– this means calling out to them, throwing them treats/toys, even direct eye contact. Service dogs are NOT pets, they are medical equipment.

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Last night thousands of people protested outside of the DNC for hours. Delegates supporting Bernie Sanders left the convention to protest with the people. Riot police were brought out, and I’ve heard of people being arrested and tear gassed, although neither happened to me. This was a peaceful protest, with many passionate people involved, and there has been a COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT ABOUT THIS EVENT. Even if you scour the Internet, the most you can find are some stories about small marches earlier in the day. EXPOSE THE DNC!


Two suspects killed after attempted shooting outside “Draw Muhammad” art event in Texas 

Two men were shot and killed after opening fire outside of the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, Sunday evening during the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” being held inside the facility, NBC News reports.

Police on the scene killed the two men, who are as of yet unidentified, in their car after they opened fire on the convention center. Police suspect the men were trying to detonate what police suspect was a bomb in their car. Surrounding businesses were evacuated while a bomb squad was called in.