Tamir Rice was only 12 years old when he was shot and killed by the Cleveland Police in November. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during these tough times. Please read the insightful articles below for full coverage of this tragedy:

  • Tamir Rice: The Story Behind the Senseless Killing, Character Assassination, and Resulting Cover-Up by Shaun King: http://bit.ly/1aIkirF via Daily Kos
  • City of Cleveland Responds to Tamir Rice Lawsuit by Saying Boy’s Death Was Caused Because of His Own Actions: http://bit.ly/1Ds2AiV via Cleveland.com
  • “But the boy, Tamir Rice, was only 12. Now, with the county sheriff’s office reviewing the shooting, interviews and recently released video and police records show how a series of miscommunications, tactical errors and institutional failures by the Cleveland police cascaded into one irreversible mistake.” The New York Times: http://nyti.ms/1EZ9rmb
  • Video Shows Cleveland Officer Shot Boy in 2 Seconds: http://nyti.ms/1vPO86R via The New York Times
  • “According to Jeffrey Follmer, the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association president, Garmback called in to the station right after the incident. “It’s already a mess,” he said. “We have a 20-year-old male shot.” A full four minutes later, the officers began administering first aid to Rice.” BuzzFeed: http://bzfd.it/1Atd5QV

#Every28Hours (3.2.2015): LAPD officers shot dead a homeless man yesterday, street execution-style. The man’s name has not been released yet, but he was known to many as “Africa.” The entire murder was captured on camera. Brother Africa was being subdued by multiple police officers when he was shot 5 times in the back. No action has been taken against his killers yet. #staywoke #farfromover

Horrifying video shows LA police shooting a homeless man to death 

A video has been posted to Facebook depicting officers from the Los Angeles Police Department shooting and killing a homeless man around 11:30 a.m. Sunday in a downtown LA area known as Skid Row. The video was first posted publicly Sunday evening and amassed almost 5 million views in a few hours.

An investigation will be held to determine whether the officers on the scene used excessive force.


Update on the LAPD shooting - 8:38 am (3.2.15)

LAPD fatal shooting of man caught on tape - LA Times article

Witnesses at the scene identified the victim by his street name, “Africa”, and gave conflicting accounts of what they saw. Dennis Horne, 29, said Africa had been fighting with someone else in his tent when police arrived. When Africa refused to comply with a police order to come out of the tent, officers used the Taser on him and dragged him out, Horne said. The officers tackled Africa to the ground, where he continued to fight, which led to the fatal shooting, according to Horne. 

Ina Murphy, who lives in an apartment nearby, said Africa had arrived in the area about four or five months ago. He told her he had recently been released after spending 10 years in a mental facility, Murphy said. 

Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said a key issue would be whether the man did in fact try to grab the officer’s gun, as some witnesses have told reporters. Otherwise, he said, it’s unclear what might have prompted the use of deadly force. 

At least one officer involved in the incident was wearing a body camera, Smith said. 

Montgomery said Sunday evening that investigators were in the process of interviewing “loads of people” who were in the area at the time of the shooting. He said there would potentially be more video recordings of the incident, noting that he could see two surveillance cameras mounted on buildings at the scene. 

Cop Slams Girl’s Head Onto Concrete, Shatters Her Teeth For Walking In Front of Police Cruiser

A 22-year-old Texas woman had he teeth bashed out by a San Marcos police officer… all because she crossed the street in front of his parked police cruiser.

Alexis Alpha says she she suffered broken teeth as well as a severe concussion when she was physically assaulted and arrested by an aggressive cop with no respect for individual rights, the law, or even basic human decency.

Local KHOU 11 News reports the following:

She says it was just after 1 a.m. when she was leaving a bar to say hello to some friends across the street.

She walked between Corporal James Palermo’s squad car and a vehicle he had just pulled over.

I wasn’t the only one who walked between the cars, Alpha said… “Several people walked between them. I was just the one he called out…

“I could kind of tell like he wanted to start an argument, and at that point, I was polite from the beginning, and the meanest thing I said was ‘you re in a bad mood, and you re taking it out on me. You re just being a d***k.’”

That’s when the officer grabbed her and threw her “face down into the concrete.”

Alexis has filed a lawsuit in the Hays County District Court against the police department, seeking an unspecified amount of money to cover her medical expenses as well as lost wages that resulted from her injuries. The suit recently moved to a federal court.

Witnesses at the scene identified the victim by his street name, “Africa”, and gave conflicting accounts of what they saw.

Dennis Horne, 29, said Africa had been fighting with someone else in his tent when police arrived.

When Africa refused to comply with a police order to come out of the tent, officers used the Taser on him and dragged him out, Horne said. The officers tackled Africa to the ground, where he continued to fight, which led to the fatal shooting, according to Horne.

“It’s sad,” Horne said. “There’s no justification to take somebody’s life.”
Another witness, Lonnie Franklin, 53, said five to six officers pulled up in three to four cars as Africa was lying face down on the sidewalk. The officers approached with guns drawn yelling, ”Down, down,” according to Franklin.

When Africa got up and started fighting, the officers “went straight to lethal force,” Franklin said.


Disturbing video shows LAPD fatally shooting homeless man

A new video has surfaced of members of the Los Angeles Police Department fatally shooting a homeless man on Sunday morning. The officers were responding to a 911 call reporting a robbery. Cmdr. Andrew Smith explained that when the officers approached the homeless man, he began “fighting and physically resisting the officers.” The cops tried subduing him with a Taser, which was “ineffective.” At one point, one of the officers dropped his nightstick, which a woman picked up. The cops then pushed the woman as well as the man to the ground, at which point “a struggle over one of the officer’s weapons occurred… At that point an officer-involved shooting happened,” explained Smith. Five gunshots can be heard in the video.

The man was pronounced dead at the hospital. 


A large number of LAPD against two homeless people — one is dragged up and cuffed, the other is pinned to the ground by a number of LAPD officers and then shot while on the ground after being tazed. LAPD outnumbers two homeless people two to one but you need to shoot a man that’s already on the ground? Unbelievable. Absolutely nauseating and disgusting. 

That is murder, point blank. And yet the police are screaming at the crowd to stop recording instead of removing the gun from the hands of the officer who murdered the person on the ground. They cuff the body afterwards. The homeless man supposedly reached for the officer’s weapon, but isn’t that the same story told with Trayvon, Eric, and Mike? I feel completely sick. 

 But we don’t have a police brutality problem in America, right? We don’t have a gun culture in America, right? The police force doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later, right? This homeless man got shot for staying in a tent on the street. And if it weren’t for a bunch of citizens on the street recording the interaction, no one would know or care.

The video is here — warning, it is graphic.


Police Officer Choked Comedian Dave Chappelle

At the height of anger and unrest across the United States regarding the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City, world famous comedian Dave Chappelle revealed that he too had been choked by a police officer who mistook him for a criminal.

Dave has spoken out against police brutality and racism throughout his career. Here’s one clip where Dave discusses being at a Ferguson protest

You’ve Probably Been Misled about the Safety of Tasers…

While admittedly reducing the specific risk of shooting deaths and helping officers detain legitimately out-of-control suspects, Tasers undoubtedly pose a significant risk that even the departments using them may not fully grasp. According to Taser International statistics, Tasers are used approximately 904 times every day by more than 17,000 American law enforcement agencies. But in recent years, as their use increases, so too do reports of abuse and misconduct––Tasers were even the focus of the 2007 U.N. Torture Panel.

 Local News Police Shot Unarmed Mother And Her Infant Child; Then Tried To Cover Up The StoryPolice Shot Unarmed Mother And Her Infant Child; Then Tried To Cover Up The Story:

A seven year old story has resurfaced in the media. The story happened back in 2008, but is making headlines now.

What is going on with the police in Ohio? From the looks of things with the shooting deaths of John Crawford and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, you would think that the state recently lost its mind. But if the FBI’s recently-releasedreport on the rampant corruption of the Cleveland Police Department is any indication, dirty cops shooting innocent, unarmed people in Ohio is far from new. 

Some stories make national headlines, but many do not. One of those that was swept under the rug and ignored by almost all of the national mainstream media, was the shooting of 26-year-old Tarika Wilson and her 14-month-old infant child.

Now, community activists are calling for this case to be reexamined and brought into the national spotlight on police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

That was 7 years ago to the month. No answers ever came, in spite of the demands. So much of the corporate media ignored this blatant story of police abuse and murder.

But with many high profile cases like those of Crawford and Rice at the tip of the nation’s collective tongue, some believe that maybe now the rest of the country will listen about this assassination that was carried out by Ohio police officers.

Back in 2008, a SWAT team showed up at Wilson’s house in Lima, Ohio’s Southside neighborhood. It was early in the evening on January 4th. The warrant the SWAT cops had was part of the failed so-called “War on Drugs.

But it was not Wilson who was named on the warrant, it was her companion Anthony Terry. Without any warning, officers smashed her door down andentered with machine guns drawn, according to neighbors who witnessed the raid.

In just seconds, SWAT officers shot and killed Wilson, 26, and wounded her 14-month-old son.

The shooter, Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, a 31-year veteran of the Lima police force, was placed on paid administrative leave.

The New York Times reported that “Black people in Lima, from the poorest citizens to religious and business leaders, complain that rogue police officers regularly stop them without cause, point guns in their faces, curse them and physically abuse them.

“They say the shooting of Ms. Wilson is only the latest example of a long-running pattern of a few white police officers treating African-Americans as people to be feared,” the paper added.

“There is an evil in this town,” C. M. Manley, 68, pastor of New Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church told reporters. “The police harass me. They harass my family. But they know that if something happens to me, people will burn down this town.”

As you might have expected, an internal investigations said that they found “no evidence of police misconduct,” according to Chief Garlock.

Junior Cook, a neighbor of Tarika Wilson, said that he saw the whole thing from his front yard, as he raced over. He watched police emerge from the house carrying the bleeding infant.

“The cops in Lima, they is racist like no tomorrow,” Cook said. “Why else would you shoot a mother with a baby in her arms?”

That’s a good question. So far, the police have provided no answers and no justice for this crime. If you believe that it is past time for there to be justice for Tarika Wilson, then help us SPREAD THE WORD!