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Bill Potts Appreciation Post #2

Bill Potts:
. Wanted to go to the future to see if it would be happy.
. Approves of algae substitute food.
. Does not approve of food sexism.
. Thanked the Doctor for taking her somewhere.
. Stopped while walking around an alien city to take a selfie.
. Asked the Doctor why he was Scottish.
. Figured out the (real) reason why the Doctor likes the police box camouflage.
. Doesn’t understand how you can blow up stuff without getting in trouble.
. Doesn’t appreciate being kept out of trouble.
. Got distracted by a bust of Queen Nefertiti.
. Thinks that the Doctor is an amazing tutor.
. Still thinks that the Doctor runs like a penguin with its arse on fire.
. Cried when she found out why humans left earth.
. Was the only person who asked where the little boy went.
. Tried her hardest to convince the little boy that everything would be okay.
. Attempted to stop people shooting at the robots.
. Told the man that the robots weren’t armed.
. Could blind me with her smile because it’s so bright.
. Is a beautiful human being who deserves happiness and unicorns.

First Appreciation Post


Ten Years of Ten: The Shakespeare Code (April 7, 2007)

“Oh yeah, but a theater’s magic, isn’t it? You should know. Stand on this stage, say the right words with the right emphasis a the right time. Oh, you can make men weep, or cry with joy. Change them. You can change people’s minds just with words in this place. But if you exaggerate that…” 
“It’s like your police box. Small wooden box with all that power inside.” 
“Oh. Oh, Martha Jones, I like you.”

wildaxes  asked:

Hi! I have a fantasy setting that I've been developing for about two years, and while I'm happy with most of it, I struggle to really fresh things out and make the races and societies seem real, compared to rl ones. Do you have any tips to essentially fill in the blanks or make things closer to a cohesive country? Thanks!

I always find that the easiest way to fill in those pesky details is to sit my character in a place within the world (on a park bench, on a bus, in a chapel, in an office building) and observe. 

You can practice by literally putting yourself on a park bench, a bus seat, etc. and looking at all that’s going on around you. Imagine that you’re an alien or a time traveler and notice the nuances of every day life that speak to our society and culture…things that might make no sense to someone from the outside. We don’t really think twice about seeing someone wearing a Doctor Who shirt, or someone bobbing their head to the music in their headphones…but what if an onlooker didn’t know the purpose of headphones? Or hadn’t experienced music outside of a live performance? How do you explain the blue Police Box shirt to someone who doesn’t know the reference, or the commonality of having pop culture images on our clothing to advertise our personal interests?

When you sit and observe the intricacies of our world, you can think back to the roots of the behavior, that object, and apply similar lines of cultural evolution to your own world. 

Write a scene (one you might very well never use in your novel), and let your character(s) notice the random little bits of their world. What do people do in their free time? What types of activities constitute hobbies? How socially acceptable are certain behaviors or fashion choices? We don’t bat an eye to someone sitting on a busy street corner playing a guitar…but what about if your character passed by someone playing music on the street corner and noticed passers-by snickering or giving the musician a wide berth? That action speaks to the commonality of troubadours, or the acceptance of the arts, without spelling it out in the narrative (show, don’t tell!). 

For the following list, you can consider the history of each item, its influence on the present, the what and the why, the opinions people (most importantly, your characters) hold about them…any and every aspect you can think of. 

Elements which might be used to fill in details:

  • Literature
  • Music
  • Language (how freely it’s used)
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Interactions with Strangers
  • Differences–or lack thereof–between genders in society
  • Theatre (in any form it might be present)
  • Religion(s)
  • Architecture
  • Hierarchy of careers
  • Ideas of casual vs. formal
  • Insults
  • Structure/intimacy/location of residential areas

There are undoubtedly more, but I hope this gives you a starting point. I went pretty general since I’m not sure exactly what points you’re specifically wanting to fill. 

Also, always keep in mind that if you have multiple races or species within your world, then these points will likely vary between groups. You wouldn’t make the same observations on a New York street corner that you’d make on a Paris street corner or in Madrid or Tokyo. There should be variety among your fictional cultures as well. It really helps each of them pop off the page!

If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy writing!

“Smile” thoughts:

  • What a beautiful, gentle episode. The Return of Doctor Mysterio seems like an increasingly apt introduction to the series. And this post, on The Pilot, seems to hold true for now.
  • “Keep smiling” was a grotesque concept, but they never veered off into the full horror of that scenario. It never got close to becoming the “don’t blink” or “don’t breathe” equivalent. If this were a series 8 episode, we’d get close-ups of Clara’s eyes and mouth, as she desperately tried to keep control over herself. But this is series 10 and this is Bill Potts, and for the most part, it serves to underline her happiness, her joy, her excitement.
  • The police box scenes were simple and effective. By chance, my dad picked the BBC Audio (I know basically no one listens to those) “The Gods of Winter” to listen while driving on Friday, and it makes the same observation. In Smile, we can see just how poignant it can get when handled by a much better writer.
  • To have a Doctor resolve 98% of the plot, including parts which Bill could easily have figured out herself (e.g. what was in the pods) was a puzzling choice after the second episode became such a triumphant moment with both Amy and Clara. But since this is Moffat breaking his own formula (through the extension of Frank Cottrell-Boyce), I cannot help but find that is very deliberate.
  • Instead, the Doctor is placed into the role of the tutor and the position of a lecturer, while Bill continues to be his student, reinforcing their dynamic from the Pilot. It works because we see how much Bill loves this and because I know this is still going places…
  • I’m very slowly actually becoming interested in what is in the Vault and Nardole’s story till here.

Can you imagine how awesome a tumblr city would be? 

Like, there would be the hipster district and the fandom district and smaller districts inside. In the fandom district, we would cosplay or wear fan merch everyday. The bars would put tv shows instead of sport, we would have big movie theaters at every corner with a marathon each week and a special hotel for when stars come to visit. Gringotts would be our bank and we’d use the Hogwarts Express to move from one district to another. We would paint or ships on the walls and display fanarts in the streets. Movie soundtracks would be use in lifts, waiting rooms, etc. 

There would be the superwholock district in the center, the biggest one, a bit strange but once you’re in, you can’t leave. It’d be full of demons and angels stuff, blue police boxes and people would call themselves ‘hight functioning sociopaths’.

There would be the HP district with the Hogwarts castle in the middle were people would live and works. Hogsmeade and Diagon alley to do some shopping. People would wear their houses colors and bring their wands with them every where.  

The Percy Jackson fandom would be near the lake. They’d live in two different camps, the Greek one and the Roman one. There would be fights from time to time between the two but nothing really serious. They would pray the greeks and romans gods.

The DC fandom and the Marvel one would be in the part of the city were the buildings are the highest. People would often wear masks and superhero costumes. It would probably be the part of the city were  crimes are the rarest due to the amount of heroes, even though some people worship vilains.

The Hunger Games fandom would organise a game (not as cruel as the real ones) every year. Sometimes, some people from the Dauntless faction (Divergent fandom) would try to sneak in. 

We would have a National Day, the Tumblr Day, with huge parties etc.There wouldn’t be any discrimination or sexism, we would respect the environnement and every one would be welcomed as long as they stay nice.

And anyway, that’s my dream.   

In one corner of a cluttered, book-lined study at St Luke’s sits a blue police box, an ‘OUT OF ORDER’ sign on its door. In a cup on the desk are a selection of screwdrivers, all of them sonic, and framed photographs of the two women that one man holds closest to his hearts: River Song and his granddaughter, Susan.
—  DWM #511 (May 2017) [’The Pilot’, Episode Preview]

“Every time the TARDIS materializes in a new location, within the first nanosecond of landing, it analyses its surroundings, calculates a twelve-dimensional data map of everything within a thousand-mile radius and then determines which outer shell would blend in best with the environment…. and then it disguises itself as a police telephone box from 1963.”

URL Graphic: Tardisly 

want one?

So I checked the Free Stuff Table in the trash room in my apartment building (where you may remember I found an awesome chest of drawers on Wednesday night) and this was sitting there on the table. Like it was waiting for me. 

I’m worried now. 

Was the chest of drawers a TARDIS? Did I steal a TARDIS? It doesn’t look like a Police Box which means the Doctor is probably not coming for me but that begs the question: who is?

What if it’s my TARDIS? 


(not my gif)

9th Doctor

You were at work when everybody around you started gathering around being curious you walked over to see what all the commotion was about only to find the gathered around the TARDIS.

You made your way through the small crowd to see a man ‘Could that be…?’ You thought to yourself.



“Come here (Name)” He walks upto you and wraps his arms around you.

10th Doctor

You were walking back home until someone suddenly grabbed your hand and started running still holding onto your hand making you speed up aswell.


“Just keep running or else the cybermen will get us!” As soon as he said cybermen you hurried up.

“Oh god I really hope the Doctor is here”

“Yeah I’m here” you immediately stopped and looked at his new face"



*pulls you into a hug*

“My Doctor!”

“My (Name)!!”

“Erm I don’t think I wanna get turned into a cybermen so do you have a plan”


11th Doctor

It had been a while since you and the doctor had seen each other and you knew he’d turn up on one of these days

*kock knock*

You made your way to your door and opened it to see a man standing there looking a bit nervous.

“Hello, can I help you”

“Yes. Wait no (Name) it’s me the doctor!” He says with a huge grin.

“Is it really you doctor?”

“Yes it is!”

“Oh my god its really you!”

12th Doctor

Finally after searching for months you had finally found the TARDIS. You approached the blue police box and knocked on the door.


Not long after an older looking man opened the door “Who are you?”

“It’s me (Name)!”

“Oh yes (Name)” A smile grew on his face as he remembered

*You pull him into a hug*

“I don’t think I’m a hugging person now”

“I don’t really care”


This season of Doctor Who is so unexpectedly good. I only started watching it out of desperation, because the last few seasons have been so subpar, but the writing leaped like three levels and it feels like classic, amazing Doctor Who - funny, charming, chilling, fast-paced, with weirdo villains and creepy aliens. And they finally figured out how to write Capaldi in a way that made him charming and likable, and Pearl Mackie is so adorable! The trailer did zero justice to her charisma and warmth. 

Okay so know @marriagehoney already posted about this but I just have to repeat it: 

LOOK IT’S RIVER SONG. I mean really who else could it be? They already showed Susan:

and it’s clearly a different picture. Susan is in black and white, while the other photo is in sepia and has different framing. PLUS I’m sure we’re all familiar with the information given to us by the writers:

“In one corner of a cluttered, book-lined study at St Luke’s sits a blue police box, an ‘OUT OF ORDER’ sign on its door. In a cup on the desk are a selection of screwdrivers, all of them sonic, and framed photographs of the two women that one man holds closest to his hearts: River Song and his granddaughter, Susan.”

 So the other picture is River!!! And I’m much more excited than I should be about that. Let’s looks a little closer?

Poor quality, I know. But I just wish I could see the whole thing. The thing is, BBC usually just uses stalk photos for this kind of thing, as seen in Kate’s bulletin board of companions in UNIT: 

All stalk photos. I think it would be SO exciting to get a new photo of River, maybe something from the 24 years! 

And for the record, I am going to squeal and fangasm about EVERY SINGLE REFERENCE that is made about River this season. I really hope there will be a lot. 

April 13, 2017
  1. Pisces

  2. Scorpio

  3. Taurus

  4. Leo
     Green tea

  5. Virgo
     Shoulder bag

  6. Cancer
     Flower bed

  7. Sagittarius

  8. Libra
     Police box

  9. Capricorn
     Non-iron shirt

  10. Aquarius

  11. Aries

  12. Gemini