police beats

Shit is going down in my country right now.

I’m fucking afraid that a fucking revolution is going to blow up. The goverment violated the Constitution and people are not happy. There are protests all over the place.

I’m sorry if this not place, but I’m afraid. 

You will not be informed about this, because Paraguay isn’t a relevant country (It’s not Europe or North America). 

I’m sorry, i needed to vent :( 

What I Learned About IDW Transformers  Characters From Tumblr


- smol jock
- a fukboi
- jerk that means well
- self-esteem issues  
- wants Optimus-Sempai to notice him
- only notices him when he’s been Bad
- so Sempai put him on the Punishment Boat
- looks cool
- (acts like he) thinks he’s cool
- isn’t cool
- irresponsible
- Drifts BFF
- co-captain
- is a bad co-captain


- Voldemort
- noms sparks
- has an Uber Deluxe spark
- portal guts????
- how does that work???
- u stab him and then ur knife’s in China???????
- secret nerd
- lame poetry
- said fuck the police
- the police beat him up
- so he turned TEH EVUL
- and beat up the world
- so the world’s sorta not alive anymore
- wasn’t quite the goal but w/e
- and now he’s an Autobot??????????
- now he’s not so strong because the Autobots gave him Bad Juice
- co-captain
- gun


- it’s da…. THERAPY MAN
- “hey rang”
- “hey run”
- “hey rag”
- “hey ran”
- “hey reng”
- “hey rug”
- “hey rong”
- “hey ring”
- “hey rign”
- is a saint
- cute
- dad friend
- likes model ships
- a d o r a b l e
- polite as fuck
- would be a good boyfriend
- and a good dad
- or just a good friend
- how in fucks name do people forget him
- he’s so fuCKIN nICE DUdE
- smol luv bug
- useless alt mode
- functionists are the worst dude i agree


- a Good Man
- has Suffered
- tired and grumpy
- slaps people with wrenches
- a bit mean
- but as i said
- a Good Man
- “what is it >:(”
- “a physical manifestation of your stupidity”
- needs a break
- but work never sleeps
- has seen too many dead people
- BFFs with Optimus


- THATS WAY BETTER THAN JUST “Leader Of The Decepticons”
- I happy for you pal!!!
- huh, what’s that?
- ur seeing dead people?
- um…
- have u talked to Rung about that?
- no?
- I’ll set up an appointment….
- *whispers* yikes…. he’s got some issues….


- smol bean
- cute
- pure
- but he lies sometimes
- fell in a fucking hole and was stuck for like 10000000000000 years
- poor kid
- said he works in bomb disposal
- he doesnt
- kid please
- stay away from bombs
- you don’t need to impress people
- you’re impressive already :)
- is roommates with Mr. Grumpy Skeleton Face
- Grumpy Skeleton Face no likey
- at first
- now they are totes in love and have tons of gay sex
- tons
- so don’t mess with baby face here or you’re in for a beating


- grump
- understandable since he’s in an alternate universe
- and all the people he knew are gone
- now he’s stuck with some losers on a ship
- but w/e
- cause now he has a tiny boyfriend
- that’s pretty great
- what’s not great is that time he fucked up his face
- and broke his horn
- shit sucks man
- he’s ok now
- I think
- man who am I kidding
- no one in this fucking universe is ‘ok’
- poor saps



To Force Confessions

Attempting to force a confession may be one of the most common uses of torture today. Several countries, both autocratic and democratic, have police forces that do this fairly regularly.

First a little background on how torture in a judicial setting works.

Torture can be used to force confessions, but it might well surprise you how often it doesn’t work. Anecdotal accounts tend to suggest or assume that sooner or later everyone confesses because of physical torture. However statistical analysis of the little data we have suggests that is no where near true.

The main piece of data comes from France between 1500 and the mid 1700s, concerning 785 people who were put to torture, in accordance with French law at the time, to make them confess. Only between 3 and 14% of them did.

Similarly of the 3,573 German prisoners in the infamous ‘London Cage’ around 1,000 confessed, and it is worth noting that bribery, incentives for double agents and threats were as much a part of the London Cage as torture.

Forced confessions have been used to get rid of politically inconvenient people but it’s also regularly used to disguise failings in particular police forces. When judges and juries prize confessions, police are underfunded, poorly trained and under pressure to produce results now coercion and torture can very quickly become common practice.

The Wickersham Commission in the United States identified police brutality and torture across the country, often for the purpose of extracting confessions. In particular a pattern of practices known as ‘sweating’ was widespread.

Bright lights were kept aimed at the suspects eyes, they were prevented from sleeping, kept uncomfortably hot by the lights and interrogated constantly by relays of people over several days. If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s practically identical to Soviet ‘Conveyer’ techniques.

The Communist ‘brainwashing’ that Americans were told to fear was the same thing that had been going on in American prisons for decades.

Police in Chicago have a history of torture stretching back to at least the 1920s when the Wickersham Commission said they used sleep deprivation, beatings (famously with the Chicago telephone book), exhaustion exercises, stress positions, tear gas, suffocation and something that sounds an awful lot like waterboarding.

By the 70s they’d moved on to electrical torture though beating (with phone books and rubber hoses) was still common as was suffocation (now using plastic bags).

And in the 80s Chicago’s area 2 was under the jurisdiction of Commander Jon Burge a man who is estimated to have tortured at least 200 people. They were variously sweated, beaten, suffocated and tortured using the electric charge of telephone magnetos to extract confessions.

Burge’s police career started in 1972 and the first accusations of torture came soon afterwards. Burge’s actions, over a two decade career, have led to a review of the police force costing $17 million, a settlement costing almost $20 million, a compensation fund for victims of police torture of over $62 million and a further $50 million for ‘defence of officers’.

The overall estimate for the monetary cost to Chicago’s police force is almost $400 million.

At least 17 innocent people were put on death row based on confessions obtained by torture.

With the cost, monetary, moral and human, so high the obvious question is how did this go on for so long?

Burge was a veteran who’d received three medals in Vietnam. He received multiple commendations as a police officer and by the time he was suspended in 1991 (before being fired in 1993) he was an Area commander, outranking the vast majority of police in the city.

Burge was seen as upstanding and believable.

One of the most important victims in the cases against him was a young black man named Andrew Wilson. Wilson had spent most of his life in institutions and a significant period of time homeless. He was described as impulsive and emotional and ‘his ability to function in the community [was] severely limited’. (via Rejali, pg 241)

The police accused him of murdering two of their fellow officers.

Wilson described a pattern of electrical torture via magneto, suffocation and beatings that matched the testimony of other complaints. He was admitted to hospital with second degree burns and multiple lacerations.

Juries did not believe him. In fact they returned the bizarre verdict that police had used excessive force but not torture, a contradiction in terms.

It took years of concerted effort from journalists, activists and victims to finally bring Burge to justice. He was finally arrested in 2008 and convicted in 2011.

His sentence was just four and a half years. Burge was released in 2014. Many of his victims died in prison.

Several of the officers he trained have been promoted to high positions. At the time of writing the city of Chicago can not consider an officer’s prior record of complaints when investigating allegations of brutality.

Convictions for torture rely on establishing patterns of behaviour over time and multiple victims. It’s pretty safe to say that with a rule like that in place Burge would never have been convicted. It’s a simple pattern, sleep deprivation, beatings, suffocation, electricity.

And I’m told that those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.

[Sources: ‘Torture and Democracy’, Princeton, D Rejali (Glorious 850 page, kill them with data, monster of a book)

Wickersham Commission

‘Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People’, J Conroy]

I’ll Come Back  (Leonard Snart x Reader)

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Leonard Snart was dead. He had been dead for months and would logically carry on being dead for the rest of time. It took you a long while to allow yourself to accept his sacrifice and death. You closed yourself off from the rest of the team,  not even opening up to the goddamn artifical intelligence. 

 With the help of Stein, you were scientifically proven not crazy, however your constant nightmares and lonesome conversations with yourself proved you somewhat wrong. However, depression was on the (short) list of things that were wrong with you. 

 You realised that something was truly wrong during a mission one day. The idea was to break into one place, retrieve one person and get out without one suspecting glance. 

However, you were unfocused throughout the entire mission, fists balled too tight and jaw locked harshly. All of a sudden, you clicked. You went absolutely nuts- beat up the first person you saw. That person happened to be a police officer. You beat him to a pulp and landed yourself in a prison cell for two weeks in the 19th century. Mick broke you out. Apparently that wasn’t his first prison break.

 You stayed in that sorry state for months until Mick Rory finally, and uncharacteristically, shined a light into your darkness, pulling you out of the cold state.

 Grieving for a second time seemed harder than the first. Especially when you heard that Mick was seeing hallucinations of Leonard, you turned green with envy. Even with death in the way, it was still bringing them close.

 You craved him. Craved how his quiet drawl in your ear sent shivers dancing down your spine, how his stare made your knees week and how you melted beneath his feathery touch. You craved the element of communication that you needed to keep your sanity. 

 You had to prepare yourself for whatever ludacris situation situation that could occur surrounding your deceased (ex) boyfriend. For all you know, he could roam back onto the Waverider and take over your heart once more. And you prepared by using the only method you knew how, fighting. Fought against The Legion, fought against the punching bag, fought against your own grievance. 

 You were finally coping. Months and months after his death and you finally relaxed. A sudden weight was finally lifted off of your fatigued, aching shoulders and after a long period of darkness, you were content. 

 The team were in the midst of The Great War, locating the solution to put an end to the ever powerful Spear of Destiny. The word powerful is not used lightly, by the way. It had the ability to alter reality. It could give you whatever you desired most. It was calling you in, sparking your curiosity. 

 Quietly, the spear promised to be loyal to you and only you- not that you would allow anyone else to benefit from it anyway. Most importantly, it promised to bring back Leonard - And you needed that. More than anything. You needed the comfort and warmth of Leonard. 

 So, when he found you in the middle of a battlefield of a seized war, your brain became completely scrambled. You froze. Right there on the spot. And when you did think to move, you dropped your weapons, shuffled closer to him and stumbled over words to say. It was him. He was there and it was real.

 "Lenny…“ You murmured through a deep and shaky breath. 

 "Don’t worry, doll. M’ not gonna hurt you.” Leonard reached a hand out towards you, his palm upwards, inviting. Behind him, Damien Darhk was grinning at you. “I just want my best girl back." 

 You took another step forward, eyes locked with Leonard’s. Nate and Amaya looked confused, the latter of the pair attempting to reason with you. They didnt know about your relationship with Snart- you never opened up for them to discover. But Sara knew better than to help her. 

 ”(Y/N), you don’t have to do this,“ Amaya said gently, a frown apparent on her face.

“Amaya’s right, this isn’t you,” Nate softly added, more confused than anything.

 Sara didn’t even blink, "No,” she said, somewhat sadly, “Let her go." 

Mick let out a grunt, losing both of his partners to the legion. He didn’t attempt to stop you from leaving, either.

 Your fingertips grazed over the edge of his, sparks bouncing and colliding off of the touch. When he fully clasped your hand, god, you almost passed out. It felt so good to have him back in your reach. Leonard pulled you closer to him, your forehead pressed against his as the rest of the surrounding people seemed to fade away. 

“You came back for me..” You whispered.

 He just hummed slightly, gripping at your hips and smirking at your excitement. “I told you that I would." 

 Leonard raised his gun to Mick’s head, hitting him abruptly with it and knocking him out. Your lower lip quivered, you knew what was coming. Quickly following Leonard up the ramp to the oculus.

 “Get him out of here!” He ordered, desperately, glancing back at you with forced strength.

“No!” You shouted weakly, struggling to find words to say, “please don’t do it.”

“You’re not a hero, remember?” You begun, stepping closer until your bodies were inches apart. “Don’t help with the sacrifice. That’s something a hero would do. You have a reputation to keep up..”

“(Y/N)!” He forced out, a low growl accompanying his words.

“Leonard,” You responded, with less power. Tears danced on your cheeks, creating a perfect routine with each new drop. He shook his head.

You sighed, not removing your eyes from him. Reaching up onto your tiptoes, you pushed your lips onto his for the final time ever. Salty tears ran against your lips, and your hand gripped the back of his neck. 

“I’ll come back for you.” He reassured, thumb grazing over your cheek to wipe away the tear.

“Do you promise?” Your hand fell as your gaze briefly turned to Leonard’s unconscious partner.

“Just do it.”

"Okay, as adorable as this is,” Darhk spoke, breaking the moment, “i feel a bit sick. We have a job to do and we’re not leaving till’ we do it." 

 You looked at Leonard and back at your team. Were you really willing to risk losing your friends to pursue a life of evil with your boyfriend? You ran your finger over the cold metal of Leonard’s gun, a smirk pushing onto your face when you realised that, yeah, you were willing to do anything for another moment with him.

“Hand over the spear or we kill you,” Darhk ordered the team, raising his gun in their direction. “Sorry Captain, but you’ve reached the end of your quest.”

“You’re right,” Sara nodded, “I’m gonna end this now. Mick, give me the spear.” 

Mick pulled it out of her reach, a deep frown on his lips.

“What are you doing?” Asked Amaya, who was still dressed in her nurses uniform.

Nate furrowed his brows, turning to Mick as he spoke, “Hey man, we’re your friends.” 

“I don’t have friends.”

“But he does have Partners!” Leonard insisted from beside you, keeping his Hand on your hip.

 The team looked between you and Mick worriedly, wondering what the next move would be.

“So what d’you say, Partner?” You added, tilting your head in a faux innocence.

“Mick,” Amaya spoke once more, “You’re better than this.”

“No, actually you’re not,” Leonard decided, lowering his gun to his side and glaring at the Legends.

“They may pretend to believe in you as long as they can use you but they’ll just as soon let you die, same as they did Leonard,” You took a step towards him.

“He’s messing with your head, guys,” Nate added, addressing you and Mick.

You could see Mick torn between the two teams. You could see him contemplating leaving the Legends to join you and Leonard. You knew him.

“Ever since i’ve been on that ship, you people have been trying to change me,” Mick said, mentally drifting towards your team.

Sara frowned, stepping up behind him. “That’s not true, Mick.” 

“Guess what, there are things about me I wanna change, too,” Mick finished, stepping up the Hill to join the trio of you.

Leonards hand squeezed your hip, and you finally relaxed. You were home.

A Guide to Making the Best Crust Pants ever

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NO BLANK PATCHES, you can only have patches with images on them.

Sew only exclusively with floss and make sure your stitches are super uneven.

When it comes to the bands on your pants you must have at least of patch of each of these bands:

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Days n Daze

Pat The Bunny

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

Wingnut Dishwashers Union

Ramshackle Glory (it also doesnt matter that all the past four bands are the same dude you still gotta have em

Leftover Crack

Choking Victim

Minor Threat

Black Flag



If you wanna try and be cool have a (A) DOOM (E) patch even though you’ve never heard a doom song besides that one time you heard police bastards (I think thats the name?)

Also get a few crustpunks.com patches like the anti nazi one, the SUPPORT THE POLICE (beat yourself up) one, and a few other ones


If you can use blue jeans as the material for your pants

Make sure to randomly  patch pieces of plaid and tigers print for no reason

If for some reason you actually move around enough for holes to form naturally you should always let them stay open, NEVER PATCH UP ACTUAL HOLES

If you follow this guide you should have sick crustpants in no time!

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're the right blog to ask, but how does brainwashing work? Like, if I have my character (an adult) kidnapped, and the characters who took him try to brainwash him to their side, could it work, and how does it work?

Brainwashing doesn’t work.

But people do try to do it anyway.

If you want to write this kind of ‘brainwashing’ scenario and keep the audience in suspense about whose side the character is on a realistic scenario is having the character pretend the brainwashing is working.

People lie under torture a lot. Sometimes they do it deliberately and consistently in ways that are supposed to undermine the enemy. An example would be Algerian armed rebels telling French torturers the names of people who supported the French instead of people from their organisation.

Your character would have a really difficult and dangerous task ahead. But this could be a very interesting way to get a double agent in with the baddies. Especially if this character’s friends think he has actually been brainwashed.

The regimes people use vary quite a bit. If this is what you want to do I’d suggest something a little like the techniques the Chicago police force used to force confessions: beating, sleep deprivation, relay interrogation (changing the interrogators so the prisoner is forced to stay awake for days at a time) and possibly (if it fits your setting) electric shocks.

The main thing would be sleep deprivation and relay interrogation. Relay interrogation is basically changing the interrogators regularly so that the victim is constantly being ‘interrogated’ for literally days on end without rest. Changing the interrogators allows them to rest. In this case the ‘interrogators’ would probably be repeating the core beliefs of their group over and over again. They’d be ‘arguing’ and trying to force the character to defend his beliefs for days on end without rest, when he hasn’t slept or eaten. This is often done while the victim is in a stress position, so they’re in considerable physical pain.

Fooling the guards come down to acting as though he’s in worse pain than he actually is and telling them what they want to hear. Which is that he agrees with them.

Sleep deprivation will make it difficult for him to keep a coherent train of thought. It also causes head aches, grogginess and mal coordination, slow reaction times, poor memory and a host of other effects. A stress position (could be as simple as tying him to a chair) would cause severe pain in his muscles and joints.

The routine would probably be something along the lines of 36-48 hours relay interrogation, sleep deprivation and stress position, followed by periods of rest (perhaps 10-12 hours), food and water. This would be repeated several times over weeks or months.

The character would have to convince his torturers that he’s a) in a lot of pain and b) sincere. B) is generally harder than a).

You’ll have to give some thought to whether this sort of hard-headed, risky decision fits with your character or not. If you don’t mind me making a comic book reference to illustrate the point- it’s not the kind of thing an upstanding, idealistic and highly principled character like Captain America or Superman would do, it would require them to compromise their principals too much. But it is the kind of thing a more crafty character like Iron man or Batman might try in order to take down the bad guys in the long term.

If it doesn’t fit with your character then you can still have them go through the ‘brainwashing’ torture regime. But be aware that it isn’t going to change the victim’s ideals at all.

I hope that helps. :)


What the hell happened when Juno was working with the HCPD?

I mean, the police don’t just dislike him as some obnoxious amateur detective who mouths off while getting in their way. He’s not a Harry Dresden or Shawn Spencer or Richard Castle, where they roll their eyes and try to shoo him away from crime scenes. When he’s dragged out, security has to be threatened by the chief of police to not beat him.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Steel. A long, long time.
No more force than you need to get him to the door. You hear me? You wipe that smirk off your face, I’m not kidding. There’s so much as a bruise on him you can go wrestle drunks in some dive bar over in Oldtown for your next paycheck, got it?

That’s not casual irritation. It might be taken as a token of rampant police brutality in Hyperion City, except this line a few minutes before:

You really don’t get it. Look, Steel, I was your last shot. Me. I’m the only reason you didn’t get your teeth knocked down your throat the second you showed up, you know that? I heard stories about you, sure, but we never worked together, and I figured, hey, maybe the stories are off, people change—

They do. I did.

I want to know what the hell he did that made the entire police force hate him so much. 

A Family Divided- Thomas Shelby

Request// Hey could i please request a tommy shelby imagine where it’s at the end of season 3 where his wife also got arrested (when the rest of the shelby fam did in the last episode) and in custody she had a terrible time and she didn’t know a thing bc tommy always shut her out so when she returns all hell breaks lose and tommys at a loss of what to do because he thought he was keeping her safe by not telling her i’m so sorry this is such a long request u can end it as u please

*Guess who’s slowly trying to work her way back into writing? This gal! So I’m gonna try to roll out some of these requests that I’ve let build up within the next week or two. Just please bare with me a little because in the long run, I’d rather have quality over quantity. xoxox*


You all gathered in Tommy’s office, and it was an understatement to say he looked the worse for wear. The last day and a half had been the most distressing for the family in years. Not to mention how the event of the previous day had added more trouble to your marriage to Thomas than you knew how to fix. You moved your usual seat found nearer to Tommy between Michael and Ada, not daring to meet his eye as you thought back to him accusing you of letting the existence of the Faberge Eggs slip.

But let’s be honest, everything had gone to shit quite long ago, hadn’t it? Tommy didn’t talk anymore, to you at least. He had become so secretive within the last year, only opening up about his dealing with the Russians when he had no other choice. You still had to keep yourself from question his dealings with that hussy Tatiana, but that was an argument for later. In front of Tommy sat pounds upon pounds, bundled up in neat packages.

“Before I begin, I need to let you know I made a mistake,” he slowly tried to stand, obviously straining himself. It hurt you to not move to help him, but you knew he’d just push you away. “I made a mistake, and I want to apologize to all of you.” He began to move down the line, passing out pounds as if they were candy, or better yet restitution along with his repentance. It was only when he reached to pass money to Michael that he showed his true anger.

“No, Tommy.” Polly stood up and reached to stop his hand.”

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Nazis were and are part of a worldwide movement of white supremacy that includes the KKK, American Eugenics Movement, the fascist movement (Italy, Spain, etc.), and the several antisemitic and anti-Communist nationalist movements such as in Ukraine and Poland.

Nazis happened to clash with British/French, and therefore American, interests in their quest to unite “Aryan nations”, kill Jewish people and Romani people, and enslave Slavs, Black people, and all others they saw as subhuman and nonthreatening. If you will take a notice at the prevailing ideologies of Western, imperialist nations at the time (including their industry leader’s EXPLICIT support of the Nazis) this _does not clash ideologically at all_. The war happened because Germany would have tipped the balance of power in a way the USA, France, and Britain did not like.

While many Nazis were tried for warcrimes, only Israel–then a country run in part by Holocaust survivors–was an USA-allied country who hunted those fuckers down. They largely stopped doing so in the 80s. The rest of the Nazis were hired by the imperialist nations for use in the ‘Cold War’ against the anti-Nazi USSR, particularly as rocket scientists in NASA and as military strategists in the new NATO pact.

The USA, further, has supported fascists abroad and toppled anti-fascist, socialist governments to install said fascists. Today in Ukraine, the USA has supported neo-Nazis taking control of the government which has been fairly successful for the last few years.

Domestically, the USA has paid lipservice to even investigating the KKK (once the largest USA worldwide fascist movement group), the American Nazi Party, and unaligned armed militias that are white supremacist and fascist in nature. So too have those Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, and others changed their forms: they have decided to infiltrate the professional class (ex. police) in order to beat us Jews at the race war or whatever the fuck. Our police, our capitalists (industry leaders), and our political class (Republicans in particular) all have Nazis in them and support Nazis.

So. Were the people in Charlottesville Nazis or just good ol’ American fascists/Klansmen? The answer is yes: both.


Michigan Teen Convicted of Murdering His Own Father

In the early morning of April 16th, 2012, two intruders broke into the Cipriano household, brutally beating parents Bob and Rose Cipriano, and their son Salvatore. Youngest sibling Isabella watched as the horror played out in front of her, whilst brother Tanner hid in the closet to dial 911.

When the police arrived, Rose and Salvatore were barely still alive. Whilst Bob was bludgeoned so badly that he drowned in a pool of his own blood.

Within hours of the beatings, police arrested the Cipriano’s oldest son, 19-year-old Tucker, and his friend, 20-year-old Mitchell Young. Both plead not guilty, blaming each other.

However, both were eventually charged with the murder of Bob Cipriano and sentenced to life in prison without parole for what was a drug fuelled hunt for money that ended in tragedy.

-police siren-

Sorry if you play GTA it’s time to put you in jail because you think that it’s okay to run over people, shoot people, deal with drugs and murder, go on high-speed police chases and beat up people for the lulz. 

Sorry the fact that you play GTA clearly influences the fact that you think its okay to do in real life. Sorry, can’t have dangerous people on the streets.