police battalion 101

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I took an oath though, so I guess if I'm told to kill innocents that's what I'll do. The cognitive dissonance.

So like, you know soldiers can disobey orders if the given order is unconstitutional right? That also violates multiple international laws. Also… that order isn’t ever actually given in the modern US military and if it was it wouldn’t be followed.

I’ll give you and extreme example.
During the Holocaust, there’s multiple well documented examples of soldiers refusing to participate in the killings of Jewish people. Reserve police battalion 101 for example. Many of the men opted out of executing Polish Jews and were sent elsewhere. They weren’t threatened with imprisonment or death. They were given a choice. Some men chose to kill the civilians.

My point is that even in what we would think is the worst example of a military executing innocent people, soldiers had a choice in the matter and it really comes down to the decision of the individual soldier.
In the US military soldiers are punished harshly and typically imprisoned for life for willfully killing innocent people. I can’t express to you the seriousness that the military adopts with this issue…

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