police batsu

  • Aoi: so, I thought to myself I could drink a coke or something once in a while and I got one that has "Shohei" written on it, but in all my life this has never been my name and I also don’t remember any other people with that name. much less do I steal other people’s stuff. So, who is this Shohei anyways!
  • Aoi: those of you who replied with "Shoufukutei"* are the same as Reita-San!
  • *Shōhei Shōfukutei (笑福亭笑瓶 Shōfukutei Shōhei) - A rakugo artist. He is also known for the ショウヘイヘイ!(Shōhei-Hey!) phrase said in the police batsu game.