police bastards

“Police Rapists!!!”

Feb 2017, Graffiti in Paris referencing the police rape of a young black male named Theo using a police baton while being placed under arrest. Theo suffered severe internal injuries, requiring surgery, while a police investigation quickly cleared the officers involved, finding the rape to be “accidental”.

Anti-police riots spread through a number of suburbs in Paris and other French cities in response to the rape and police coverup.


The Weird Neighbour

by existentialcatwhiskers

Phan | Dan/Phil | 3.7k | Rated T for dan’s language

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Summary:  Dan has just moved into a new flat when he has an odd and awkward exchange with his new neighbour who then makes a YouTube video about it. Dan’s friend finds the video and sends it to Dan who vows to get his revenge by being the weirdest, strangest neighbour that this Phil guy would ever meet. Turns out he got more than revenge.

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Stolen III - Tommy Shelby

Stolen pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 - Tommy Shelby

Tommy had been in London five days. He had received two more letters in that time, both being delivered to the hotel he was staying at. Still no clues presented themselves. He seemed to keep hitting dead ends. It had been five days away from you as well. He felt disconnected from his family, he couldn’t find Theodore and the longer he was away the more he felt as though he was losing you too. He didn’t want to return home with no news but it seemed that was his only option aside from staying in London and he knew he couldn’t bear another night away from you.  

It was dark when his car pulled up to the estate. In the darkness the building seemed to loom over him and it was the sole light from Theodore’s room that let him know that you were awake. Mary met him at the door, taking his coat and bag for him.  

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