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first time klavier and apollo cuddle neither of them expect the other to be as comfy and as good of a cuddler at as they are and so they just flop onto klaviers bed and apollo just wiggles up to klavier and wraps his arms around klavs waist and klavier just hugs apollo, and they fit like a puzzle, and then after a few minutes of being super fucking comfortable and happy apollo just goes "okay but holy SHIT this is nice" and klavier is just like "OHMYGOD??? right??? youre comfy i like this" asdfk

this is the purest klapollo content i’m so upset??? what the fuck

apollo presses his cheek up against klavier’s chest and closes his eyes automatically because klavier is so warm and soft and smells incredible, some fancy aftershave that he doesn’t recognise and klavier’s hand runs up and down his back. apollo can feel him rumbling with his happiness

and it’s perfect for klavier too because it’s been so long since he’s had any form of contact and apollo’s thumb is lightly rubbing at his hip and honestly klavier’s melting. he’s happy and comfy and he feels apollo smiling against him and klavier’s so pleased apollo’s happy too because he knows they both deserve a little moment of peace and happiness


Apollo stares at the intercom as if it’s possessed. The voice emanating from it sounds like Roy’s voice, but it can’t be, because Roy would never use that desperate, pleading tone. Apollo scratches his head. Roy must be drunk. He squares his shoulders and attempts to sound assertive.
Apollo: Mr. Goddard, you know I’m not allowed to let you in. I have strict instructions from Mrs Goddard.  
Roy: Apollo, she has no right to lock me out of my own home. No right. This is my home, Apollo. Don’t make me call the police. Please, Apollo. I just need to see my children. Please. Even if they’re sleeping. I only want to see them. My children, Apollo. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t make this harder than it already is-
Apollo’s shoulders wilt.
Apollo: I’ll go and get Mrs. Goddard.
It takes Sonia an eternity to open her bedroom door. She is no longer snivelling but cold and imperious and glaring. Apollo explains in a rush that Mr Goddard is at the front gates. And SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS Marlon Brando will be on the TV in less than 3 minutes…
Sonia: For goodness sake, Apollo! What is so difficult to understand? You are NOT to let him in. I don’t care, he can stay out there all night. I can’t believe you woke me up just to-
Apollo: Well, last time he was here you told me that you would let him in. If he begged. And …guess what! Surprise! He’s begging. So I took that to mean that I could let him in. But I thought I should still check with you first. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a very important-
Sonia: What? What did you say? Roy’s… begging?