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The best of Hawaii-Five-0: [2/?]

That’s your cousin? Choose your next words carefully, both of you. Well, she’s… very talented. Oh, she’s off the charts. Spent three years on the pro circuit before she blew out her knee. The kid was devastated. Had to reinvent herself, and decided to wear a badge. Graduates from the police academy in a week. Unfortunately, she’s family, which means the HPD will never take her seriously.

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Waverly had been on a number of dates over the years. Champ was keen on inviting her to his place, putting on Netflix, and all but molesting her. Bobby loved dinner and a movie, although he’d sometimes take her for walks. But nobody until Nicole had taken her to the same old little diner downtown and challenged her to a competition.

“I’m serious. It’s called Diner Olympics, and it’s a thing.”

“I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ve never come across any records of this.”

“Oh, yeah.” Nicole winked. “It dates back to ancient Greece.”

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Noodles and Company: Epilogue

Summary: Mako is working part time at Narook’s seaweed noodlery. Eight months into Mako’s employment there, Narook hires his niece Korra as a hostess in hopes of helping her recover from her most recent breakup. Narook asks Mako to help Korra and, because Mako doesn’t know how to say “no,” he begrudgingly agrees to his boss’ request.  

Genre: Romance/Slice of life/AU

Pairings: Makorra, mentions of Korrasami

ff.net | PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11. Chapter 12.

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anonymous asked:

Ayyyy i hear requests are open? 😄 can you do one where calum and you went to high school together and now you're in college and he has become a police officer. He is called to shut down a frat party and you are there totally smashed and underage drinking? Love your writing!!

Thanks for the request! REQUESTS ARE OPEN



I bite into the lime as I swallow the third shot of tequila of the night. My friends around me cheer as I open my mouth to prove I actually swallowed it.

“I need a break.” I laugh.

My friends and I walk over to the couch that’s free and sat down.

“So, Y/N, how’s Calum?”

“He’s fine. He just graduated at the police academy a couple weeks ago.”

“That’s hot.” My friend lays back on the couch and dramatically fans herself.

“Seriously, Y/N, why haven’t you hopped on that?”

My eyes widen, “What? Calum? No, no he’s my best friend since…forever. I can’t…no. I can’t.”

They laugh, “He’s hot. You’re hot. He’s a fucking cop. Can you imagine fucking him in the back of his cop car?”

I choke on my words, “Oh my god!”

They all laugh and I shake my, “Can we just take more shots?”


I trip and rest my hands on the arm of the couch while laughing hysterically. The alcohol is pumping through my veins and I’m loving every second of it. I clutch onto my friend as we sway our hips to the loud music. We’ve been partying and dancing for God knows how long. Suddenly there’s a banging on the door along with shouting, but no one moves. We all just keep dancing and drinking away. I’m sure the people upstairs getting high didn’t notice either. Frat parties are awesome. Then the door opens and several police officer’s barge through the house. Everyone scatters, but I stay still. Calum. He locks eyes with me and his face softens. He walks over to me, pushing past everyone. He grabs my arm, “Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“Partying.” I slur and giggle.

“You’re drunk? Y/N, you’re not of age.”

“Don’t be mad please.”

He sighs and closes his eyes, “Come with me, I’ll take you back to you room.”

We walk through the half-naked drunk teenagers and to his cop car. He opens the front door and I hop in. He reaches around me and grabs the buckle.

“I can buckle myself.” I say, but it probably came out sounding like, “I cand bumcke mysulf.”

He shakes his head and buckles me in and runs over to his side. He gets in and drives back onto campus and near my dorm.

“Let me take my uniform off because this will look bad if I don’t.” He says while unbuttoning his shirt. He peels it off revealing his bulletproof jacket which he quickly takes off, revealing his toned chest. I can’t help but drools. My friends were right, he is hot. He slips on a plain white shirt and then unbuckles his utility belt. He puts in the back seat and pulls his pants off and then slips on sweatpants. I just watch him admiringly. “Okay, ready?”


He gets out of the car and comes over to my side and opens the door. I reach my arms up and he leans down and unbuckles me. Then he wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up. I lean my head on his chest and he kicks the door shut and they automatically lock. Or at least I think they do. Oh, he’s so muscular. Why haven’t I realized this before? We get to my building and he opens the door and walks down the hall towards my room. He takes my key out of my back pocket and opens the door all while holding me. Impressive. He puts me down on my bed, but I sit up and reach out of him, “Wait, don’t go.”

“Y/N, you shouldn’t be getting drunk like that.”

“I don’t ever have fun. Just let me have fun.”

“But what if it wasn’t me who saw you? You would have gotten arrested. I couldn’t get suspended for what I did.” He sits next to me.

I giggle, “You’re hot.”

He sighs, “You’re drunk.”

“You’re still hot though.”

“Okay, time for bed.”

He pulls my covers back and I reluctantly slide my legs through. The softness was too much to resist.

“Can you stay with me?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I should get back to the station.”

I reach for his hand, “Please stay with me.”

“What has gotten into you?”


We stare at each other for a little while before he starts to lean down, and I start to lean up.