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Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death Sues NYC for $10,000,000
Ramsey Orta, who recorded Eric Garner’s fatal encounter with police officers in New York City’s Staten Island borough, claims that he was arrested on trumped-up charges in retaliation for the viral video.

Ramsey Orta, the New York City man who filmed Eric Garner’s death, recently accepted a plea deal on weapons and drug charges and is likely to spend the next four years in prison. Now, the New York Post reports, Orta is suing the city for $10 million. He says that he was arrested on trumped-up charges in retaliation for recording the controversial arrest that sparked protests.


“Did you know the average cosmetologist works 2,650 hours to get their license but becoming a police officer only takes 622 hours?

We must address how poorly trained American police officers are not only compared to police officers around the world, but also compared to other professions here in the United States.

I will admit that I absolutely assumed police officers were required to complete much more training than cosmetologists. Nobody told me this was the case. It just seemed reasonable that the people who do hair, makeup and nails wouldn’t be required to train nearly as much as the armed law enforcement officers who have the power to arrest and use lethal force against us.

Shockingly, what it takes to become a police officer in America is nowhere near as rigorous as what it takes to become a cosmetologist.”

– Shaun King, “To help fix police brutality, cops can no longer have less training than the average cosmetologist ”