why is this even UP FOR FUCKING DISCUSSION????!!!!!????? Are we really cuffing children now? What the fuck happened to us? Do we really want foreigners to emulate shit like this? Is this our export? What the hell????

And as usual, the cops are full of excuses why they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions.

If I had a child and someone did this to him or her…

holy shit, MLK’s daughter with the clap back!!

for those not understanding why people are making ‘such a big deal’ out of this, read:

Because it perpetuates the narrative that a police officer just has to smile at the crowd to fix all of the things they are protesting. Because it makes protestors look mean and threatening if they don’t accept the smile of a police officer. Because it minimizes the way protest functions, and the fact that people are protesting the whole broken and racist system of violence and police brutality, particularly against people of color, not necessarily the specific officers who are standing in front of them. Because it communicates that if we just did a nice thing for a person on a different side from us, we could solve all of our problems, and protestors just need to take that step. This commercial is tone-deaf and damaging to the protest movement in the United States, a movement based on our most fundamental civil rights.

Defending Nazis and arresting a woman and her service dog. Another pathetic performance from the Berkeley PD. This is so appalling. I just do not understand how trained police officers can lack so much common sense so frequently… Her and her dog are lucky to have survived the encounter, the cops could have easily killed them both and claimed they felt threatened.


Black Panther Party posters, by Emory Douglas.

Emory Douglas joined the BPP in 1967 and served as Minister of Culture, designing artwork that became potent symbols of the movement. Douglas originally helped with the layout of the Black Panthers’ newspaper, and realised that art could enhance their campaigns and reach the masses.


NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Teams Boycotting Trump Hotels

“The president has seemingly made a point of dividing us as best he can. He continually offends people, and so people don’t want to stay at his hotel. It’s pretty simple.”,  Steve Kerr,  Warriors coach  #GrabYourWallet

The majority of Trump’s pro sports customers came from the National Basketball Association.

For Trump’s business, those visits meant money. Teams paid about $20,000 per night for rooms and food, according to one team official’s estimate.

The loss of pro sports clients at Trump’s hotels is part of a larger trend at his businesses, which appear to be pulled in opposite directions by his polarizing presidency.

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