Maryland Police Officer PULLS OUT HIS GUN On A Black Man for not pulling over on the highway!

This video was posted on facebook by a man who was pulled over by the police officer. On the video you can see a black man , who is trying to understand why he was stopped. 

The officer asks him to show his license and registration, yells at him and asks to pull the window down, although it is already down. Man looks so scared and does everything officer asks him to, however he didn’t have his registration and that is when he was asked to get out of the car.

Meanwhile throughout the whole conversation officer is pulling a gun at the man in the car, however , as we see it clearly, he doesn’t pose any threat to the officer. 

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On Sandra Bland’s 29th birthday my blood is boiling to see this. A University professor, arrested, body searched, and HANDCUFFED to a desk over a parking ticket.

What we see with Imani and what we saw with ‪#‎SandraBland‬ is that education, employment, position, privilege, style, influence, etc. are not adequate forms of protection from bad policing. It’s very sad that we must be scared of those who are in power mainly to protect and serve! 

Naked unarmed Black teen shot and killed by police officer.

David Joseph, a 17-year-old high school student shot and killed by a Texas police officer, was unarmed and naked when a cop gunned him down in an Austin suburb.

The shooting death boggled his friends, family and local civil rights activists who learned David was both unarmed and nude when Officer Geoffrey Freeman encountered the former football player in a residential street 10 miles north of the city’s downtown.


The Black cop who shot the teen says Joseph was charging and of course he was afraid for his life.

Black folks, I’m sure I’m not the only one whose first reaction was “I bet this Black cop will be convicted.”  In this particular case, I’m almost certain Black will trump Blue and he won’t be protected by his almighty badge.

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anonymous asked:

What did/didn't you like about Why Does He Do That?

Things I didn’t like:

  • Oversimplifies certain factors (race, LGBT cases)
  • Because it relies on some oversimplifications of gender, it’s esp. hard to use fruitfully in lesbian contexts.

Things I liked:

  • Points to abuse as not based on emotional volatility/alcoholism/mental illness, but on certain belief systems (such as entitlement and misogyny).
  • Argues against the common trope of “the abuser only abuses because he himself was abused!” by pointing out that plenty of abuse victims don’t abuse/are very attentive to not being abusive
  • Rightfully points out that therapy is basically useless in abusive contexts
  • Makes the point that most people in LE and court systems themselves hold the same belief systems that the abusers do and are therefore extremely lenient to them
  • Acknowledges that abusive men can become not abusive with work and time, but that doesn’t entail immediate forgiveness nor is it really that likely to happen because abusive methods and belief systems work for many of these men
  • Is focused on writing with abused women and children (and their safety) being the primary focus of any discussion

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Colt 1911.

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Brazilian Trans Activist Melissa Campus Attacked
Melissa Campus was the victim of a robbery turned violent when the assailant realized she was transgender, a fact ignored by the police.

The attack which begun as simple robbery turned violent when then assailant realized that Melissa’s was transgender. What he didn’t know was that this attack would make headlines. Planet Trans talked with Melissa(MC) this morning who began with a little background information.