I’m taking part in the “Protect the Creators” initiative because I think artists should be recognized for the unique contributions they provide to the Tumblr community. I have made a conscious effort since November 2013 to post only my own original content to my blog. I’m happy to share my photography for reblogs, but would appreciate the right to keep my credit and titles on the posts. For those of you who have not heard about the campaign:

On Monday, June 1st original content creators on Tumblr will only post the “Protect the creators” logo.

The logo can be found in various languages here.

Please check the original post by Fern. To be found here.

What is this initiative about?

It is about giving all creators on Tumblr - whichever kind of art they create -the choice whether their original artwork (writing, painting, photography, you name it) they provide for free for others to reblog, can be changed by removing the captions and/or credits.

Protect the creators! ALL creators!


This is the view from Rangeley, Maine taken May 27, 2015. This landscape inspired my mom to create a beautiful pottery bowl a few years back. You can snatch it up on my mom’s Etsy site NorthWorks.