Just because you own a dressage horse, doesn’t mean, the only thing it can do is dressage.
Expanding the horse’s capacity is just as important as improving a certain disciplin. Besides, their’s a lot of great benefits of for example going on a trailside, doing polework, agility, round-up and so on. Horses doing more than just one specific thing, are actually better and faster learners. 

I took Demi out for an agility lesson this Saturday and he absolutely loved it! I could really feel how he enjoyed doing something else, than just going for a ride. Besides this might help me, getting a more relaxed horse when handling him from the ground, which is really needed. This is couldn’t obtain, if I just rode him every time I was around him.
Groundwork is extremely important and necessary, when handling horse, especially with a nervous and curious horse like Demi.


Marebutt has graduated to polework!! I’m trying to get more power out of her trot and get her swinging through the back more. Poor thing has never used her whole body to move, she’s naturally so uphill that she just moved up and down with very little power. But now she’s using herself much better and poor booboo gets so tired! Our rides went from about an hour to 30 minutes max. My sweet squiggles :3

Some fun with groundpoles for a little something different during his vet-recommended time on a low stress regime until his hocks get injected. He may be still be a bit inconsistent and seems locked some near the base of his neck, but this low-ish frame is a huge improvement for him (he isn’t a fan of stretching). His canter is still very flat and downhill, though I do realize that his downhill build doesn’t make it any easier to fix that. Constructive criticism is always welcome! Otherwise, just enjoy watching my baby-faced boy having a bit of fun ☺️