Brenda and The Whispering Vaginal Closet

“The children and or the dog are the first to acknowledge the spirits.” A tiny rule of thumb kind of idiom saying. It’s real interesting to note that two of my roommates requested that I watch Poltergeist for two days; I walk into my Mass Media class and behold, we were going to watch Poltergeist. Part of myself asked what are the chances that we would be watching Poltergeist? But, another thought came along hmmmm, I must really need to watch it. Two class sessions, a whole lot synthesis, and synapeses later. I realized what Poltergeist really is.

Brenda is the name of the spirit/ghost that lives/lived in my old Macomb home. Brenda was a mean old heffer, she broke mirrors, she brought living birds to death, she walked in hallways, she played in the ceiling fan, and even hangout in the high-corners of a room. Brenda happened to alert our dog Prince (inserting a picture of Prince right here just because he’s greatness in dog form,)

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one time when one of my roommates family was visiting. Brenda was playing this night. She was spinning her self around in the ceiling and catapulting herself in to doorway. Prince began to bark at the ceiling fan, then he’d go over to the doorway where that picture was taken and bark, he’d go by the front door and growl while staring at the corner. Prince barked and growled for 10 minutes and in 2 minute increments throughout the night. We’ll seeing that my roommate’s grandmother was there she said, “hell no, I’m not staying here. Dogs can sense spirits and stuff. I am not staying here!” Rest assured, she stayed, but not before she knew the escape route, the local hotel number, and that Brenda retreated for the rest of her stay at our house. Brenda stayed at bay until the visitors left.

But, as I was watching Poltergeist, midway through, the woman spirit psychology detective said something to this extent. “A poltergeist stays for a few months and is after one person. A haunting happens over years and covers an area.” I then realized that Brenda was not after anyone specific in our house but, our house was her coverage area.  And Prince was just our alarm that knew Brenda was in our presence. But, had Brenda lived in the creepy attic we had. I think we’d have an entire story sort of like Paranormal Activity 2.  But, seeing that we’ve moved down the road, returned Prince, gained three roommates, and a pug dog (inserting picture of the not-so-cool terrified new pug dog.)

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 I don’t think Brenda followed us. But, it’s only left to know who may/or may not live in our new dwellings. 


Scarab - Poltergeist (single, 1984)

(sounds like this video was recorded off the vinyl; yet, it doesn't matter about the shitty quality. Kicks ass!)