Marbled Polecats (Vormela peregusna) are an example of an animal you never really knew existed… until now. Their scientific name Vormela is from the German word Würmlein, which means “little worm,” probably because they’re wiggly little devils. Personally I think they resemble spotted hyenas if they were miniaturized by a giant ray gun, that, you know, miniaturizes. Their marbled bodies also remind me of that delicious pound cake you can never stop eating. WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!

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@once-a-polecat: Zee & Bowie say hi! This is about the closest they’ll get to each other unless they’re eating.

For reference, they’re both massive, Zee (the tuxie) is 16 lbs, and Bowie (the tabby) is 19lbs…. but he’s just hugemongous all over, he’s burly but probably longer than Pangur when you stretch him out.

tf, those r big boys!!!!!! Pangur is just 6lbs of fur & whisker


Look at this thing. It’s called a polecat. A marbled polecat to be exact.

They live in grasslands in Urasia and are cute as hell. They are in the same family as ferrets and other types of polecats sometimes mated with females to create odd patterns though it can be dangerous for the ferret and the hybrids still have too many wild instincts which makes them fear humans.